Acne is something that everyone goes through as teenagers. However, if they continue on to your adulthood, it may be a bit embarrassing and may also interrupt a clean and sharp bearded look or the jawline. The best way to handle a problem is to prevent it from happening. You may be stuck in a cycle of habits without being aware of it that is causing your acne breakouts. In this post, find out the top ten habits that cause acne so that you can try to alter your lifestyle and prevent the occurrence of further acne breakouts.

Hormonal changes are the main cause of an acne breakout. When there are fluctuations in the level of hormones it leads to excess secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands.

The excess secretion may lead to clogged pores that let bacteria grow in them.

Then, white blood cells rush to the infected area in order to heal it and causes a pimple.

Unfortunately, acne breakout can also be hereditary. Men who carry the genes for it are likely to experience acne even in their adulthood.

1.Stress and anxiety

Stress is one of the habits that cause acne. While hormonal fluctuations are not directly under your control, there are certain habits that trigger hormonal imbalance.

Stress is one of the major reasons for hormonal changes. If you are a person that gets constantly agitated and worried it puts a lot of pressure on your mental and physical health.

Getting stressed out very often can create a hormonal imbalance, leading to male infertility.

Depression may lead to sexual dysfunction due to low libido, erectile dysfunction, etc. Read our article on 8 HABITS THAT REDUCES FERTILITY IN MEN to break out from those habits and live a healthy life.

The agitated body tends to increase the secretion of androgen hormone which in turn stimulates the sebaceous glands to increase the secretion of sebum.

The overproduction of sebum is later turned into pimples. So, the best way to tackle this issue is to find alternate ways of dealing with stressful situations and take it easy on your body.

Learn to cultivate patience and calmness. Like any other trait, stress can be avoided with practice and effort.

Find out what works for you best whether it is yoga, meditation or going for a jog. Find a balance for a healthy life and healthy skin.

2.Dehydration causes acne

While you are stuck in the loop of your routine, one of the most important things you fail to include as part of your routine is to drink enough water.

There is no need to explain all the marvellous workings of water in our body as everyone is aware of it by now.

Water is an extremely important component required for clear, healthy skin.

One of the common habits that cause acne is insufficient hydration. When your skin does not receive sufficient hydration, it dries out and often leads to the formation of acne.

So always remember to drink more water!

3.Continual facial contact

Some people are attuned to some fidgeting movements that they do it almost involuntarily.

Touching your face constantly is one of the habits that cause acne. It might be another habit like biting your nails or touching your hair but these habits cost you a lot.

Touching your face incessantly and picking your pimples disturbs the skin and may transfer the infection to uninfected areas.

Moreover, the germs in your hands are also transferred to your face all of which might aggravate or trigger acne formation.

Take a conscious effort to not touch your face often. You may even replace the habit with a fidget spinner or a stress ball if it is difficult to avoid at first.

4.Improper sleep schedule

Another modern-day habit that causes acne is improper or insufficient sleep. Work life and social life is a hard situation to balance and often sleep is sacrificed in the process.

Weekdays are filled with late night work by bringing work home and weekends are filled with partying or binging on different tv shows.

Inadequate sleep, again, puts your body through stress which leads to acne. Furthermore, sleep is essential to heal and repair the cells in the body and keep the skin looking fresh and clear.

So, remember to catch a minimum of 7-8 hours of good sleep every night to keep your skin re-energized and your body stress-free.

5.Exposure to sunlight

This could be a necessity of your work or you might just enjoy going about in the bright sunlight but this is another habit that causes acne.

Being exposed to sunlight not only tans your skin, but you tend to sweat a lot which clogs the pores and causes acne.

The skin gets oily and collects dust and other dirt which tarnishes the health of your skin.

Avoid spending too much time under the sunlight and always remember to apply sunscreen before leaving your home.

It is also a good idea to invest in a good quality sunscreen that protects your skin from possible skin disorders.

6.Unhygienic bedding

Pillowcases and bedsheet covers make contact with your face for hours every night.

It is absolutely essential that you change your sheets regularly and wash them thoroughly.

A lazy habit that causes acne is to lie on the same sheets for several days together.

It is commonly forgotten that bed linens and pillowcases accumulate oil, germs, sweat and other residues every night.

They have the potential to affect your skin severely. So, remember to keep up your laundry routine and wash your sheets regularly.

7.Smoking and drinking

Drinking and smoking despite being a major health hazard are also habits that cause acne. Both these habits tend to dry out the skin and reduce the oxygen level in them.

Due to the lack of hydration, the skin tends to secrete more oils which eventually leads to the formation of acne.

Cut down on your smoking and drinking habits to keep your health and also to have clear, happy skin!

Find the bad habit and try adopting a better method or activity to combat it. A FEW OF THE DAILY ACTIVITIES THAT AFFECTS OUR HEALTH are listed below, with tips on how you can get over them!

8.Proper cleaning after a workout

When you engage in any type of intense physical activity, your body sweats a lot which is a great thing by itself. However, it is important to wash off the sweat so that it doesn’t clog your pores and breed infections.

Similarly, remember to wash off the chlorine water well after a swim in the pool. Overall, hygiene is key! Try your best to keep yourself clean and clear skin will follow.

9.Certain medications and chemicals

Taking certain medications such as lithium or other anticonvulsants tend to fluctuate the hormone levels in the body causing an acne breakout. Also, corticosteroids such as prednisone are shown to have similar effects.

Additionally, some of the skin care products or soaps you are using might contain some chemicals that irritate your skin. The affected area attracts white blood cells that cause pimples to appear. Try to use natural products to protect your skin.

10.Improper diet

Consuming an improper diet on a regular basis is another habit that causes acne.

Several foods have been associated with the development of acne. Refined grains and sugar, dairy products, fast food, protein powder and other such foods are found to have some effect on the formation of acne.

Some of these foods have inflammatory properties and worsen acne.

Instead, try to include more of food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, vegetables, green tea and probiotics which has properties that protect you against the development of acne.

You must have heard of people saying that cod liver oil, a type of fish oil, is very good for your health and that everybody must have it.Here are a FEW OF THE BENEFITS OF FISH OIL.

These are the 10 common habits that cause acne. Overall, maintain good hygiene and avoid chemicals. Change your lifestyle to one that is filled with natural and positive elements. Practice gratitude and your skin will glow with natural happiness.

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