10 best fat burning workouts to lose fat

Fat! I know that never brings joy having it with us. Fat is neither friend nor an enemy. Keeping it lazy from one’s side gets you closer towards fat accumulation. For you to stay in form and away from getting obese, you got to get out of your comfort zone. Fat burning workouts are the best ways to reduce the fat.

But just the fat burning workouts can’t make the magic. It is important to follow the necessary diet. We all wish to be fit and form, is it not? As the saying says, if it is easy, everyone would have acquired it. So get yourself out and kick start with the right diet and the following fat burning workouts.

1. Jumping Jacks

To be precise of what jumping jacks work on, it is a total body workout and something more interesting is it can be done anywhere.

This workout is a combination of resistance and aerobic exercise known as plyometric.

The plyometric workout works your muscles, lungs and heart at the same level and sequence. These fat burning workouts involve your shoulder and abdominal muscles.

Jumping jacks are one of the best alternatives for thread mill.

These fat burning workouts does not just benefit muscles, it makes bones strong and healthy. A study says jumping jacks increase your bone density.

When coming to calories burn, a total of 10 minutes workout can burn up to 94 calories leaving extra benefits to your body.

2. Walking Lunges

Walking lunges is a static lung exercise. Standing back upright after a lunge one a leg and you walk forward by lunging out the other leg.

And the movement continues simultaneously burning calories in your body. These fat burning workouts strengthen your leg muscles.

TOP 6 EXERCISES TO REDUCE THIGH FAT – this might help you to strengthen your leg game.

You can make this work out more challenging by adding on extra weight.

How to perform walking lunge?
  • Stand straight on your feet, keeping your hands by the side of your body or on hips.
  • Step forward with the right leg putting on weight on your heel.
  • Bend your right knee, keeping it parallel to the floor in a lunge position. Keep it steady for 2 seconds.
  • By not moving your right leg, move your left foot front, repeating the movement as you did for the right leg keeping the lunge position keeping it steady for 2 seconds.
  • Repeat the movement by walking forward in a lunge position.

These fat burning workouts strengthen your lower body and also help in stretching out hamstring and glutes. For an average person doing walking lunge for 10 minutes can burn 39 calories.

3. Knee Push-ups

Push-ups are the basis of the fitness world. It requires quite several muscles to workout. It is ok if you are not able to do push-ups on the start.

There is no shame for not able to do this exercise, even healthy individuals struggle doing this.

Knee push-ups help in burning fat. The normal push-up is a body-centric and done it with the whole body.

And here the knee push-ups have a slight change; the pushup placement is on the knees instead of feet.

Start with the same push-up position keeping it on the knee and pressing the whole body towards the floor.

By lifting your body, it provides workouts to your arms and shoulders. And this strengthens your chest, shoulders and triceps.

4. Burpees

Burpees are one of the most challenging and crazy exercises. These are not just the fat burning workouts but also exciting workout.

A dedicated 30-day burpee challenge will completely kick out your fat.

Burpee can turn your body into a clear form and working out every muscle. Burpee can benefit your shoulders, chest, abs, inner thighs, triceps and butt.

How to do burpees?
  • Stand on your feet with shoulders apart and place your arms on sides.
  • Lower your body into a squat by pushing your hips back and bend your knees.
  • Now place your hands on the floor just inside your feet and pass your weight onto your hands.
  • Jump back on your feet back softly in the plank position. From your head to feet you should form a straight line.
  • Now jump back to the feet and land outside your hands.
  • Jump in the air freely by reaching your arms over the head.
  • Land and repeat the squat.

5. Sprint on Spot

Once decided the extra kilos, I would suggest sprinting is the best option. Sprinting regulates the fat-burning hormones; giving you the abs you have dreamt of. Sprinting boosts metabolism.

Having no doubts, sprinting is not going to be an easy one; it requires real dedication but can give you an excellent result.

Being on thread mill will excite you and motivate you for a few days and lose the interest later. Always going on fields to burn fat is the best option.

Benefits of sprinting
  • Sprinting makes all major muscles form and lose weight eventually.
  • Sprinting loses weight even after the workout is completed boosting the metabolism.
  • Sprinting improves the health of the heart.
  • Sprinting increase in growth hormone production.

6. Frog Squat

Frog squat is a cardiovascular exercise where quads, glutes and hamstrings are primary targets. Frog squats are best suggested for the beginner level for physical fitness.

Read our detailed guide on ULTIMATE 7 DAYS BEGINNER’S WORKOUT PLAN to get things started.

  • Always inhale the way down and on the way up exhale.
  • Always incorporate more cardio by increasing temp.
  • Never let your knees go forward towards the toes.

There are 2 major types of frog squats namely push and compound.

How to do a frog squat:
  • Holdings the hands in front of your body at the arm’s length stand upright with feet wider with shoulder-width apart.
  • Begin by bending the knees into a squat by pushing back the hip. Always knees must be perpendicular to your feet, and not let them come forward.
  • Squat down till your fingers can touch the floor and thighs parallel to the ground.

7.Ski Jumps

Ski jumps are one of the most interesting fat burning workouts. Laying the rope on the floor, now jump from side to side over the rope.

Each time land on the feet with the hip-width opened. Ski jumps are a lower-body exercise where your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings are strengthened.

It involves multiple muscles on the lower part of your body.

No equipment is required. Ski jumps improve the cardiovascular systems by strengthening the lower body. It burns calories rapidly by shedding extra pounds of your body.

Every 10 minutes of ski jumps can burn up to 100 calories

8. High Knee walk

The primary targets of walking high knees are hip flexors. But it is very important to do it in the right way. Here is stepwise information on how to perform high knees walking

  • With the feet and shoulder-width apart stand tall with your arms on the side.
  • Lift your left leg high parallel to your body as high as you can drop by stepping forward.
  • Repeat the same process with the right leg and continue the process.

Always keep your shoulders pulled back and chest up for better results. Raise your knee as high as you are comfortable with it and try keeping the knee straight during the entire process

9. Running on the incline

Running on the incline increases your heart rate pretty quickly as proportional to your pace. Running on the incline is much more effective than running on the flat surface.

Running at an incline helps you to build your stamina as well as helps you to strengthen your leg muscles.

One another main reason to love running on the incline is that it helps you to alleviate shin splints.

10. Tuck Jumps

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you jumped so high? Most of the answers would be long ago. The power of the lower body will strengthen while doing tuck jumps. It also increases the heart rate rapidly burning the calories without even leaving your room.

Start by standing on your feet with fewer shoulders apart in a relaxed position. Now explode yourself into the air bringing your legs parallel to the chest and slowly land on your feet. This is one of the most effective and best fat burning workouts that you can perform anywhere. To increase the momentum you can swing your arms.


We all aim to have a hot and sexy body. But one of the rumors and myths is you can only achieve the body you desire of is only by going to gym. Well, that is completely a false note. All you need is determination and motivation to groom your body. You can build the body you love without spending a penny. So get set motivate yourself and start the workout.

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