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Today we will talk about the 10 accessories that every man should own. And why they are essential apart from just being a fashion statement.

An Accessory is anything that makes life easier. Them being versatile and attractive is just an add on. Everybody owns Accessories. Whether it’s a watch, a chain or a wallet.

Accessories punctuate your outfit. They also personalize your outfit according to your taste, style and preferences. Although they may seem insignificant, they play an important role in completing your outfit to suit your style. With the right pair of accessories, you can make the simplest outfits look classy.

The following is a list of 10 accessories that we think we every man should own.


A Baseball hat is an oldest and most regular accessory that all men own. It is a very common street-wear, that can be used by men of all generations. It not only adds simplicity or a classy look (depending on how you wear it) to your outfit but also gives you protection from exposure to the sun.

FUN FACT: Baseball hats have beenin trend since the 1800’s.

Baseball hats can be made from different materials like Wool, Polyester, Cotton, Rubber, Lycra, Nylon, Buckram and Wood. While buying a baseball hat, make sure you buy the material depending on your use sincethe material of the hat is very crucial to its performance. The material also speaks a lot about the style, quality and structure of the hat.

All the materials used are soft and breathable fabrics, that offers a cool and comfortable feel throughout the wear.

A Baseball hat can be worn in all seasons. It keeps your head warm during winter, and protects you from sun exposure and glare during the summer.

Tips to wear a Baseball Hat

  • Make sure you don’t wear them indoors, or you risk looking rude to others.
  • Make sure the hat is a snug fit and the inner-band is not too tight.
  • Wear it backwards – only if you are dressed too casually.
  • Choose solid colors over patterned for casual outfits.


Sunglasses are an extra-ordinary fashion accessory and are also very essential to all.

As we grow older, we develop macular degeneration, and using sunglasses protects our eyes from UV rays damage, preventing loss of vision.Wearing sunglasses also slow down the progression of cataract.

They also help in blocking out haters and people you want to ignore.

If you don’t own one yet, Go grab one right now; More for health than fashion.

When buying your sunglasses, make sure they are equipped with broad spectrum for maximum protection. Stick to classy looking shades. Leave the colorful ones for beach wear.

Another very important factor to consider when buying sunglasses or any eye-wear for that matter is the style and shape of your face, as it will be a better-fit and more functional.


The ideal sunglasses for a Round Shaped face should be lack curved features, and emphasize sharp lines that will elongate your face, making it look sharp.

Rectangle and Square styled glasses are mostly preferred. 


An ideal pair of sunglasses for a Square shaped face can be either be Round or Oval shaped, that can bring out a balance with their sharp features.

Aviators, Butterflies or Roundstyled glasses are mostly preferred. 


Oval Shaped faces can pull off any shape of sunglasses. Stick to medium sized frames that don’t block any features, but accentuate them.


Rectangular Shaped Faces are the only ones that can pull off huge frames with utmost style.

Rectangle, Square and Wayfarer styled glasses are mostly preferred. 


An ideal pair of sunglasses for a Heart Shaped or Triangular shaped face are glasses that have rounded edged, giving a balanced look. Shield, Butterfly and Rimless styled glasses are mostly preferred. 


Yes, you already own them. But did you know they add style to your outfit, apart from just letting you know it’s time to go back home from work?

Watches are an asset to men. The bigger they are, the better they look. Buying a watch can be a tad confusing. There are so many styles, so many dials, so many straps… How do you choose what’s best for you?

It’s Simple. We break it down to these factors:

  1.  Style:  There are so many styles to choose from. Field Watch, Dive watch, GMT, Aviator etc. Choose the style depending on your use.
  2. Dials: Watches are available in a main dial and with a number of sub-dials. If not a dial, Smart Watches are available too.
  3. Strap: Watch Straps are available in Nato, Leather, Metal and Dive materials. Choose one according to your use.


A wallet is something you will be carrying around every day. Hence, choosing the right quality is very important. It should be durable, flexible and light-weight.

Wallets are available in the following materials.

  1. Leather Wallets – Most commonly used material. The leather is either Cow Leather – Plain design (Most frequently used) or Alligator Skin – Patterned Design.
  2. Cotton Wallets – Cotton wallets are great in terms of appearance and functionality. And also, cheaper. However, they are not durable.
  3. Synthetic Wallets – Not advisable to purchase one, if you visualize using it for a long period.

There are different types available too like – Billfolds, Slim and Travel.

Refrain from purchasing wallets that come with a zip, if you find any.

Stick to what suits your style best.


Fragrance is an important aspect of our style.

Scent is one of the most powerful factors for a lady. Take note, fellas! Wearing Cologne will make you more attractive.  It adds to your overall-impression.

Cologne last for about 2 hours. Hence, carry it along with you, if you tend to sweat a lot.

And remember, when it comes to cologne, less is more. Choose what you like and apply Cologne to skin, not clothes.


A grooming kit is very essential to all men. Makes our life easy. Except in November (#NoShaveNovember) when we don’t need it.

A grooming kit has all the necessary items required to look presentable. A fully-grown beard or moustache makes one look like a caveman. Hence, its best you keep them trimmed. 

A grooming kit for men consists of:

  1. Shaver/Trimmer with razors
  2. Shaving gel
  3. Post Shaving Balm or An After shave
  4. A shaving brush with soft bristles


A belt is the centerpiece of your look, when tucked. Hence, choosing the right one is very essential.

One important thing to note is that your metals should match. If you are already wearing a gold finish buckle in your shoes, then let your buckle’s finish match too.

There are different styles of belts available. For formal wear, always stick to Leather belts of solid, dark shades. For Casual / Informal’s, it’s upto you.


Pendants are common and versatile. They are basically a small single ornament on a relatively long chain.

The ornament can be a shaped jewel to a clay or anything else. They are classy and increase your appeal.

Pendants can be worn outside casual shirts. When wearing a deep V-neck bare enough of the chest that the pendant can be seen against the bare skin.


Boxer Briefs have an elastic band and minimal coverage. They offer full coverage from the waist to the top of the thigh.

Boxer Briefs provide support and are less prone to brunching.

For Men who wear tight pants and low-rise pants, these briefs are an excellent choice.

These are also best for workouts.


Whether its time to attend a formal event, or a party, or just a regular day, Ties add a classy look to your outfit.

The tie originated in the west and its purposeis to tie the collar of your shirt to your neck, preventing the cold air to go in.

As a general rule, you must wear a tie if you are wearing a suit. But if its an informal event, you can forego the tie.

The different types of ties available are:

1.Ascot Tie

2.Bow Tie

3.Bola Tie


5.String Tie

 Ties are available in solid colors and patterned. Choose the quality, type and color based on your use. You can never go wrong with them!


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