10 tips on how to manage depression

Depression! I want you to know one thing before you read the article. If you are in a state of depression, not just you 80% of the people around you are depressed but don’t show off. Being an optimist even during depressing times is what makes you unique. So, how to manage depression? That may be the reason you are here I assume. Before we get to that what is depression.


I will be precise, it is a disorder of mood, where you lose interests or hate doing your routine which affects your day to day life.

What are the symptoms of depression?

The major symptoms are

  • Mood such as restlessness, irritability, anger, aggressiveness, anxiousness.
  • Emotionally unstable such as hopelessness, sadness, feeling empty.
  • Behavior changes such as feeling tired, suicidal thoughts, loss of interest, drug use, entertaining in high-risk activities.
  • Sexual interest, such as lack of sexual interest.
  • Cognitive abilities such as low concentration.
  • Insomnia, restless sleep, sleeping excessively.


There comes the jumbotron part asking how to manage depression! Well, there are many ways to keep you away from depression from your activities to psychotherapy. Well, medication may cost you high. But, there are activities that you can alter to manage depression.

Here are some of the ways that you can find a solution to how to manage depression!


Raise yourself a question, who does support you in your hard times? There is always someone, who will stand by our side. Don’t wait till the last resort and hope miracles to happen. So, its time for you to come out of your depressed zone and mingle among people.

It is very important that you tell your problems to others and ask for a way out or at least sharing will always relive you a bit. Being alone and carrying depression alone can end up in great tragedies.

Find a company not just during the depression. Mingling with the right people may sometimes not cause any downstream of your mind & heart.


So, don’t confuse stress and depression. Both stress and depression are different and have different functions while both are connected. So, how is stress connected to depression? How to manage depression? Well here’s the solution.

When you are stressed so much, a hormone called cortisol is produced in your body. In the short term, the hormone is good for the body. But in the long run, it can cause depression.

So it is always better to avoid stress. Control over the habits that cause you stress. After all, stress can never be your best friend even if it stays with you.


We all love to sleep right? But, still how does sleeping habit cause depression. Well, sleep at the right time and never during odd times. A study in 2014 has suggested that 80% of people with depression suffer from a sleep disorder.

Here’s a tip on how to manage stress and improve your sleep benefits. Always use dim light to read books and engage in different relaxing activities. Turn off all the electronic devices an hour before you go to sleep.

Use your bed only for your sleep and sexual activities. The bedroom is like a comfort zone. It helps to come out of the room and set yourself out to do your other activities.

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Food! We all love food right. It is well and good until it doesn’t affect ourselves. Consuming fewer calories is always a way of hygiene. Research has found clear links that our eating habits are connected to mental health.

Eating an excess of junk and unhygienic food is one of the reasons causing depression. In fact, there are so many case studies and research showing mental illness can be controlled by improving one nutrition.

But before you make a change in your nutrition make sure you consult a physician to be sure about your physical health.

Improving your food and avoiding junk will pay off in an unexpected way which makes you happy.


I know even a positive person with an improved mental state comes across negative thoughts, and that natural and all of it is the brain’s work.

And the question arises, how to manage depression? Well here is a small theory which so many didn’t realize. Being in depression doesn’t make you sad all the time.

Depression brings negative thoughts. It is important to control negative thoughts and this task depends on our attitude.

There are other ways to manage depression like other online classes, self-help books, and applications that help you to manage your unhealthy thinking patterns.

CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a therapy that helps to alter and change your negative thinking patterns to eliminate depression.


So, many of us might have come across this word at least once. Procrastinating things means delaying or postponing things to the next time.

This will then increase the pressure of work later make you depressed. One of the major symptoms of depression is fatigue that will tempt you to procrastinate things.

So, here is a way to stop procrastinating things. It is very important to set deadlines to complete each task. Set short term goals.

Completing those goals on time will motivate you which helps you to come out of depression. Following these steps helps to successfully break the habit of procrastinating.

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Once a successful man said, “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed”. This quote has got a lot of meaning.

This step that you take will help you figure out of depression and keeps you mentally strong. Start by cleaning your room and most importantly start enjoying the household work.

It is not that only our mom or maid that is supposed to do. It is our responsibility to keep our things clean.

So, start taking responsibility for your own, organize things, help yourself out to be doing yourself a favor. Thank you for the things you have achieved. This will help you to maintain your mental state.


So what’s this! Surprising right. I know, and to say what’s this I will give an example. For my 19th birthday, I received a gift having so many envelopes, thanks to my friend. Each envelope had different tags on them to only open in your moods.

For example, an envelope said to open when I have no money, so one day when I opened it that had a letter of a message along with some money in it.

So, the wellness box is somewhat similar to this. You will create a wellness box for yourself and play for yourself.

After all life is all about finding yourself. This is one of the most effective ways to quit depression and spend time for you.


All the big shots in the city are not so much busy will help you to get out of depression, because you have no time to deal with depression.

If you have nothing to make yourself busy then its time for you to learn new things. Learning new skills not only keeps you occupied but develops you in your career.


I remember when during my school days I had a yoga period daily. I never knew the importance of yoga until I completed college. Yoga is the best way to beat depression.

Yoga is a way of life you live. Not only to control depression yoga also keeps your body in form and helps you to come out of disease.

Add yoga on your routine and follow it daily, help out yourself. There are various yoga courses online if you are not familiar with it. Afterall you should love yourself in the first place.


To conclude, being an optimist can save your life in every way. The attitude towards a problem you show is what makes you. Nowadays depression became a style of living life, due to the gradual growth of technology. It is true to spend time with real humans instead of virtual chats with fake emotes.

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