Long gone are those days when Men lived like Cavemen. Now, not only are women expected to be all prim and proper, but also the men. Welcome to the club Boys! In today’s blog, we talk about the 7 essential hair styling products that every man should own.

Grooming, however much a nuisance it can be(at times), is very necessary for our growth and development. Looking Good makes you feel good. And when you feel good, nobody can stop you from conquering the world!

And since your face is one of the first noticeable parts of your body, you need to work on presenting it best to your fulfillment. Your hairstyle is an accessory to it, that can make or break your look.


Pretty obvious, yes. A hair dryer or blow dryer is used to dry your hair. Why is it so essential though?

Blow drying your hair helps lay the groundwork for styling. Apart from that, it also helps straighten your hair.

Do you struggle with frizzy hair after a shower? Blow drying your hair helps keep it in control.

If you are a guy who likes his hair wet after a shower, here’s some breaking news to you. You are more at risk of turning bald.

When your hair is wet, it is half as strong as it was when dry. Hence, it is more likely to get split ends and you are also prone to hair fall.

So, next time, remember to use the hairdryer. You’ve come so far. Check out our blog on TOP 10 HAIRSTYLES THAT WOMEN LOVE IN MEN to enhance your look!


  • Firstly, Pat your hair using a micro-fiber towel to soak excess water from it. Be careful to not rub or pull on it.
  • Set the hair dryer to a low or medium setting, and start blow drying your hair from the root to its length, on one side, gradually moving to the other.


Some men, similar to women, struggle in taming their hair. Men having long with curly, wavy or even straight hair know exactly what I mean.

A Hair Straightener not only helps tame your unruly hair but also enhances your overall look.

For men with a medium or short hair length, it is best to stick to mini hair straighteners. They are fast and easy to use.


  • Make sure your hair is dry before you straighten it.
  • Set the temperature to medium, wait for it to heat up and then straighten your hair in sections.
  • Be careful to not go over the same section repeatedly.


Everybody uses shampoo. Who doesn’t like the fragrance, the smooth and silky after shine! We all do.

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that your shampoo can make you more attractive?

Yes, it does! Choosing the right shampoo will benefit you a lot.

Now, there are so many brands, and types to choose from. Most of you guys usually go with what you see first. While that may work for some, here’s a quick tip to help you choose the right one.

First, start by choosing what type of shampoo you would like to buy, depending on your hair type – Normal Hair, Oily Hair, Coarse Hair or Dry Hair.

Next, Choose your fragrance and then the brand that you are comfortable with.

You also get shampoos for Hair fall and Dandruff, which helps keep them under control.


  • The first step to make sure your hair is well-soaked preferably in warm water. This will help loosen the oil present in your hair.
  • After rinsing for a minute or so, add the shampoo to your hair. The amount of shampoo to be used depends on the length and texture of your hair.
  • Keep working the shampoo into your hair till you get enough lather at the roots. Let it soak in for 3-5 minutes, and then you can wash it off with cold or lukewarm water.
  • If you have greasy hair, you may have to repeat the steps twice.
  • After you are done, finish off with the conditioner.

Remember to use the shampoo alternative days. If you are using it everyday, reduce the amount of shampoo you use.

Also, to the guys having long hair, remember to untangle your hair before you shampoo.


Most guys tend to overlook this product. But what makes it so essential is the fact that conditioning your hair helps protect it from pollution, heat and other external factors.

Apart from that, Conditioners also add moisture to the hair and scalp, softening the hair and preventing it from tangling. It also makes your hair look shiny and clean.

Unlike shampoos, conditioners can be used everyday.


  • After washing your hair with shampoo or without it, wring out as much as excess water as you can.
  • Add a double pea sized conditioner to your hair and rub it in. The amount of conditioner to be used depends on your hair length.
  • Leave it on for 1-2 minutes and then rinse off with cold or lukewarm water


Pomades, made from mineral oil, is used to style your hair so it is neat, slick and unmovable.

In contrast to hair gels, that makes the hair dry, Use of Pomades for styling keeps your hair wet and soft.

Pomades are more suitable for men having thick or curly hair. However, men having straight or wavy hair can also benefit from this product.

There are two categories of pomades:

Oil Based : These are greasy and inexpensive compared to the latter. Leaving it on for long, makes your hair look messy. It also tends to clog pores in the scalp leading to acne.

Water Based : Contrary to the former, this pomade is easier to wash off. However, it doesn’t provide a firm hold unlike oil based pomades. But because of its flexibility, it can be restyled throughout the day.


  • Pick your style – Matte or Sheen finished pomade or a balance of both.
  • Buy the pomade depending on its hold value. If you are new to pomades, start with a light hold. You may need to try out different values until you find the right one.
  • After washing your hair with shampoo, so it’s clean and neat, pat dry your hair to remove excess water.
  • Rub a double pea sized amount of pomade on your finger tips and work it through your hair, or the section you are styling.
  • Be careful to not run any pomade on your scalp. This will make your hair look greasy.


The hairspray is the most versatile grooming product for both men and women. It can be used for any style with pomade or just by itself.

Apart from increasing your styling quotient, a Hairspray also adds volume to your hair and protects it from intense sun exposure. If your hair is prone to getting frizzy when the humidity is high, a quick spritz of hairspray can be a lifesaver.

There are different types of Hair spray depending on its ability to hold the hair firm:

  • Flexible Hold : This type of hair spray provides the least amount of firmness. It is suitable for men having long or wavy hair, preventing frizziness while maintaining the bounce in it.
  • Medium Hold: Medium Hold hairspray is mainly used to build volume. The intensity of firmness is slightly more than the flexible hold.
  • Maximum Hold: A few shots of this hairspray will keep your hair in place, throughout the day. As the name suggests it has the highest amount of firmness.


  • A hair spray adds the finishing touch to your hairstyle. So after you have styled your hair, use the hair spray to keep the style in place.
  • Hold the spray about 30-40 cm away from your hair.
  • Shake well before you use.
  • Remember to always wash your hair with shampoo after using it.

It is suggested you refrain from using the hair spray everyday as over usage may damage your hair.


As the name suggests, this styling product for men is made of clay. It has a firmer hold than pomade and is widely used.

Using clay for styling your hair will add thickness to it, making it seem fuller. It gets easily absorbed by the hair, leaving no residue.

In contrast to other products, Clay tends to draw out dirt and impurities while maintaining the hair’s natural oils, hence preventing dry scalp. It also helps repair damaged hair.

However, restyling with clay is not a possibility. It also has a low shine texture, varying from matte to semi matte.

This hair styling product is suitable for everyday hairstyles – relaxed and informal.


  • Pat dry your hair or blow dry till it is slightly damp.
  • Rub a pea sized amount of clay between your palms and use it to style your hair as you like.
  • You could use a hair spray to finish your look.


We can’t stress enough on the importance and benefits of grooming. Regular grooming keeps you fit and fine, making you attractive and increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Read our detailed guide on grooming in SEVEN GROOMING MISTAKES THAT EVERY MAN DOES.

Happy Styling!

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