Oily Skin! Let us begin with a simple science behind the oily skin. All of us have a gland named Sebaceous Gland throughout the skin which is responsible for maintaining the oil levels of the skin and protect the skin from the foreign microbes. Only when the Sebaceous Gland produces excess oil due to increased level of fat in your body the face gets oily.

This can mainly of two reasons. One, the main reason for the oily skin is Genes and Hereditary. This is present in our DNA which is passed on from our ancestors. Two, the other reason for oily skin is the irregular activities like a sudden change in diet, increase in stress, etc.

Here are some of the remedies to get rid of the oily skin and shine out with a handsome look.


Many people don’t take washing face a serious concern. Well here is what you should know, face plays a very important role in our body which is always exposed and can easily get affected by surroundings. You must take good care of your face.

It is recommended to wash your face twice a day, to keep it in form. Washing face can get rid of the impurities present in your face and can bring you more freshness.

But don’t overdo washing your face always. Always use a gentle soap like the soaps which contain glycerin and be gentle when you use it on your face. Massage well on your cheeks, chin, and forehead.

Repeating this cycle for a month can get you good results and reduce the oil content present in your skin.


One quick fact to know about honey is that honey can never be spoiled. This is because honey doesn’t contain enough water levels for the bacteria to survive in it.

Honey is rich in anti-oxidants and it contains plenty of antibacterial properties which benefit the oily skin and other skin problems such as acne, dark circles, wrinkles, etc.

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Honey always keeps the skin moist and less oily. Honey is capable of opening up the pores in the face cleansing the dark heads dirt present over the skin. Honey always helps to keep the skin hydrated, which gives you a fresh look and feel.

Apply a thin layer of honey onto your face and leave it to dry for about 10-15 minutes. Later gently wash your face with warm water. This will help to overcome the excess oil on your face.


Almonds contain a very special property which is it reduces the ageing and reduces the wrinkles over the skin. Almonds are rich in Vitamin-E which softens and nourishes the skin. Applying almonds over your face helps to reduce the damage occurred to your skin due to sun rays.

Including the almonds in your daily diet helps in reducing the oily skin, acne, and pimples. Almonds can get rid of impurities that are present over the face and provide a young and mature skin.  

You can use the almonds as a face scrub (or) face mask

  • Grind the almonds finely.
  • Mix it along with honey in the ratio of 3:2
  • Gently apply a thin layer of the mixture onto your face and slowly massage it in a circular motion.
  • Leave it to dry for 20 minutes. Later rinse it gently with warm water

Continue this procedure once a week. It is not recommended to you if you suffer from any nut allergy.


Tomatoes have several benefits such as protect your skin against skin cancer, oily skin, reduce sunburns. It promotes the healing of wounds. Tomatoes also reduce skin Inflammation. It fights against cell damage and removes the dead cells from our face.

Tomatoes contain Salicylic acid, which acts as a remedy for oily and acne skin. The acid present in the tomatoes is capable of absorbing the oil and dirt in the pores of the skin.

Help yourself by making a face mask

  • Remove a tablespoon of pulp from the tomato.
  • Apply over the skin in a gentle circular motion.
  • Leave the mask for 5-10 minutes.
  • Later gently rinse it with the warm water

You can also directly massage a tomato over your skin.


Out of many benefits from aloe vera, treating oily skin is one of them. Aloe vera is rich in vitamin A and C and contains antioxidants, enzymes which are highly anti-inflammatory.

Aloe vera can be used to treat rough skin, burns, oily skins and acne. The enzymes present in aloe vera act upon your skin making it very smooth and soft.

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Before applying aloe vera onto your face test if it is allergic to your skin. It may be allergic to sensitive to allergic skin. Apply a small amount of aloe vera on your forearm and leave it for 24 hours. If there is no reaction, it is safe to use.

The best way to use aloe vera is to remove the pulp present inside the leaf carefully. Apply a layer of aloe vera on your face before bedtime and leave it till morning. Later gently wash your face with warm water.


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Jojoba oil contains Vitamin E and B-Complex. It helps the skin to be oil-free and, keeps it soft and comfortable. Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to control the oil level present in the skin and reduces the excess oil. Jojoba oil also repairs the damaged cells and gives a smooth skin.

A study found that Jojoba oil tricks the sebum in the skin which is responsible for oily skin present in Sebaceous gland to produce less oil and keep the oil level balances.

Applying excess 0f Jojoba oil may worsen the oily skin. Massage your face with a few drops of Jojoba oil for 2-3 times a week, and check for results. If you are satisfied with the result then apply daily. This helps to prevent oily skin and makes your skin smoother.


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Blotting papers, which are also known as bibulous paper, contain high absorbing properties. It absorbs excess of liquid on any surface. It absorbs excess oil present in your skin without affecting the makeup.

It is sold by large cosmetic brands all over the globe. It is also cheap and affordable. In addition to removing excess oil from face blotting papers also give a matte finish look.

It reduces excess shine and greasy skin. Blotting papers can be used throughout the day.


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Cosmetic clay can absorb and remove excess oils, clear dirt and remove impurities from the skin. Regular use of cosmetic clay help in removing the dead cells and impurities present in pores and bring a smooth and healthy skin.

French Green clay is popularly used to treat the oily skin and also other facial problems since it is highly absorbing in nature. The French Green clay is in a powdered form.

Directions to use cosmetic clay

  • Mix the powdered form of clay with water and make a paste out of it.
  • Apply a fine thin layer of the mixture on your face gently.
  • Leave it to dry.
  • Gently remove the mask and wash it with warm water.


Oatmeal is a floor made out of hulled oat grains. Oats can both thick and thin. It is very quick, instant and easy to cook.

Oatmeal has several health benefits including reducing oil and fat present in face and body. It helps to control blood cholesterol level. Oatmeal is rich in water, carbohydrates, fiber, proteins and fat. 100 gram of cooked oatmeal provides 71 calories and contains daily body requirements.

It also helps to treat dry skin since it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also removes the dirt in the pores present on the facial skin. Oatmeal can be combined with mashed fruits, honey and yogurt.
Oatmeal can be used as a facial mask

  • Mix one cup of ground oats with hot water to make a paste.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of honey.
  • Massage the mixture into your face for about 5 minutes and gently clean it with warm water.

Repeat this process once a week.  


Egg white is a clear liquid that contains the egg yolk. It tightens the skin and closes the pores. Egg white reduces the excess production of oil by sebum and clears the pores. It also smoothens the skin. Egg white can be used as a facial mask to treat oily skin.

  • Mix one egg white with one teaspoon of squeezed lemon juice.
  • Apply a layer of the mixture on your face and let it until it’s dry.
  • Gently remove the face mask with warm water.


Lemon contains several antibacterial elements. When combined with egg white it smoothens the skin and makes the skin glow.

Daily our body is exposed to the outer environment, where various foreign microbes and particles are absorbed by our body. Some of these foreign particles trigger the excess production of oil in our body which makes us difficult to expose ourselves.

Oily skin happens not only due to external factors. Internal factors are equally responsible for oily skin. What your intake is also very important. Always avoid using unhealthy foods, fried foods, foods that contain high sugar. Choose water-based food over oil-based food. When coming to fruits it’s always wise to consume them raw than converting them to juice, this adds up extra calories.

Many people claim home remedies for oily skin. Yet most of the home remedies are not researched. The success rate of these remedies depends upon the situation and the quality of raw materials used. This kind of un-researched remedies may lead to various allergies while using. If you get sensitive to any product then discontinue using it.

It’s always tempting to use costly cosmetics to cover-up the effects of oily skin, but it just worsens the condition. If the condition worsens consult a dermatologist and seek for medication before they lead to an infection.

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