15 Jump rope benefits that you should know

Jump rope benefits that you should know

Jump rope is something we all had a go at when we were children. It was a favourite pastime to some of us while some of us struggled to coordinate and skip along with our friends. Although it seems like a child’s play, jumping rope has some amazing benefits to it that you may not have guessed.

Jump rope is one of the oldest tools used for physical training. The value of jump rope is getting popular over the past few years but we still do not see many people in the gym jumping rope.

It is a great way of improving your fitness and agility. It helps you achieve many fitness goals in one exercise which includes weight loss, endurance, toning of muscles, stamina and many more. In this article, you can discover 15 impressive jump rope benefits that you should know so that you make it a part of your daily training and enjoy its benefits.

1.Quick calorie burning

Fat burning is one of the highly expected and wished result out of any physical exercise and jumping rope offers it in generous amounts. Studies have shown that one hour of jumping rope to burn about 1300 calories, with about 0.1 calories burned per jump.

In fact, jumping rope burns more calories than jogging. Ten minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to eight minutes of running.

2.Improves Coordination and builds agility

Although jumping rope looks simple and something children play with, it needs perfect alignment of how and when you move your arms and feet. The repeated actions of the arms and feet help your brain go through the process over and over again strengthening the neural pathways.

The prolonged focus on your movements creates a mind-body connection. Jumping rope on the balls of your feet repeatedly improves coordination and how you balance your body making you quick and light on your feet.

3.Increases bone density

One of the major benefit of jumping rope is that it helps increase your bone density. Jumping does not put as much pressure on the joints as running because the impact is absorbed by both the legs equally each time. In fact, researchers say that the best way to increase bone density is simple to jump up and down.

4.Reduced ankle and foot injuries

The motion of jumping up and down on the balls of your feet strengthens the muscles surrounding your ankle joint and your foot making them less susceptible to injuries.

Additionally, jumping rope does not involve the risk involved in other sports such as football or basketball that involves quick turns and stops that puts sudden pressure on the ankles. In fact, since you learn to balance well and jump on your toes it helps sportspeople to be quieter and quicker in their sports.

5.It is a great aerobic exercise

Jumping rope increases the efficiency of your breathing. This exercise is often used by martial arts performers and boxers in their training to build and improve their aerobic capacities. The jump rope is a wonderful tool to build endurance and cardio.

Working on your breathing and enhancing it improves your fitness as a whole and helps you go about your day to day activities with more ease and without running out of breath.

6.Improves cardiovascular health

Jumping rope has been recommended by various health associations to be a part of the fitness regime for improving and maintaining cardiovascular health. The American heart association deems jumping rope to be implemented among elementary school students.

Jumping rope raises the heart rate to two or three times faster than other exercises. It offers the same benefits of running but in lesser time and with lesser pressure on the joints.

7.Improves mental sharpness

Jumping rope involves and the left and the right hemispheres of the body and leads to the development of both. It makes you more aware of spatial knowledge and makes you more mentally alert.

It is an exercise that has as timing and rhythm to it. Your brain has to calculate the speed and direction of your movements, the length of the rope and your position to move accordingly and keep your rotations going. This combination of physical and mental activity improves your cognitive ability.

The mind-body connections also lead to improved memory, good reading skills and sharpen your reflexes.

8.Helps you stay calm

The connection between the brain and the body while jumping rope also has emotional benefits. Jumping rope is an exercise that requires a lot of synchrony and rhythm.

Jumping rope involves two types of motion- a circular one and an angular one. Such rhythmic and synchronous movements build your physical as well as your mental endurance making you calm and composed.

9.It is a full body workout

Jumping rope includes the involvement of many major muscles. This increased engagement of muscles tones every muscle group well and gives a faster result of your expectations. It works very well on thighs, shins, calf muscles and tones them. Likewise, it also works on abs and your arms.

10.It is a High-intensity interval training

Jumping rope does not look like any of the complex and fancy gym pieces of equipment and yet its benefits are equal to them. Jumping rope is a High-intensity training workout and will offer promising results to athletes, sportspeople and those looking to get fit.

11.It helps improve your skin health

One of the best ways to maintain the health of your skin is to sweat out the toxins and to let your skin breathe. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford sufficient time and money to go to the gym regularly.

The best way to work out quickly and easily at your home is by jumping rope. Jumping rope increases blood circulation throughout the body, transporting nutrients all over. This process contributes greatly to the health of your skin. However, there are certain foods that everyone should eat to have a wrinkle free skin.


Jumping rope is one of the cheapest fitness options that are available. You do not need any lavish equipment to do this workout. You do not need expensive shoes. All you need is a plane surface and a sturdy jumping rope.

The best part is even the best jumping ropes are very affordable and available at a low price. Nowadays there are many advanced jumping ropes that are customizable and can count your jumps.


The jump rope is very compact and is easily portable. You can carry it to work, school or even when you are travelling. You can jump rope anywhere whether it is on the beach or the mountains, your gym or your room. The choice is yours to make.


Jumping rope is an exercise that is suitable for all levels of training. It can be done by beginners as well as professionals who are in advanced levels of their endurance training. Since it is such a flexible and simple workout that can be done anywhere and anytime it is a highly convenient exercise.

15.It is a fun activity

Jumping rope is possibly the most fun way to get fit. It is a great activity you can do with your friends and family. You can learn to do different tricks and try double skipping with a mate. You can set competitions to see who can jump the highest or for the longest. The possibilities are endless!

So, what’s left to wait? Now you all know the benefits of jumping rope.Grab a jump rope and start having some fun while achieving your fitness goal!

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