Hello Readers! Good day! We all have some minor flaws that we can work on. And mine is being unorganized. What is yours? Do you face time-management issues due to lack of being organized too? And if you are a gym goer, this article is dedicated to you! And if you are not, read on to know what you should be carrying if you are planning on hitting the gym.

Sometimes, it so happens that you are scrambling to run home from the gym, shift bags and end up replacing your wallet, or end up carrying your gym clothes to work. Yes, it has happened before. We are after all, humans. We are forgetful and impatient. We are also very hardworking (At least most of us). Which is why, it is important for us to stay organized and fit.

Here is list of gym essentials for men.


A bag to hold them all ( Lord of the Rings reference).

A Gym does not essentially mean a room where they carry weights and gain muscle mass. It is now a broad term that includes Yoga, Zumba, Boxing, Cardio and many others. It is a place where people exercise. And since, the definition of Gym broadened, so have the varieties of Gym bags otherwise known as the Training duffel bags too.

The present market has a duffel bag for all sorts of activities, to suit our needs. Different workouts have different gear. This is the most important thing to consider while buying your gym or duffel bag.

Depending on what gear you have to carry, the size, design and number of compartments vary. You do not want to end up stuffing everything in a small sized bag. Or carry one that is too big. Buy a bag that suits your requirements. It’s all about making life more easier.

Now coming to the quality of the duffel bag – the other major-cum-necessary feature to consider.

Duffel bags are made from light-weight and durable fabrics such as nylon, polyester, leather, wax-coated canvas, and cotton. Choose the material depending on your requirements.

Duffels are perfectly handy and have become the new trend. Strappy, Stringed, Padded and Zipped – they are available in all kinds.

It is time to equip yourself with a duffel, if you haven’t already!


A good workout or exercise session ends with sweaty mess. Most gyms or workout places provide towels. But it is very unsettling to use them. So it is always best to carry your own.I would say this is the must among all the other gym essentials that every man should carry,

While choosing your towel make sure you pick something that is light-weight, soft, absorbent and of the right size. It should also be quick-drying and odor-free.

There are three types of materials to choose from:

  • Microfiber

The most preferred material is the microfiber, also known as the “microfiber-suede”. It is a mix of polyamide and polyester. It absorbs 8 times its weight. It is soft, smooth, absorbent, light-weight, bacteria-resistant and dries quick. The only downside of a sweat towel of this material is that it is very challenging to wash them.

  • Cotton

Cotton is the most commonly used material. It is smooth on the skin, soft, and absorbent. Unfortunately, it is not advisable to use this material because cotton retains more water, takes up too much space, and is not dirt-resistant.

  • Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo Fiber is eco-friendly. They are soft, smooth and more absorbent compared to cotton. Bamboo is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial by nature. Hence, towels made of them are odor-free. The only downside of a bamboo fiber sweat towel is that they are very expensive.


A fitness tracker is necessary when you are a regular gym goer because it monitors your health and activity. It measures your vitals and step count constantly, effortlessly and accurately.

The factors that you have to consider while buying a fitness tracker are accuracy and usability.

Other features to look into are Screen, Heart rate tracker, Waterproof, Activity-tracking, GPS, Battery life and Compatibility.

Also while buying a fitness tracker, apart from the factors and features given, it is best to choose a sleek design, so it does not wear you down while working out.


It is of utmost importance to stay hydrated during a workout session. And otherwise too.

A Shaker Bottle or a Sipper is preferred by gym-goers. During workouts, it is advisable to drink water in sips. Once before you start the workout session and once after. If necessary, it is okay to drink small sips in between. A Sipper or a Shaker makes this more convenient.

A Shaker bottle is generally used to drink protein shakes. It is leak-proof. So, all you need to do is add that protein powder and shake it, Shake it like a Shimmy!


Training shorts are similar to Athletic Shorts in functionality.

All purpose shorts or training shorts are loose-fitted shorts made from looser cotton blends which provides optimal comfort during workout sessions.

It is recommended to use shorts that are of knee length to make sure the fabric does not get in the way during a workout session.

While choosing your shorts, make sure you check the quality. It is important for them to be flexible and comfortable.Read our article on TOP 5 BOTTOM WEAR FOR MEN IN 2019 that we recommend you add to your wardrobe.


At the end of an intense workout session, you are a sweaty mess!

Cotton T-shirts are soft and comfy. But during a workout session, that is after roughly 15-20 minutes, you are soaked.

A Dry Fit T-shirt keeps you dry and comfy during your workout, keeping your body cool. They bring the sweat up from the skin to the fiber surface, where it evaporates.

Dry Fit T-shirts’ are made out of Microfiber Polyester. It is layered to enhance moisture wicking.

They are light-weight, and remain as is even after absorbing sweat.

It is one of the must-haves when it comes to gym essentials. T-shirts dominate most of our wardrobes and here is a list of Top five T-Shirts necessary for you to own!


In this generation, where everything is easily accessible, the foods are all fatty and most of work is at the desk, it is very necessary to stay fit and healthy – One of the reasons most working class join the gym. You can still workout in your home.

But if you do decide to go the gym, at first, it may all seem a little overwhelming. But in time, you will be alright! Make sure you pack the gym essentials. Stick to comfortable clothing and footwear. All the best!

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