In day to day life, we are easily exposed and infected to several environments, diseases and viruses, which sometimes doesn’t react immediately. eg(COVID-19)

So it is very important to stay hygienic ahead always. There are
various factors where a body can get infected like toxins, just food, pathogens and psychological factors like stress.

Catching a cold once helps the immune system to build the immunity so that you don’t catch a cold next time. Your system needs to get adapted to various disease.

Every person has a different immune system. Some are over-reactive and others are less reactive. An infection may be a result of disease caused by bacteria and virus. To avoid contact with them is the best way to prevent them.

Here are some of the activities to avoid yourself from getting infected.


This is one of the basic things we should follow. Washing hands time to time helps in reducing the load of bacteria and virus present in your body.

Washing hands keeps you away from infections caused by external factors. So, how often should you wash your hands?

 Before eating
 Before going to bed
 After going to the bathroom
 After waking up
 Before touching your face
 After touching/throwing trash
 After touching money

These are all some of the various ways you can get infected. On average it is important to wash your hands 7-8 times a day.


Do you know which courses the most pain in the body?

Yes, it’s the toothache. It is very important to keep oral hygiene. The dentist visit is important every 6 months to have a regular oral check-up.

Any abnormalities in the oral cavity, it has to be immediately diagnosed. If you have not been to the dentist yet, do start to go now.

Not taking care of your teeth will lead to the cavity, which sometimes leads to chronic disease. So, have your teeth checked regularly on a proper basis and avoid oral problems from causing infection.


Unpasteurized milk means the milk which has not been pasteurized. In pasteurization, the milk is sent into a chamber where it is exposed to extreme heat & cold, where the bacteria in the milk are killed.

So, the unpasteurized milk contains harmful bacteria like salmonella, E.coli, campylobacter and listeria, which may lead to food poisoning.

Pasteurization doesn’t affect milk nutrition, except there can be a slight change in smell and taste.

Pasteurization is done because different milk is poured where there can be
contamination and the count of microbes increases. So it is important to drink pasteurized milk.


It is possible sometimes to get the infection from pets. Here is what you can do

 Litter boxes
 Sweep the floor and scoop daily around the box.
 Change of litter once a week.
 Grooming

Grooming is very important for the pets to keep infection-free. In case of dogs brush every day and if it’s a cat brush the cat once a week.

Once a week bathe the dog.
 Water and food bowls
 Clean the food bowl every day.
 Clean water bowl when you refill it.
 Floor
 Use large mats from the doorway to back the dirt from outside.
 Wipe the paws of pets.
 Vacuum the house twice a week.
 Off area limits

Limit the pets to some areas to keep things around clean. The bathroom
and laundry room must be an off-limit area.


There are regular vaccines to be taken. It is important to take vaccination to avoid any infection that may occur in future.

Some of the vaccines to be taken regularly include BCG, Hep B both dose, OPV-O, measles, vitamin A, DPT booster. These vaccines boost your immune system and fight against any diseases.


What could be more healthy and tasty as homemade food? Of all the reasons to prepare homemade food one of the best one is it saves money.

Most important of all the homemade food contains all the required nutrients that would keep you healthy and fit.

Avoiding outside food will reduce half the risk of getting sick.
It saves time, maybe be most of the people would disagree.

But taking into consideration to go for the restaurant, it would take you time to travel, order time for waiting and travelling back home.

Eating homemade food even improves your social life with the family. In this busy world, the only time that would unite a family would be food time.


We can never predict what is coming. So whenever required it is important to use a mask. Some of the diseases are spread through the air.

So it is safe to use mask whenever around the infected people.


Drinking water is an ultimate weapon for all the problems. Drinking water helps you both physically and mentally in form. One of the most important functions of water is weight loss.

The more water you drink the more fit you become. This helps you to keep
away from diseases.

Drinking water keeps the things in movement meaning the food you eat and other consumables are always kept in movement till the end.
Drinking an essential amount of water daily keeps you away from future diseases like diabetes, sugar, cancer.

Consuming water always keeps you fresh and that improves your state of mind. It is important to keep our mood intact. Dehydration will show a negative impact on mood.


We all are familiar with the quote “ Smoking is injurious to health”. But still, some of us don’t care about the impact of smoking. one cigarette can contain more than 10000 chemicals and reduces 11 minutes of your life in addition to some deadly diseases like cancer.

Even causes pimples and wrinkles on your face. Smoking is
one of the most infecting activities that show its results after a long time like cancer.

It is a really smart decision if you try quitting smoke.
Here is some magic that happens to your body when you quit smoking

 8 hours – Excess carbon monoxide out of the blood.
 5 days – Nicotine is out of the body.
 1 week – Taste and smell sense improves.
 3 months – Lungs start functioning properly.
 12 months – Risk of heart disease is reduced.

Moreover, you save a lot of money along with great health.


It is always important to keep your body fit. Maintaining proper fitness and body weight helps to avoid diseases away.

Exercising improves your appearance and makes you very handsome by reducing excess oil and fat.



Here are some of the important benefits of consuming more fibre:

 Diabetes – Eating fibre helps less absorption of sugar and it helps to improve the blood sugar levels and the chance of being diabetic is decreased.
 Heart health – Fibre diet keeps your heart healthy and happy. It soaks up excess cholesterol and prevents block in arteries.

Taking 7 grams of fibre per day can reduce heart risk by 9%.


In today’s world, the toxicity in the environment is increased. So, it has become essential for us to take care of ourselves from everyday activities.

The human body is not designed to deal with excess chemicals, overeating and toxic synthetic substances.

These substances have become a great burden for our body. To avoid yourself from getting toxic by following the above steps.

Always step ahead to make yourself healthy and create a healthy environment.

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