Are you a bodybuilder? an Athlete? A Gym goer? A workout enthusiast? Do you suffer from any pain or soreness that slows down your workout? Are you worried about injuries while working out? Have you heard about recovery tools?

Recovery tools improve your performance and helps you recover faster. It also does a lot more than just that. Read on to find out.

Most of us are a gym rat. Or at the least conduct ourselves in some rigorous or simple workouts be it running, walking, cycling and so on. Working out has become an ample part of our lifestyle. If you don’t workout, you lack a healthy and physically benefitting life.

After a long, short or medium workout session, you are all worn out. Instead of just lying down or cribbing about it(like most of us do), Try out some of the recovery tools that help provide immediate relief.

We have made a list of 5 recovery tools for any workout.

1.Sklz massage bar

The Sklz Massage bar is an amazing recovery tool that gives you more pressure control with its mountain-bike inspired grip. It consists of a ball bearing system and grooves that help in deep tissue manipulation.

This massage bar helps in increasing muscle flexibility and oxygenation, hence stimulating active muscle recovery.

A quick massage using the Sklz massage bar after a heavy workout gives you relief like nothing else. It also provides physical therapy and helps you to recover from sore muscles pretty quick.

Product Dimensions:

1.8 x 19.7 x 3 inches

The main features of this recovery tool are:

  • Grip :Its mountain bike-inspired grip helps provide you more comfort, and also helps with the distribution of optimal pressure while using this recovery tool over your sore muscles.
  • Recovery : The Sklz massage bar also provides myofascial release therapy that helps get rid of knots. It also aids in a faster recovery of sore muscles.
  • Tightness :The unique ball bearing system provides a smoother skin contact, hence eliminating the pinching and pulling of the skin. The roller grooves give a more effective massage, getting rid of any tightness.

It is recommended that you use this recovery tool before and after your training or workout session, to increase blood flow and speed up muscle recovery.

2.Compression shirt and socks

Image Source: zensah

Compression clothes are basically clothes that squeeze your muscles as tightly as possible. Now, this may sound uncomfortable, but technically they are not. On the contrary, they provide better support, stability, and functionality. They are mainly used to improve performance during a workout/training session. They also help in speedy recovery.

These Compression clothes are a recovery tool because they increase blood circulation and thus oxygen, improving your overall performance.

Other benefits of this recovery tool:

  • It helps improve the efficiency of your workout
  • This reduces the number of muscles being worked, hence reducing stress, fatigue, and soreness
  • It helps regulate body temperature
  • Compression shirt and socks manages moisture or sweat control
  • It provides support and stability to your muscles and joints
  • Compression shirt and socks also offers breathability, helping you stay cool while you workout
  • It helps in improving your overall physique

Compression clothes are especially popular among athletes and gym goers. Don’t own one yet? Add it to your shopping list now.

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3.Hyperice Vyper foam roller

The Vyper foam roller by Hyperice is an award winning recovery tool that is also known as the world’s most powerful vibrating fitness roller. It is mainly used by athletes and bodybuilders, but can also be a tool to those involved in active training. This tool provides you a warm-up to your intense workout session. The vibration also helps you recover after a training session.

In short, The Vyper is an excellent fitness and recovery tool that operates on pressure and vibration to improve the overall vigour and performance.

This tool can be used before or after your training session.

The main feature of this recovery tool are:

  • 3 speed settings of High-intensity vibration
  • Dual-zone smooth and grooved exterior


  • The 3 vibration levels(45, 68, 92 Hz) help you physiologically by transmitting superior amplitude and vibration.
  • It also helps increase flexibility and blood circulation by providing optimal self myofascial release.
  • Hyperice Vyper foam roller helps reduce muscle soreness and allows faster recovery.
  • It provides a deeper penetration to activate muscles.
  • This is an eco-friendly product.
  • It is rechargeable and consists of lithium-ion batteries that last upto 2 hours per charge.

4. Spri Unilateral Prostretch

Image source : thefitnessoutlet

It is a well known fact that you must stretch before and after an exercise routine.

As the name suggests, the spri unilateral Prostretch is a tool that helps you in stretching. This tool allows you to rock back and forth on your feet, increasing your ankle and foot strength.

This recovery tool is medically proven to reduce pain and muscle soreness. It provides a deeper, biomechanically accurate and effective stretch compared to other conventional methods of stretching. Using this recovery tool on a daily basis will prevent and cure most of the common lower body ailments like heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, sever’s disease, plantar fasciitis etc. It is also capable of reducing the domino effect of chain reaction injuries and helps in increasing flexibility.

It is used by many – athletes, bodybuilders, physical therapists, etc.

This recovery tool consists of a slip resistant bottom that helps in protecting you from falling or sliding, and executing a safe, effective stretch.

It is recommended you use it before and after your training session.

Product Dimensions: 6 x 12 x 8 inches

The main features of this recovery tool are:

  • Ease of use: The Prostretch’s design is such that it automatically holds the foot in an optimal position that is proper for stretching.
  • Inexpensive : Unlike other recovery tools, this is comparatively cheaper. It is also cost effective. Hence, worth it!
  • Mobile :This foot rocker is lightweight and can be easily carried along to your gym, locker room, etc.

Do you need a Prostretch?

As mentioned previously, this recovery tool is widely used in physical therapy. If you are an active trainer or suffering from lower body ailments, we recommend you try out this tool. The stretching helps pull tendons, reducing your pain overtime.

Prostretch is available in 4 different types:

Prostretch – Exercises your leg individually. Weight limit is 250lbs.

Prostretch Double – Exercises both your legs individually. Weight limit is 250lbs.

Prostretch plus – Can be adjusted accordingly. Weight limit is 300lbs.

Prostretch wooden – Weight limit is over 400lbs.

5.Marc pro

Marc Pro is an excellent recovery tool that uses electronic mechanism to stimulate muscles providing a faster relief. This patent technology is a next level active recovery system that generates non-fatiguing muscle contractions which optimally stimulates your circulatory and lymphatic systems. It flushes out the toxins in that area and provides deep nourishment.

Using this tool regularly will help prevent and heal you from any muscle soreness, reduce the probability of injuries and improve your overall performance.

It is recommended you use this recovery tool for 10-20 minutes before a workout. If you are using it for a recovery purpose, use it for 30-60 minutes after a workout session. For best results, use it at least thrice a week.

Product Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 4 inches ; 3.14 pounds

The main features of this recovery tool are:

  • Ease of use :This tool is very simple and easy to use. You can also just hook it up and watch tv or read a book. The device comes with a timer, so you can set it according to your requirement.
  • Portable :Marc Pro is lightweight and can be easily carried along with you. However, you need to be in a relaxed and comfortable environment to use this tool.
  • Improved Performance :This device was created out of over 3 decades of electronic simulation experience and research to provide the best recovery and pain relief possible. Its patented technology provides for an overall improved performance.

There are two types of Marc Pro products available:

Marc Pro – Standard

Marc Pro plus – For higher levels of pain and muscle soreness


Recovery is a very important phase as it builds your muscles and strength. Irrespective of how hard you train, your training or exercise routine is bound to wear you out at some point of time. And when you are not fresh or upbeat enough, your performance stutters increasing the risk of injuries. Try out the recovery tools listed above and have a pain-free, energistic workout.


Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!

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