I know, I know, you must be thinking what the benefits of cold showers are, or is this link just clickbait. It is clickbait to an extent because I need the traffic, but there are actually many benefits to cold showers. So, it’s like I scratch your back by giving you interesting information, and you scratch mine by sharing this to as many people as you can.The cold shower benefits will be discussed in this article.

“Everyone who has taken a shower has had an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it that makes a difference.” 
― Nolan Bushnell

By the way, type cold shower into Urban Dictionary, and get to know what it also means. Hint: when things get unnecessarily hot, a cold shower helps cool things down, if you know what I mean (wink-wink).

I felt like the link became redundant after that explanation.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, here are the top 10 benefits of taking cold showers.

1.Instant alertness

Tell me this, have you ever stepped into a cold shower, and gotten a jolt of awareness? Almost like a cup of coffee has been directly injected into your blood (please don’t try it). That’s what a cold shower feels like.

The deep breathing increases the oxygen levels in our blood almost immediately, and this wakes the brain up like nothing else.

2.Low blood pressure

Cold showers are excellent for people with low blood pressure. Why?

When the cold water hits your head the first time, the shock goes down the back of your neck, which is where the medulla oblongata is situated, giving it a kick-start. It controls the heart and the blood vessels.

This causes the blood vessels to contract, thus increasing the pressure in the vessels, and increases the pumping capacity of the heart as well. Hence, it is beneficial to those who suffer with low blood pressure.

3.Reduce stress

Studies have reported that cold showers reduce the amount of uric acid and increase the glutathione in our body. Uric acid is a depressant, and glutathione is an antioxidant, and it reduces the stress produced by the free radicals.

FYI, yes, what keeps us alive is killing us. And if that’s not a good example of irony, I don’t know what is.

4.Good for hair and skin

When we take a hot shower, the pores in our skin and the hair follicles open up. Then we apply shampoo, conditioner, face wash, charcoal mask, cow dung, etc.

But the pores stay open. So, whatever time, money and effort you’ve invested in the bathroom is quite literally going down the drain.

And what prevents this? Cold showers! They close the pores, help the hair follicles retain the moisture, and also keep the essential oils for longer.

This gives you healthier skin and also stalls hair fall! Sounds like a sound plan for me, you guys.

5.Increase male fertility

Now, I know you guys must be thinking what twisted logic I’ll be applying to explain this. It’s very simple though.

Why do men’s testes hang outside their body? Because our normal body temperature is a spermicidal. So they hang a little outside the body, where it’s a little cool.

Little eggs, think they’re too cool for the body.

I digress. What hot showers do is raise the temperature of the testes, causing the sperm to die. But cold water helps to preserve the sperm.

A study done by the University of California San Francisco showed that men who took cold showers showed an increase in motile sperm count by 491%!! Yes, read it again, 491%!! So, if you’re trying to conceive, you know what kind of a shower to take.

6.Weight loss

Perk your ears up, people, this one is a good one. We have two types of fat in our body, white and brown. The white fat is the bad kind.

On another note, I know this sounds racist, but it’s actually not. The white fat is actually the bad kind. 

When we take cold showers, the brown fat whose job it is to generate heat and keep our body warm is activated. This leads to lesser accumulation of white fat and more accumulation of brown fat, leading to an increase in the metabolism, leading to loss of weight.

Also, cold showers make us shiver, leading to increased muscle activity. It’s like exercising while doing nothing. A boon for all the lazy people.

7.Better circulation

As explained earlier, the shock of the cold water hitting our neck causes the arteries to contract, thus leading to better circulation to the organs, increasing their overall productivity and function.

This also improves the immunity as it makes the lymph glands pump lymph better and thus sending the disease fighting white blood cells to every corner of our body. Lymph also is responsible in clearing the body’s waste products, and the increased flow can help in clearing the accumulated waste.

It is also good for low blood pressure patients, as explained earlier, and it is helps in clearing blocked arteries due to increased activity of the enzymes required to clear fatty plaques.

8.Muscle soreness

You must have noticed that the villains, or even heroes, in a movie will walk around with an ice pack around whichever part of their body is hurting after a fight scene. Why?

Cold temperatures reduce inflammation and also anaesthetise the peripheral nerve endings of that area, leading to a sense of relief from that pain.

So say, you’ve had an intense workout at the gym, or you’re an athlete by profession. Going by the above logic, wouldn’t taking a cold shower help in relieving the muscle soreness?

Muscle soreness is caused by the inflammation and breakdown of the muscles after a strenuous workout. Taking a cold shower would reduce the pain and also help in repairing the breakdown of the muscle fibres as the lymph glands push the white blood cells into every corner of the muscle to repair it.

The increased circulation will also take away the accumulated lactic acid and help in reducing the pain.

For a heavenly feeling, alternate between the hot and cold water a few times. Your muscles will love it and you’ll be able to do the same intensity exercise the next day as well.

9.Treat depression

With depression, one of the main problems is the decreased electrical activity in the brain. Your brain is literally slowed down.

When the cold water hits our head first, the shock causes the brain to release a neurotransmitter called noradrenaline. Noradrenaline increases the electrical activity in the brain and this causes electrical synapses that haven’t fired for some time, to become active and start firing again.

Also, the cold water on our body activates the peripheral nerve endings present in our skin that causes a massive increase in electrical activity in our brain.

Kinda like kick starting your brain.


They reduce the need for your daily dose of caffeine, thus protecting your stomach lining from the acidic effects of coffee.

They help in putting you to sleep as well, because the adrenaline rush from the cold shower follows an adrenaline crash, thus putting you to sleep like a well fed, happy baby.

It also increases the lung capacity as we take deep breaths when we take cold showers to counter the shock going through our bodies. Increased lung capacity equals increased oxygen inhalation, leading to increased oxygen perfusion into our bodies.

They also improve will power and emotional resilience, because all it takes to train our brain is do something that we don’t like to do at all repeatedly. This increases our control over our body and our life as an extension.

So there we have all the benefits of taking cold showers! And they are numerous. If this wouldn’t convince you to convert, I don’t know what would.

So start taking cold showers and see the changes in your body!

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