You must have heard of this term before as well. Alpha male. Alpha males are those at the top of the social pyramid. They are dominating, powerful, have money and are surrounded by a bevy of women. This is outdated now. So, what does it mean to be alpha?Here are the top 25 skills to develop to be an alpha male.

1.Dressing knowledge

This is something that every man needs to know. Gone are the days when our parents would choose what we wear.

A man should know what he wants to wear and what suits him and what doesn’t suit him. And the boost in confidence in looking good and KNOWING that you look good is immense.

Look at the articles on Alpha Enroute to completely understand what is in style and what isn’t. Shirts, pants, brands and hacks, you have it all. 
Nobody can go wrong in a crisp white shirt, and couple that with black pants or blue jeans, and you’ve got the perfect formal and casual outfit all ready for you.

This is just one example. You will get to know more about yourself by experimenting and trying out different outfits. Who knows, Ranveer Singh’s flashy outfits might just be your cup of tea.


This is another quality that separates the boys from the men. If you don’t know how to cook, you cannot be called a man. You are a boy who is dependent on others for your nutrition, which is not something that you should be proud of. 

If you know how to cook, it shows Independence, and there are fewer things sexier than a man who knows his way around a kitchen and isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty.

And I’m not talking about making simple things like instant noodles.

I’m talking about a full course meal. Instant noodles is what kids start off learning with. Hence, it is one of the most important skills to develop.

3.Smart moves at critical situations

Quick thinking is something that should be a necessity in all men. The act of taking charge and deciding quickly on the best course of action is something that is very alluring to women, and very appealing as well.

It shows that the person is intelligent and can think of multiple outcomes at once.

This connects to the primitive emotion in humans that this person can take care of others and is a survivor.

Problem solving skills are essential to any situation, and it’s one of the reasons that women are attracted to intelligence more than looks.

If you’ve got both, it’s a major plus point for you.People who are quick on their feet are all assigned important roles and occupy positions
of power in any societal hierarchy.

4.First Aid

First aid can also come under quick thinking, but it is also a necessary and important enough skill that it needs its own subheading.First aid can save or doom a person’s life, and it is an essential skill that everybody should know.

There are courses and levels that you can do to get certified, and you can make a tangible difference in the care of an emergency case by knowing what to do instead of fumbling around.And of course, you look like the knight in shining armour, ready to rescue the damsel in distress.

It is a very primitive thought, agreed, but hey, it works! Hence, it is one of the great skills to develop in a person. So go ahead! Do those courses, become certified, and save lives!


This cannot be stressed enough. A well groomed man is way more likeable than someone with wild, unkempt hair, a scraggly beard and having really bad body odour.

Head on over to Alpha Enroute for all your grooming needs, what to do, what not to do, etc. Grooming also includes taking care of your skin, cutting your nails, nose hair, ear hair (if you have any) and last but not the least, grooming down under.

That’s right, the Australia of the human body. Refer this article if you want to know more about grooming.


Ever seen those movies where the hero dances like he doesn’t have any bones in his body (Hrithik Roshan, I’m looking towards you)? You probably won’t get that level of flexibility, but yes, you can learn the basics of dancing.

It’s one of those “soft skills.” Oh, and I’m not talking about the awkward hand and feet movements that you attempt in clubs in a drunken haze to try and impress a few ladies.

You just look incredibly stupid doing that. I’m talking more about ballroom dancing or the salsa, a couple’s dance.Women swoon over men who can dance, and even if you’re not that great, you already are a step ahead of those with two left feet.Honestly,

the attempt to dance is also very endearing, as it shows that the man is open to learning new things. Being open minded is also a great trait to have.

So, go ahead and learn to dance! One of the few cute skills to develop that is an instant hit with the ladies.

7.Basic carpentery

Remember, in FRIENDS, when Joey was building the entertainment unit, and Rachel and Monica thought he looked cute? Maybe even sexy? Yeah, that’s the kind of response that you’re hoping to get after.

It’s nothing to do with the art itself, it’s more to do with the fact that you’re capable enough to get things done by yourself.

It’s to do with the fact that you are good with your hands and are willing to get down and dirty and sweaty, which is a huge turn on for women. What you need to get from this is that anything which makes you independent, is something that is good for you.

8.Playing any musical instrument

Ever wondered why all musicians have a group of women almost always around them?That’s cause playing a musical instrument is very raw, sensual and extremely appealing to women.

Playing an instrument also shows that you’re good with your hands, and that skill is appreciated by women all over.

Musicians have that confidence exuding from them and one of the reason is that they know they have the skills to appear alluring to women.You could say it’s another soft skill, and not really necessary, but knowing this is a massive plus point in your favour. So go ahead and enrol in that music school! It’s one of the more appealing skills to develop.

9.Bike riding

You must have seen those biker gangs, all wearing leather jackets, riding Harleys and roaring down the highway. Don’t they look majestic? I mean, the confidence you get from being part of such a group is massive.

The thing with this is that you need a good enough body to also be able to ride for long distances, and the bike just adds on to your look and appeal.Keep the right posture while riding and you’ll have everybody drooling after you.

10.Letter writing

So, it is again a soft skill that men should develop everywhere. Why? letter writing means that you have a good grasp of the language, speak it well, and can write intelligently with a legible handwriting (there go the doctors, out of the running).

It again comes down to intelligence, and is appreciated by everybody and immediately elevates you above those who are not intelligent.


This is somewhat of a misnomer, as it comes more under the heading of physical fitness. Ever drooled over the people starring in Baywatch? Yeah, you have. Don’t lie.Swimming equals a level of fitness that most men strive to achieve and getting those washboard abs is one of the few physical features that is extremely appealing in men everywhere.

Also, it is one of those skills every man needs to learn. Why? What if someone is drowning? Would you rather stand around helpless or jump in the water and try to save them?

12.Fitness Knowledge

Ever seen those men who can lift 50 kilos repeatedly without breaking a sweat and not injuring themselves either? Yeah. Ever been envious of them? Yeah, me too. Being strong is just one part of fitness. Another part is to be fit without injuring yourself.

That is the real challenge. If you can do that, you are at trainer level of fitness, and everybody knows that fitness trainers are drool worthy. So, be fit, but having the knowledge to maintaining that level of fitness without injuring yourself is another of the amazing skills to develop in you.

It again comes down to intelligence. Brute strength is available to most, but not a combination of brains and brawn. Why do you think Bane is one of the few enemies that Batman fears to a small extent?

13.Current affairs

What is sexier than a man who knows what’s happening around the world? It shows intelligence and a need for awareness of the current world situation.Good general knowledge also nurtures interpersonal skills and communication skills, as
you won’t be standing mute during a conversation. You can join the discussion and not be
left out. A man with good general knowledge is always valued over someone who has no idea what is going on. Why? Because knowledge equals intelligence, and as I’ve said over and over again, intelligence is sexy and appealing and alluring.

14.Basic vehicle maintainance

Ever been stranded at a place because you didn’t know how to change the tire? Ever seen somebody change it fast and be envious of how they can manage that easily? It’s another one of those skills to develop that ensure survivability. And women go weak at the knees for it. It is one of those few technical skills that are a part of a wholesome set of skills to develop.

The sight of a man being strong and independent and sweaty while doing something that requires physical exertion is a major turn on for women. And you got them moving again, without any help from others, which earns you major brownie points in any person’s book.

15.Helping tendency

Compassion is one of those skills that is always a plus point in anybody’s book. It gives a sense of safety and warmth to a person and that value is rare in this cruel world. compassion towards those less fortunate and those with not much to lose in this world is one of the most important value anybody can have, because it tells you that that person is
sensitive and cares about people other than himself.

It gives a sense of security to the person and you always associate that person with somebody that you can approach for help. A rough and tough exterior that hides a person who is a big softie on the inside is very endearing and it is something that every woman loves.

16.Speaking skills

Speaking is something that everybody needs to know. Not blabbering, the neighbouring aunties do that enough for everybody.

Speaking to a crowd, a group, making yourself be heard, make a point that adds to the discussion at hand is something that very few people are proficient at. Even while talking to a single person, how you speak says a lot about yourself.

some basic pointers like maintaining eye contact, facing the person you’re speaking to, not stuttering, being calm and cool on the exterior, if you can’t keep it cool inside, are all just a few of the things that are good speaking skills.


This is one of the most coveted skills on the planet, possibly, but not all get it. Leadership skills are sometimes natural to a person or it is ingrained after emulating people who are great leaders themselves Leadership helps build relationships and connections that normally wouldn’t be possible if you were shy.

It is good for long term personality development. Have you noticed that most leaders almost always have a group of people around them vying for their attention? It’s because to be a good leader, you need to be charming, have good oratory skills, gel with all kinds of people and put forward your opinion while not disregarding anybody else’s opinion.

This is another essential skills to develop. It is a fine line that needs to be found after a lot of hard work and searching.

But whoever does manage to become a leader, or whoever has the innate ability to be a leader, it is a position of power and respect, and is attention grabbing no matter where you are.

18.Self defence

Imagine walking down a lonely road with your parents/wife/girlfriend/friends, and someone pulls a knife on you and tries to mug you. Ideally, you would not agitate the person and would just give in. But what if you could take the person on? What if you could fight and win? That would immediately put you at the top of the ladder, make you an apex predator who can take on almost any situation.

It would be one of the most awe-inspiring skills to develop. If you are as badass to take on a mugger and win, you can pretty much do anything. The fitness, confidence and quick thinking that is required in this situation is extreme.

19.Read a book

Apparently, this is not something that everybody does. Reading improves your vocabulary, speech, grammar and understanding of that language. You don’t necessarily have to read books from the language that you are proficient in.

Reading also improves your world view and can give you new ideas and inspire you to make changes in whichever fields that you want to.

If you’re a budding reader and want to know which books to start off with, I would recommend reading our article about THE TOP 20 BOOKS TO READ BEFORE YOU DIE.

20.Sense of humour

This is a basic one that is a necessity in everybody. A good sense of humour goes a long way in making a good name for yourself. It helps ease tense situations, and it is a good way to bond with people.

It is especially useful in the working environment, where good social skills and a sense of humour can go a long way in securing that promotion you’ve always lusted after.

A sense of humour also tells the other person that you are intelligent and easy going, and this is attractive, because one, intelligence is always sexy, and two, because no one wants to be with somebody who has a stick up their bum, AKA rigid.


Ever been in a conversation where a person quotes a line from a poem and all the women swoon after him? Yeah, that’s the effect that poetry has on people.

Reading or writing poetry shows the other person that you are well read, are intelligent, have more than a basic grasp over a language, and you have a good memory, otherwise how else would you be able to quote a few lines from a poem relevant to a conversation? And it’s even better if you know your classics like Yeats, Frost, etc. it’s very impressive to know them.

22.Maintain interesting conversation with women

this is pretty much redundant after all the explaining that I just did in the above points, but yes, you are elevated to alpha status if you can keep the woman interested throughout the conversation.

You get brownie points if you manage to do that while keeping her comfortable and not make it awkward.

Being able to talk to the opposite sex is an art, and being smooth and suave is a major factor of an alpha man.

23.Money management

This is another thing that women look for in their future spouses. Being able to balance your cheque book, being able to handle expenses and not go over a particular limit is always a trait of those with a strong will power.

A strong will power is shown in other areas of their lives as well, and money management is just one facet of this.

24.A Fantastic lay

Men who are great in bed and can turn the moves on any girl are always given alpha status, as not many people can do this. sex is not only about your own pleasure, it is about two people coming (see what I did there?) together in a union that is as much yours as it is the other person’s.

what I’m trying to say is that sex is enjoyable only if the other person is having as much fun as you are, and the more turned on the other person is, the more turned on you should be.

Make sex about the other person as much as yourself, and watch how it changes to something glorious.

25.Maintaining a Relationship

Relationships are messy, and require a lot of effort. But what makes it special is that you get to spend time with the one person who can make everything right. Who understands you like nobody else does, and just their presence calms you down.

A person who can maintain a relationship while juggling all the other things in their lives is truly someone who is mentally strong and disciplined and has order in their lives.

It shows that they have the ability to give their time to all their priorities in life. This is a very rare trait, and having it automatically gives you the title of alpha male.

Thus, these are roughly the qualities and traits and skills to develop if you want to be an alpha male.

But remember, an alpha male is a notion that is antiquated, and these are just skills to develop if you want to be a prominent male in society and want a good ranking in the societal hierarchy.

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