Model with a chiseled jawline


Model with a chiseled jawline

Taking a selfie from a bad angle made you notice your double chin, and though it’s not a big deal, you want to have a more toned and defined jawline. There is no doubt that having a well-defined, chiseled jawline adds to your good looks. A double chin, on the other hand, makes your face look round and soft. A double chin is caused due to excess fat accumulation, weakened facial muscles, and loose skin below the jawline, which is all part of the aging process.

The sharpness of your jawline also depends on your genetic factors. For some, even after weight loss, the excess tissue below the jawline can still remain as is. There are different way to get rid of a double chin. You could opt for a facial surgery, but why would you want to, when there are age-old proven techniques and methods that could help get you rid of it? Facial muscles are flexible and respond quickly to exercises. Hence, they should be your first choice of action.

Here are 8 ways to get a chiseled jawline without any surgical procedure. You can do these exercises at any time.


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Jawlifts or Chin lifts are exercises that will help improve the tightness of your jaw muscles as it involves the straining and directing of most of the facial muscles. It is recommended you refrain from practicing this exercise in a public place, as you may come off as insane or bizarre to people around you.


While standing or sitting in a comfortable position, tilt your head up towards the ceiling, with your eyes focused on it.
Pucker up your lips while straining your facial muscles.
Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat after a break.


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Chewing Gum is one of the easiest and popular method of improving your jawline. It also helps in sharpening your cheekbones. This is an action that involves most of our facial muscles and jaw movement, hence you should see results over a period of time. The continuous movement increases blood circulation in your facial muscles. The best part? It’s a fun thing to do! Also, it increases satiety and gives you a minty, fresh breath (if you are chewing on minty gum).

Refrain from chewing gum when you are in a formal setting, you risk looking disrespectful to your peers.


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To get a better jawline, it is necessary to work the jaw. It is easy to fit this exercise in your routine, because it doesn’t make you look silly or funny to the people around you.


Clench your jaw for a few seconds and then unclench or release it.
You may feel a little burn or discomfort while doing so, It is all part of the toning process.

Repeat the number of times you do this exercise and its holding time as per your choice.


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A smile is the best accessory you own. It instantly makes you look more attractive, given you have proper oral hygiene. Smiling also helps improve your jaw definition and mood. It makes you look young and cheerful, because it raises your cheekbones and highlights your jawline.


Smile wide and release to straight face, back and forth. This exercises your facial muscles and increases blood flow. It also makes your face glow.


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Making a ‘fish face’ is a great exercise that will help in toning your cheeks and jaw. It lifts your cheekbones and highlights the features of your jaw. Beware of practicing this exercise in public, as you may look outlandish to the ones around you.


Suck in your cheeks from the inside of your mouth and hold this position for a few seconds.

You may feel a slight burn or discomfort after and while you are holding this position. No need to panic, it is all part of the process.

Repeat the number of times you do this exercise and its holding time as per your requirement.


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The modern diet has a lot of salty foods or is in general abundant in salt. This is not healthy for the skin. Limiting salt in your diet has many positive effects to your body. The water retention in your skin will decrease, making it look less bloated and making your jawline more defined.Read our article on 10 EATING HABITS THAT AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH so that you can avoid those habits to live a healthier life.


Follow a diet that has less salt. Replace oily and salty foods with raw fruits and vegetables. Don’t push away salt completely from your diet, just consume it in a limited quantity.


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As mentioned in all our previous articles, Water is very necessary to keep you hydrated at all times. It increases or maintains your energy levels, physical performance, and functionality. Water accounts for almost 60% of our body mass hence, drinking sufficient amount of water every day, helps improve your overall health and keeps your skin fresh and cool, by detoxing your body. It also improves the blood circulation on your face. It doesn’t directly affect your jawline per se, but it will help the other factors in toning it. Drinking water more often helps you in achieving that chiseled jawline.


Drink at least 2 liters that is, almost 8 big glasses of water per day, between meals. Carry a water bottle and keep a count of your fluid intake.


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Men are very lucky because their facial hair can be used to conceal irregularities or things they are not comfortable with. One such thing is growing a beard, and shaping it to help define your jawline. It also adds fullness to your face. Maintain your beard and it will have a better effect and impression on your jawline.


Choosing the right style of beard for your face shape is necessary as it can make or break your face look. It should complement your face, and not match it. If you have a round face, then a round beard makes you look rounder.

The key to cover up that double chin is choosing the right length of your beard. Keep it long, of a length where it covers your skin, hiding the upper portion of your neck. This gives an illusion of a thinner face.


There you go! Follow these tips and you will definitely notice changes. Find out which aspect you are lacking in, diet or otherwise. Having a round face is really not a bad thing. Also, pay attention to what you wear. Dark coloured shirts or tops are known to highlight your jaw, creating an illusion of a stronger jaw. Make sure you don’t go too overboard in trying to get a thinner, sharper face. Practice smiling more often. That makes you more attractive and keeps you happy!

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