10 amazing health benefits of running

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“We run to undo the damage we’ve done to body and spirit. We run to find some part of ourselves yet undiscovered.”

​John Bingham

Yes, most of us are stressed to our limits. But do you know what could be the best solution?


health benefits of running

There are many health benefits of running. And today, Alphaenroute hopes to inspire as many readers as we can to start running.

It will definietly make your day. Most of us are spending the lockdown period lost on our phones, laptops, etc. browsing through Netflix, Prime, etc. watching or in some cases rewatching sitcoms or movies. How many Friends fanatics in the house?

For those who haven’t watched it yet…Friends is a sitcom of 6 friends. For today, we especially want to focus on Phoebe.

In one of the episodes, when she goes for a run, she RUNS. It definitely looks hilarious. But her dialogue with Rachel makes you want to do the same. PS Dialogue below.

Phoebe : Me, I’m more free. You know, I run like I did when I was a kid because that’s the only way it’s fun. You know? I’m mean, didn’t you even run so fast you thought your legs were gonna fall off, you know, like when you were running towards the swings or running away from Satan?

So basically, Apart from the various health benefits that running provides, it also makes you feel lighter. It helps you unwind. Plus, Running is also a fun activity. Running is a complete body workout. It targets your glutes, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors and quadriceps.

There are inumerous reasearches that prove that partaking in this activity can help prevent obesity, high blood pressure, etc. It also helps improve your mental health.

Remember though, before you start running, it is very crucial that you warm up.

Some important facts to bear in mind before you begin

● Try Brisk Walking before you start.

● Start jogging at a low-pace and then increase your speed gradually.

● Drink enough water. Always stay hydrated.

● Choose flat and cleaner areas to prevent injuries

● Avoid running near the main roads, as you will inhale more polluted air, which could lead to respiratory problems.

● Wear appropriate clothing with a comfortable pair of running shoes.

● Avoid eating heavy foods before going for a run.

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In today’s blog we will go through 10 health benefits of running.


Running makes you happy Like any other workout, going on a run releases happy hormones in your body called ‘endorphins’. These hormones make you feel positive and reduces your stress or anxiety levels.

Ever heard the expression ‘Runner’s High’? Yes, that’s what this is.


Running helps with panic attacks or anger Ever watched the movie Silver Linings Playbook?The movie which is in fact based on a true story, revolves around Mental Health.

The protagonist Pat copes with his anger and depression by running.Running helps you unwind, and gives you clarity on situations that bother you. It also helps your body cope with tension. The endorphins released during your run makes you feel calmer.


Running helps in fat loss As mentioned before, Running is a full body workout. It not only tones your calf muscles but also your entire body.Looking to burn those extra quarantine calories? Running is one of the best exercises to burn fat. It also helps you maintain your weight.

If belly fat is your concern and whatever you do it just stays with you, TOP 6 REASONS WHY YOU ARE NOT LOSING YOUR BELLY FAT this article tells you the reason why you are not losing it and also the things you can do to remedy that.


Running builds endurance, Running adds years to your life. This is a proven fact.Exercise in general helps you keep your body in shape. It helps you build endurance, preventing any disorders or diseases.


Running improves insulin levels in the body, Running is a very exhausting exercise because it used up most of your energy.

Since the muscles use the glucose or energy to keep going, your blood sugar levels reduce instantly.It also helps maintain the body’s cholesterol levels.


Running reduces the risk of cancer, Running does not cure cancer. But plays an important role in preventing it. And Prevention is always better than cure.

Studies show that exercsing regulary can lower one’s risk of certain cancers. All the more, if a cancer patient starts running, obviously and most importantly with their doctors’ approval, it can help improve their health.


Running improves your self-confidence, Running or exercising regularly, combined with eating healthy food tones your body and makes you more productive. It negates the lethargic feeling you usually feel.

It makes you more confident and also increases your self-esteem.

And nothing is more attractive than the right amout of confidence.

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Remember over-confidence can make you look bad. So cool it!


Running strengthens your bones and muscles As mentioned previously, running helps build those calf muscles and tone your body. It also helps build strength in your bones and joints.

Running essentially is an endurance exercise. This indicates that running actively can potentially repair and build bone strength.

The motion of running causes the muscles to contract back and forth, improving the blood flow throughout the body and help build stronger bones.


Running helps improve Cardiovascular health and cognitive function Running as you already know is a cardio workout. It increases the heart rate and blood flow in our body. This implies that oxygen rich blood is being pused to the brain.

Running improves brain health by stimulating the release of BDNF ( also known as the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor). This protein improves the growth of neurons in the brain. It also reduces the risk of Alzeihmers.


Running improves your immune system As stated previously, Running regularly can help build endurance. And with endurance, your body’s immunity system is also improved.

Running and right eating can also help our body fight diseases, lower inflamation, reduce risk of infections and enhance antibody response.


Running is very benefical for both your physical and mental health. Before you start running, make sure you warm up with some stretching exercises, a brisk walk or a jog.

That being said, don’t overdo it. Baby Steps. Start out with a 10-15 minute slow run and then slowly build to whatever you might be comfortable with.

Avoid going on a run everyday for long distances. Mix and Match. A combination of exercises and the balanced diet with get you farther. Consider joining a gym or create and follow a 30-40 minutes workout plan at home.

Taking your dog or a friend on a run can also help motivate you. Also, consider using a pedometer to track your daily run count. This can go a long way in motivating you to do better!

Wear running shoes that are comfortable and durable. Wearing the right shoes matters most if you decide to go running. The wrong pair can end up injuring you.

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So without any furter ado, Let’s tie up those laces and start Running

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