10 Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

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In today’s blog, we shall discuss the top 10 foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal.                 

Just got your wisdom teeth removed? This is the right time when the inner foodie in you thrives! The urge to eat is so strong because it seems as if it’s been decades since you last ate. So, what can you eat after you get your wisdom teeth removed?

It’s very important that you make sure that the food you eat benefits you as well.

Eating rich in protein and soft food is highly recommended because “Protein is the building blocks for your muscles.” And adequate amounts of it will lead to muscle growth which is very much needed after the removal of your wisdom teeth.

Proteins are large and complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs.

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After the removal of the wisdom teeth, the body will require a large amount of protein in order to build and repair the tissues in the treated area.

Here are 10 tasty foods which you can eat without any hesitation after your wisdom teeth removal:

1. Ice-Cream

Who doesn’t love Ice-Cream? Well, you can now eat ice cream without hesitation! Cold foods like ice-cream, pudding, and smoothies are not only exciting to eat but also provide comfort for your gums.

But make sure you don’t choose the one which contains crunchy or chewy candy pieces. Avoid ice cream cones.

2. Potatoes[preferably, mashed]

Something so simple, yet delightful. Mashed potatoes generously allow you not to put in a lot of effort while eating, which keeps away all the sharp pain.

And on the bright side, mashed potatoes are also very healthy. Two birds with one stone!

3. Soups/Broths

Soups are not only easily consumable but also, a nutrient-rich soup can help promote healing and balance out all of the high-sugar alternatives.

4. Eggs[poached/fried/scrambled]

Eggs are one of the most healthiest and beneficial foods out there. It is not only nutrient-rich and high in quality protein, but also very filling and helps in weight loss, call that double the fun!

5. Fruits


As you already know that bananas have a good amount of Potassium in it, which is good for your heart, your skin and also provides you with lots of energy. The fruit itself is soft food that will help you easily consume it as well


Avocados are a great source of nutrients which may include Magnesium, Vitamin C, Potassium, etc. An Avocado is easily a part of the “soft foods” family, and also extremely healthy. It also reduces the chances of heart disease. Other than that, seedless fruits are highly recommended.


Not the healthiest option I’d say, but it is quite convenient as these are found almost everywhere. So if you’re looking for a much cheaper and easier alternative. Noodles will satisfy all your needs just fine.


Cakes, be it pancakes or cupcakes are easy to make and a complete delight! They aren’t particularly healthy, but extremely delicious undoubtedly and don’t involve much effort when it comes to chewing, which causes less pain.

8. Smoothies

Smoothies, especially Fruit smoothies are extremely healthy. They are a great way to keep a balance on the food check, and also very filling.

9. Steamed Broccoli/Carrots

Broccoli is a high amount of nutrients, including fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Iron, and Potassium. It’s is known to provide more protein than most vegetables. Steamed broccoli also has great health benefits than the usual.

Carrots not only improve your eyesight but also provide a large number of health benefits and are known to be weight-loss-friendly food. It consists of a good source of beta carotene, fiber, Vitamin K1, Potassium, and antioxidants which makes it highly nutritious.

10. Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is a great option rather than the steel-cut oats as they are too tough to swallow whole. You can also add your own touch of taste by adding soft fruits to your meal such as mashed bananas or mashed berries.


For a minimum of 24 hours after your tooth extraction, you must consume only soft foods and liquids. You can ease into a more normal diet when you feel comfortable doing so. And also make sure that the foods you consume are lukewarm and not hot.

How to Eat?

What you eat matters as how you eat as well. It’s advisable that you only chew from the opposite side of your mouth from your treated area. As your liquid intake will be high during this time, it’s likely that you are tempted to use a straw.

But restrain from doing so because due to the suction created by the straw, the blood clot will get dislodged and this will in turn increase the amount of healing time.

What  You Shouldn’t Eat?

From the above contexts, it’s clear enough that only soft foods or liquids should be consumed. Avoid eating any hard, crunchy, or brittle foods like a nut, popcorns, and chips.

It may also be difficult to chew tough pieces of meat, so rather try an alternative and intake your protein from dairy products instead. Acidic foods can also irritate the removal site and contribute to slow healing Bon Appetit!

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