Does your crush like you? If that’s not the billion dollar question, I don’t know what is.Dating is a very normal phase we all go through in our lives. But before the fun and exciting dating stage, comes the dreaded “infatuation” stage. This decides the direction your relationship will take next. If there is any reciprocation, it will lead to the dating stage. If not, then
put on your best outlook and wait for the right person.

Now if you have a “crush” ( – slang for infatuation) on someone, you will do everything in your power to get noticed (or you may not.)

Either way, how do you know your crush likes you back? Read on to know more about recognizing the 5 signs that show your crush likes you.

Thanks to Psychology and some keen observation skills, you can read your crush’s actions and judge if they reciprocate your feelings.

Here is a list of 5 signs that shows your crush may like you.

1.The Sweet Talks

Does she/he compliment you very often? It could be your looks, your outfit, or your brains.

It shows that they are noticing you, and find you interesting. However, don’t be too naive and get the wrong idea.

Read for the other signs. Being nice to people doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the other person is into you.

Is she/he eager to have a conversation with you that doesn’t end? Are they interested in what you are saying? Too many ‘hmms’ and ‘aahs’ suggest they’re not interested in the topic of conversation.

Do you stay up late into the night texting each other?

Does she/he give you more insights about her/his personal life?

Does she/he suggest she/he is single? Does she/he ask you about your relationship status?

Is she/he interested to know more about your life?

If the answer is yes… you’ve got one point in the bag!Also, another sign can be when you both are comfortable in silence.

You don’t have to keep talking to fill in ‘awkward’ silence. Remember, silence is golden. And it can also help bring you both closer.

2.The Friend’s Talk

One of the main signs to look out for is the ‘friend’s talk’.

If your crush likes you back, there is a 90% chance, that she/he may have spoken about it to her/his friends. Don’t go asking the ‘friends’ directly. You want them to like you.

Don’t bully them into talking. Instead, look for clues in their conversation. Watch their reaction when you talk to your crush.

Are they giggling or grinning like teenagers? And when they do… is your crush blushing? If yes, then boy, you know what to do next.

3.The Body Language

Eye contact is necessary for any physical communication. If she/he keeps looking away, it suggests that they are either bored or not interested in the conversation. Try switching the topic or cut it off.

Do you catch her/him staring into space while looking in your direction? Most of the times,she/he is unaware they’re doing it.

This can be read in two ways. It can either mean that they are interested in you, or it could mean that they are genuinely just lost in thought and has nothing to do with you.

Observe her/his actions when they are talking to you. Does their posture suggest they are interested? If she/he are standing/sitting at an angle slightly inclined towards you, this suggests that they are interested.

Are they comfortable when you shake their hand? Does she/he initiate contact? Do they cross their legs towards you and keep their shoulders pointed at you at the same time?If yes, kudos to you.

4.The Smile

Does her/his face light up when you walk into the room?

Does she/he have that secret smile when they see you?Does she/he laugh at your jokes or PJs?

This may be quite hard to read. Now if you are a funny person, and find people laughing at your jokes, don’t go assuming everyone has a crush on you. They may, or may not. But this sign should not be the deciding factor.

How hard does she/he blush when you give her/him a compliment? Does she/he suddenly become a shy person, and bite her/his lips? Or Does she/he roll her/his eyes? If she/he’s still smiling, and not making eye contact, she/he is attracted to you.

Have you had a moment where you both look into each other eyes, smiling, and she breaks contact, still smiling? And blushing?

If yes, there’s another cue that shows your crush likes you back.

5.The Touch

All of us have our Personal space which is vital to our growth. It fosters trust and communication in a relationship.

If she/he is comfortable with you, then there is a high probability that they will let you into their personal space. If you are over-crowding them, then they will grow apart.

So move with caution. Respect boundaries. If she/he is not interested in
you, they’ll place invisible boundaries and move away if you get too close.

Does she/he make excuses to touch your forearm or shoulder? Does she/he lean into you when you are talking? Is she/he comfortable when you hold their hand?

Do her/his pupils dilate when she/he is with you?

Is she/he very attentive when you talk? Do they remember things you don’t realize you’ve spoken about?

Does she/he play with your hair? Or touch it?Does she/he place themselves physically next to you, when you are in a group?

Does her hug feel more long, intimate and warm?If yes, then boy, ASK HER/HIM OUT RIGHT NOW!


Observe your crush and listen to what she/he says. Don’t over read her/his actions.

And remember, if she says ‘NO’, it’s a NO. Move on. You will surely find the right person or one who reciprocates your feelings. If your crush likes you back, don’t hesitate to ask her/him out on a date. Remember, your confidence makes you more attractive.

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All the best and Have a nice time!

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