“A Man Who Can Grow A Beard Is The Kind of Man You Want to Be with Because A Man Who Has The Patience to Grow A Beard, Has The Patience to Deal with Your Shit!”

Everyone wants to grow a beard nowadays. It’s the latest trend, the latest fashion. You see any movies, whether it be Chris Evans’ beard in Avengers Infinity War, or Shahid Kapoor’s beard in Kabir Singh, the male protagonist has a thick, but well styled and trimmed beard.

We’ve heard your call for help, and this article is your answer! Here are 13 effective hacks on how to grow a beard.

PS: medicos and doctors aren’t supposed to have such thick beards; there are chances of the hair contaminating the patient. Kinda like how you would NOT want to find a hair in the food that you’ve ordered at a restaurant.

Now you might be thinking that growing a beard requires a lot of time and patience and effort and all sorts of things. And I’m telling you that you’re completely right.

Growing a beard does require time, effort, patience and the required amount of minimum money. But, it’s not all that much either. It’s fairly easy and not all that difficult as some make it seem.

What is a beard? The full facial hair only is not classified as a beard. Any facial hair is called a beard.

If you do a Google search on how to grow a beard, you will see all sorts of articles, but none will be as comprehensive as this one.

So sit back and read the article and you will definitely get a clear idea on what to do to grow your beard well.

1. Be patient:

You must have seen that picture of an old grandpa with full tattoo sleeves and a full, white beard, looking all cool and macho in overalls and a hat. Now, that is goals.

The point that I’m trying to make is that once you start growing a beard, it’ll take time for your beard to grow completely. Don’t be impatient and start cribbing that you haven’t seen any growth in two weeks. Patience is key in knowing how to grow a beard.

The starting is always spotty, and you should just accept the fact that your beard will grow at its own pace and time, and that you can do things to help it grow until a certain stage. After that stage, it’s up to genetics and nature and your own body that determines how fast your beard is going to grow.

Beard growth is affected by your genes, the hormone levels in your body, especially testosterone. Testosterone actually promotes good beard growth but also promotes balding at the same time, so it’s not really something that you can control.

Shaving for a couple of weeks straight before you try growing out your beard is said to stimulate the hair follicles into growing, but it’s not really tried and tested or anything.

2. Increase your testosterone level

This is something that is key to growing your beard. Testosterone affects the hair growth on your head and the hair growth on your face differently.

More the level of testosterone in your body, faster and better your beard grows. But it affects your head hair in the complete opposite direction. More the testosterone in your body, faster the rate at which you bald.

Now, you need to make a choice here. Do you want to sacrifice your head hair for your beard? Or do you want to sacrifice your beard for your head hair?

But even then, if you are in your 20s, and you still have a patchy beard, it’s because of your body’s sensitivity to the hormone itself, and not because of low hormone levels.

Since testosterone occurs naturally in your body, doing weight training can actually increase its levels. Also, eating the right foods can also stimulate the production of testosterone and increase the levels naturally. Hence, testosterone forms a key part in knowing how to grow a beard fast and effectively.

I would recommend taking supplements as the last option, as there’s always that risk of taking supplements that I would not take if I could avoid it.

Want to learn more about how to boost your testosterone levels? Head on over to our article about 7 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR TESTOSTERONE LEVELS.

3. Balanced diet

A balanced diet works wonders for your beard. You can lead a healthy life and have an incredible beard at the same time.

A balanced diet comes in tandem with a healthy body and it is a good indicator of how much of perseverance is in a person is about reaching his goals. Maintaining a balanced diet is difficult!

For those who have pets, especially dogs, you know that a mark of the health of the dog is the shine of its coat. It is similar in men, but change the coat to the beard health, and the simile is complete.

Have a nutrient rich meal plan, with several snacks throughout the day.

Incorporate nuts like Brazilian nuts, walnuts, and dry fruits like raisins, figs and some tubers like sweet potatoes into your diet to enrich your nutrient pool and help in growing a beard faster.

Avoid drinking alcohol, reduce your intake of caffeine and nicotine, and avoid refined sugars and foods with a high fat content. All this is adverse to your body and thereby adverse to growing a healthy beard. Foods with a high salt content should be restricted as well, and drink loads of water to be hydrated

I will be talking more about this later on in the article, but I just wanted to let you know that your diet is extremely important in the ability of how to grow a beard.

4. Good sleep

You must have heard that people lose hair on their head when they are stressed. But I bet that you didn’t know that the same applies to your beard hair?

It does, and studies have found that the health and general wellbeing of a person is directly proportional to the amount of sleep they get. And what is necessary to get a good night’s sleep?

Be stress free, and it’ll lead to better all-round health. You’ll lose weight, your testosterone levels will rise, you will be able to sleep better and have a restful sleep.

A restful sleep is more important than the duration of the sleep. You might sleep for the full 8 hours, but if it isn’t restful, there’s no point in it.

A good night’s sleep also resets your hormones and the body clock, thereby giving your hair the time to grow and get that nice sheen.

5. Exfoliating skin

Imagine a pipe. Now imagine something blocking that pipe. Can anything pass through it? Obviously, no.

Now, that pipe is your pore, the blockage is the dead skin cells, and the thing that is trying to pass through is the hair follicle. If something is clogging the pore, the hair follicle will not grow, and you will get acne instead of a beard.

Exfoliating takes care of the dead skin cells. It removes them and unclogs the pores, thereby making it clear for your facial hair to grow in a healthy and lush manner.

Wash your face with a cleanser and rinse with warm water to open up your pores, then apply the exfoliating agent and gently rub in concentric circles over the part of your face where the hair follicles are present. Then rinse with cold water to close the pores and prevent dust and other dirt from entering the pores and clogging it up again.

Repeat this twice a week. But remember to be gentle and not try and scrape away an entire layer of skin away. You’ll just be harming yourself and your chances of growing a beard.

Exfoliating is an extremely important part in your know-how to grow a beard, so don’t neglect it.

6. Shaving

Shaving is another thing that can people are very confused about. Kinda like whether Justin Bieber like Haley or Selena. Honestly, the nation wants to know!!

Anyways, shaving is something that some people say promotes faster growth of your beard, but then there are some who say that shaving in the absence of any facial hair just harms your skin more than anything else.

Who do we believe? I think that you need to start showing the borders of the beard from early on. What does this mean? It means shaving the edges and keeping your beard lines straight and sharp. No one likes a scruffy beard.

Plus, the early shaving helps define the beard style and shape. This is good, as the beard grows in the defined area, and doesn’t grow out of the lines. Kinda like disciplining a child. Almost.

Define the neck and cheek areas, and this will ensure that your beards starts to grow where it needs to grow and not where it shouldn’t.

7. Supplements

Supplements are always a risk, and I would always advise against it, for the simple reason that you don’t know how it’ll affect your body.

But there are some times when it is absolutely necessary (like a famous cyclist and the Tour de France), and I would rather tell you about the pitfalls than have you read up some half-assed article on the internet and follow it without further research.

There’s some good news, though. Luckily for you, supplements that help in beard growth are not that harmful as other supplements.

. Testosterone

One is testosterone supplements, but this is another mine field all by itself. I would strongly advise against these, as the risks far outweigh the advantages that you gain. You’re just wanting to grow a beard, not wanting to be built like the Hulk. DHEA, D-aspartate, zinc are some of the supplements that you can take, but again, please don’t.

. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is another drug that can be used to promote beard growth. But keep in mind that if you do stop using it abruptly, whatever hair you’ve gained will fall.

. Biotin

Vitamins like B7, also called Biotin, are good for beard growth. Nobody’s sure of how it works, but it does. Another plus point is that since it is a water soluble vitamin, overdosing doesn’t really matter that much as it can be excreted out in your urine.

About 0.12-2 mg of biotin is required on a daily basis to supplement your beard growth. Take it with a doctor’s prescription, though. Since there haven’t been any long term studies on the side effects, you really don’t want to experiment too much with this.

Taking a multi-vitamin which has a high concentrate of biotin is your best bet, as opposed to taking isolated biotin supplements.

Supplementation is never advised, but it is an important factor of knowing how to grow your beard, and so is a part of this article.

8. Moisturize

Moisturizing the skin or the beard is another very important step that most men seem to forget. You take such good care of the rest of your skin, but you seem to forget that your beard is part of that.

Use a beard cleanser and a beard oil to ensure that you lock in the moisture into your beard. This will ensure that it stays healthy and lush.

A well moisturized beard will look fuller and shinier than one is kept dry and not treated right. You need to take care of your beard with as much diligence as you do your head hair. Otherwise, it will not be worth it. Beard dandruff is a real thing, guys! Take care that it doesn’t happen to you, otherwise it’ll look like you sprinkled salt on your beard.

Pick a beard oil that has eucalyptus as an ingredient. Some studies have shown that it might help.

9. Foods that promote beard growth

There are certain foods that you can eat to promote growth of your beard. A few of them are listed below. Keep in mind that there are a multitude of food items out there and don’t restrict yourself to only these foodstuffs.

. Lemons and limes

Rich sources of vitamin C, which is responsible for the production of collagen. Collagen helps in the growth of strong and thick hair. Collagen is a type of connective tissue that helps the hair to stay firmly in the skin and strengthens the hair follicle base.

. Kiwis

Fruits that are rich in vitamin E, minerals and nutrients that are essential for the growth of strong, shiny, colourful and thick hair. This undoubtedly is great for your beard as well and it keeps it healthy.

. Spinach

Another food that is awesome for beard growth. It is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. All of them are essential for hair health. Plus, spinach can be used to make so many delicious smoothies. Cooking it actually reduces its nutrient properties.

. Fish

Fish is something that is rich in proteins. Having a high protein diet is excellent for beard growth and hair growth in general, as proteins form the back bone of what hair is made up of.

. Red meat

Red meat like liver, beef, lamb are all excellent sources of minerals like iron and magnesium. As told before, they are essential for the proper growth of hair.

. Eggs

Eggs are also great for beard growth and health. Why? Because they are great sources of proteins, biotin, and essential minerals like iron, calcium and zinc.

. Broccoli

Broccoli is another green leafy vegetable which is essential for proper maintenance of beard health, it contains loads of proteins, vitamins and minerals that all make it an ideal ingredient for hair growth.

. Cabbage

Cabbage contains many antioxidants like quercetin. This helps in the protection of the hair follicles against the harmful effects of free radicals present in the body. Studies have shown that it is useful in treating alopecia. Plus, it is loaded with vitamins, which are essential for beard growth.

. Sunflower seeds and flax seeds

Sunflower seeds and flax seeds are great for beard growth as well. They are rich in vitamin C and B6, minerals and omega-6 fatty acids. All these help in making them excellent nutrients for the growth and strengthening of the hair.

Hence, what you consume is a large part of knowing how to grow a beard.

10. Massage face

Gently massaging your face can stimulate the blood vessels underneath the skin and this encourages the blood supply to the hair follicles. This thereby promotes the health of the hair follicles and makes your beard grow strong and healthy.

Using a beard comb is another way to stimulate the blood vessels. This is also ensure that the hair doesn’t get tangled, and it gives your beard its defining style and shape.

11. Reduce stress

As I have told you before, stress can literally cause your hair to fall out. So, having a stress free lifestyle promotes beard health as well. You can literally see the changes in your general wellbeing after removing the factors that cause you stress.

Things like working out, reading, yoga, meditation and anything that you like doing that reduces stress is a good way to unwind.

Therapy and psychiatric intervention may be necessary at certain times, but it is nothing to be scared or ashamed of. It’s like any other physical disease that you’re getting treated for. Simple.

Managing your stress is an important way of knowing how to grow a beard.

12. Stop smoking

Smoking causes a few types of connective tissue diseases, and these can affect your wellbeing adversely. It affects your hair as well, and it can lead to loss of hair or patches of skin where the hair follicles are completely ruined. Plus, it causes early greying of hair. Bet you wouldn’t want to look like a grandpa in your early 40s, right?

Use nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gum, hypnotherapy and other modalities of treatment to give up your addiction.

At least if not for your lungs, give up smoking for your hair. Who needs lungs as long as you’ve got fabulous hair, am I right?

13. Persist

I’m going to end this article with saying that you need patience to grow a beard. So don’t give up after a month or so. This is not enough time for a full blown beard to form.

Persist, don’t give up and you’ll have a kick ass beard soon. And if you can take the patience to grow a beard, you’ll get the patience to do pretty much anything.


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