There’s always been a moment in life where every one of us has faced an embarrassing moment.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when asked what is the most embarrassing moment you ever faced? If it does trust me it is now a wonderful memory that lasts a lifetime.

Maybe it was embarrassing at that moment. We all got beautiful memories that happened and happening always. Each one of us owns a different moment. So Let’s not make the moments ugly.

Enjoy each moment and make a positive note of any moment happening in life. After all, it becomes a memory someday.

Here are some of the Interesting moments that you might have faced during your journey. Happy Reading.

1.Forgetting someone’s name

Oh yeah, I bet you would have been stuck in this situation at least once. This gets incredibly embarrassing when you were their colleague for months and suddenly you don’t remember their name.

OMG, and how do you even address them now? Well here’s a tip ask them for their full name instead of their name.

2.Texting the wrong person

I know how this is nowhere near the worst text to the wrong person, and yet it’s the funniest one I’ve heard of getting embarrassed and you might have been through this moment.

Well here’s what to do

Just don’t excuse yourself. Explain what happened following an apology. Most times, honesty and clarity is the best solution for any accidents or mistakes.

3.Waving to a stranger thinking it’s your friend

Sometimes to a stranger, even though you don’t know them, will smile and wave back, which is a little comforting; it means you want to relieve the stress of the situation by acting like you do know each other, even when you don’t. I’ll tell you though: it doesn’t. It makes it worse and more embarrassing.

Well here’s what to do when you are not sure of the person – Don’t make the first move, wait for them to wave back if they happen to notice you.

4.Farting in public

A body response which you can’t control, yet you get blamed and embarrassed among all.

Most of you might have experienced this situation either Farted or been close to someone who Fart. The point is if you need to fart you’re going to fart anyway.

Here’s what you should know, be mature about it and remember everybody farts just times when it is louder it’s embarrassing.

5.Caught stalking

Everything would start with a single message. He / She might be your schoolmate or colleague. They then start getting closer to your friends to know more about you.

You start getting calls daily. Everything is fine till you don’t express out and get caught. One simple thing you can do is just go and express whatever you feel to say maybe who knows they expect you to talk to them.

6.Falling over in the public

Oh yeah, everyone may have been through this situation. When you are alone or with friends walking a public place and suddenly fall and some people around start laughing where you become the center of attraction at that moment. This can become embarrassing at times.

But here’s what to do to ease up the situation you can be funny at that moment and also laugh right for yourself.

7.Awkward Wishing

Awkward hello! You must have been through. When you meet someone you know after a long time you try greeting them.

You try giving a hug and he goes for a handshake and suddenly it becomes vice versa where he turns himself for a hug and you go for the handshake. Seriously, here the situation turns out to be more awkward and more embarrassing.

How do you even avoid this situation? Simply smile at them and greet them with words. Later wait for them to respond in the way they like to greet.

8.Walked in on toilet

This is a rare case scenario but turns out to be awkward and embarrassing. Imagine yourself in this situation, you have been peeing for some time in the toilet and didn’t realize that you forgot to lock the door.

Suddenly someone opens the door and sees you. Isn’t that embarrassing at that moment? Yeah, it is.

Always check whether the door is locked or not ,anywhere you are private.

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9.Tearing your Trousers

In my personal experience, I still remember a particular incident back in my school days. It was during Independence Day.

I was dancing along with my friend and while he was dancing suddenly his trousers tore. He didn’t realize that his trousers were torn and he continued with the dance.

Later he came to know about this incident he found himself very embarrassing around students and staff.

Many of us would have faced this during our school days and found difficult to maintain the secret for the whole day without anyone noticing.

Well always make sure your trousers are a little flexible and stitched well to avoid an embarrassing moment.

10.Awkward Silence

Have you ever experienced a sudden pause when everyone is shouting/speaking and you get to have the last voice? Suddenly you become the center of attraction among all.

This happens because of anxiety and the crowd is not sure what next to speak. This becomes embarrassing. This Silence mostly takes place among small crowds.

Here’s a remedy, always try summarizing fast and complete the conversation in a simple way possible.

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