About Us

Alphaenroute is an up-and-coming blogging channel that mainly focuses on Men’s lifestyle, fashion, nutrition, fitness, and grooming.

An Alpha male is what every man wants to be. He is a man’s man. A warrior. A protector. A caregiver. A dominant creature. He owns every room he is in. Women want him, and Men want to be like him.

Alphaenroute roughly translates to an Alpha in becoming or an Alpha on the way.

Alphaenroute is the channel that guides young men and old, by sharing tips and steps, to become an Alpha. It is an ultimate stop for all your queries.

Our channel does not just contain quality articles for readers, but much more than that. Our social media is active and we constantly upload and share quick tips on them.

Alphaenroute was started by 3 young budding entrepreneurs Sujith SH, Akilan Kumaran, and Diwakar in 2019.

As lifestyle enthusiasts themselves, they felt the need to bring together a platform that addresses all men’s needs. There are numerous channels for women. But men? Not so many. And even fewer that cater to Indian Men.

The idea took birth while they were just college students pursuing their Masters in Computer Sciences. It has been over a year since Alphaenroute has started its journey of enlightening young minds.

Even though our main focus is Men, we have a lot of interesting and quality blogs that will also benefit our female readers.

Looking to treat your man with a wonderful gift? We’ve got you covered!

Need your man to treat you right? We’ve got you covered in that area too!

With over 50 success stories from our readers, we can proudly proclaim Alphaenroute is on the right path.

For any queries/questions get in touch with us at alphaenroute@gmail.com

We aim to please!

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