Chiseled Jawline:10 tips on how to achieve it

The one feature that Henry Cavil, Matt Bomber, Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, and David Beckham have in common, is their well-defined, chiseled jawline.

What is Jawline?

The jawline is a part of your lower jaw that outlines the bottom of your face.

And the first thing anybody notices about you is your face. To make a good first impression, most of us are obsessed with it. We groom ourselves to perfection. They say you are your worst critic. And when it comes to body image, this is very often true.

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Humans are sexual beings, and this is a fact. Hence, looking attractive is something that we all crave. There are numerous studies that show that Women prefer men having a toned or chiseled jawline.

As we grow older, our jawline changes. The reasons could be fat accumulation, loose or saggy skin, and shrinking of face muscles. While it is impossible to control age growth or genetics, there are a few exercises one can partake to improve the jawline.

Read on to find out more about 10 tips on how to get a chiseled jawline

There are so many different methods or ways one can follow to get rid of that double chin or to get a chiseled jawline. Sure, the best and easiest way would be to get a facial surgery.

But that definitely has its consequences. Why opt for a facelift when you could try out these age-old methods that have proven to be immensely successful!

Facial muscles are flexible and respond well to regular exercises, you can see changes within weeks!

We have handpicked 10 tips on how to get a chiseled jawline based on reviews


Chewing gum to get a chiseled jawline

Chewing Gum is one of the easiest and most popular method of sharpening your jawline and cheekbones.

And it is fun fun fun! It also increases satiety and gives you fresh breath, provided you are chewing a minty/fruity gum.

Al Pacino chews gum in most of his movies, and he does it looking smart and grounded. It adds a natural dynamic to his character. Think you can pull that off? 

If yes, good for you! However, we advise that you don’t chew gum in a professional setting as it is inappropriate and you could come off as being rude.


Smiling to get a chiseled jawline

Yes, Smiling is the most beneficial face workout. It is also your best accessory.

A Smile can make you look attractive almost instantly. Smiling raises your cheekbones and highlights your jaw, hence making you look younger and cheerful. It also improves your mood and mentality.

Also, make sure you follow protocols for a healthy oral hygiene and avoid smiling like the Joker. You want to seem approachable and not intimidating or creepy.

To gain a toned jaw by smiling, you must practice smiling wide and releasing it to a straight face, back and forth.


Jaw clenches to get a chiseled jawline

Who would have thought that clenching your jaw when irritated, annoyed, or angry would lead to having a better jaw?!

If you want to be left alone or seem unapproachable, jaw clenches are the best way to do so. We all have days when we just don’t feel like socializing. Practicing jaw clenches not only keeps us beyond reach but also improves our jawline.

This workout is easy to fit into your schedule.

Clench your jaw for a few seconds and then release. A little discomfort or burn is normal, it is a part of the toning process.


Make fish face to get a chiseled jawline

The ‘FISH FACE’ exercise is great for toning your cheekbones and jawline. It helps raise those cheekbones and sharpens your jawline.

Beware of practicing this in public as you may look funny or outlandish to others.

Suck in your cheeks, as much as possible, and hold this position for a few seconds. A little discomfort or burn is normal.



Jaw lifts or Chin lifts help in sharpening your jaw muscles, giving you that chiseled jawline. This facial exercise involves most of the facial muscles, hence it is also one of the most successful jawline workouts.

Refrain from practicing this exercise in a public setup as you will probably end up looking insane.

You can practice this workout while standing or sitting. Tilt your head upwards, toward the ceiling. Focus on a point and pucker your lips. A little strain or discomfort in your facial muscles is common.


Facial hair grooming to get a chiseled jawline

A well-groomed beard is man’s greatest asset. They are not just for increasing a man’s attractiveness, but also do a great job of hiding that double chin, and creating an illusion of a toned jaw.

A beard adds fullness to your face and creates a great impression on your jawline.

Remember though that a beard has to be well-maintained. You don’t want to look shabby. Read our article on TOP 15 MUST OWN GROOMING PRODUCTS FOR MEN to know more about grooming.

Here’s the tricky part – Choosing the right style of beard. This can make or break your look.

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Choose a style that complements your face. A round beard on a round face ends up making you look rounder. So choose wisely!

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Drinking water to get a chiseled jawline

As iterated many times before, drinking water improves your overall health. It helps in weight loss, increases your energy levels, prevents dehydration, and also flushes toxins from your body.

The toxin retention in your body is also reflected on your face. Drinking more water flushes these toxins, giving your face a fresher, healthier glow and sharp facial features.

Drinking water doesn’t affect your jawline directly, but indirectly it works wonders on your overall well being and helps you in achieving that chiseled jawline.


Pronounce your vowels to get a chiseled jawline

It’s as simple as ‘A E I O U’!

Pronounce the vowels, – ‘A E I O U’ clearly. Hit all the notes, and work all the muscles involved by doing so. Don’t be afraid of exaggerating!

The movement of your jaw while pronouncing these vowels targets the muscles around your mouth and the sides of your lips. Practicing this workout often will sharpen your jawline.


Less salt consumption to get a chiseled jawline

How much salt do you consume in a day?

On an average, Indians consume about 3800mg of salt per day, and according to the dietary guidelines, salt consumption in a day should be limited to about 2500mg per day.

Most of our salt intake comes from engaging ourselves in the Modern Diet, which is abundant in salt. Not only is this unhealthy for your skin, but also unhealthy for your body.

Limiting your salt intake reduces water retention which makes you look less bloated and gives your jawline more defined.

Replace oily and salty foods like salted snacks, junk food, etc. with raw fruits and vegetables. Don’t stop your salt intake, just reduce it.


Healthy lifestyle to get a chiseled jawline

As mentioned previously, Processed foods contain refined carbs. They have little to no nutritional value and end up storing fat in your body, including your face. 

To improve your overall physique it is best to cut down on carbs and add more fiber and proteins to your diet.

Tangerines are a great source of Vitamin A and C, which not only helps prevent acne but also helps in repairing your skin. It also helps in building a taut jaw.

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Princess Aurora wouldn’t be called sleeping beauty for anything.

Beauty sleep helps in reducing the fat in your face. A minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep can work magic on you! Not only do you get up feeling refreshed, so does your body.

Lack of sleep increases stress hormones, makes your face look bloated and you end up feeling tired for most of the day.

Regular exercise is very necessary to remain healthy and stay in shape. Shedding a few pounds of your weight will also help to tone your jawline.

Exercise of any kind for a minimum of 30 minutes a day will make you feel lighter. It will also improve stability.


Having a round or undefined jawline does not necessarily mean you are unattractive. Wear your confidence on your sleeves, and dress sharp. Wearing a darker shade t-shirt or shirt helps highlight your jawline, creating an illusion of a stronger jaw.

The above exercises will not only sharpen your jawline but will also prevent headache, neck pain, and jaw pain. However, while performing any of them, if you feel any pain, please stop right away. You may try them again after a few days. The pain most likely means you are not performing them the right way. So, read up on the instructions and follow them accurately.

Make sure you also practice eating healthy foods and exercise regularly. This will help you look and feel healthy, boosting your stability and confidence.

Don’t go too overboard while practicing them. Remember to keep smiling as that makes you more attractive and happy!

Have a Happy Workout!

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