What is up with hair nowadays?!! It’s like my scalp is not a loving environment anymore and my hair would rather spend their life on the floor, or stuck to my towel, or on my pillow case.I mean, I take such good care of it! I use a mild shampoo, use a conditioner, use oil, do everything
right. Then I thought about my diet. And I realised that I follow an effed-up diet.

I mean, it’s like expecting a plant to grow while giving it everything, from fertilizer to insecticide, but you don’t give it water.That’s why what you put inside yourself is so important. There is a saying, you are what you eat. And I cannot find a better example than this.Eating nutritious food is not only good for our hair, but is good for our overall body health too. So
without further ado, let’s get into the healthy and nutritious food that you need to eat to avoid hair loss.


What else is spinach good for other than Popeye’s big guns? Hair fall!
That’s right, spinach has many vitamins like K, A, C, B1, B2, B6 and E and is filled with
antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, etc.
Vitamin B6 helps in giving our body enough oxygen, and a deficiency in folate leads to
What anaemia also does is cause hair fall as there isn’t enough oxygen reaching the scalp,
leading to malnutrition of the scalp. So, there is more hair fall than hair production, leading
to balding.
What to do with spinach? You can eat it or make it into a hair mask. This ensure that your
scalp get the nutrition it needs to promote hair growth.


Fun fact: shampoo was once used to beat aliens in a movie (Evolution [2001]) as it contained
Walnuts also are very rich in selenium, which is an antioxidant and it helps in the
nourishment of the scalp.
Walnuts also contains vitamin B7, which helps prevent hair fall.
Applying walnut oil for our hair gives it an extra shine and strengthens it and prevents hair
fall. This is because it contains many essential fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6 and omega-
9, and essential minerals like potassium and zinc.
Because of all these important constituents of walnuts, it helps to prevent hair fall.
And you can either apply a walnut oil, or eat a handful of walnuts every day, or make a dye
out of the walnuts husk.
Walnuts might be good for your brain, but it is definitely good for your health. Must be
something head-related.


Everybody must have seen Bugs Bunny, waving a carrot around and walking nonchalantly.Ever seen a blind spot on him? NO! Why? Carrots!
Carrots are filled with essential vitamins and nutrients like vitamins A, K, C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.It is excellent for hair growth and sebum production, which helps in the continued growth
and good health of your hair.Carrots also increase the blood circulation to your scalp, thereby increasing the nutrition to your hair and increasing the overall health and preventing dandruff as well.


Once a week, my mother puts an egg yolk hair pack. She separates the yolk from the whites,
and puts it on her hair.
Why? It contains many essential vitamins like B12, E, etc. which are all great for hair growth.
Also, as you know, eggs are filled with proteins, and so they provide all the necessary
nutrition for the all-round growth and health of your hair.
Fun fact: Dwayne Johnson eats about 30 eggs a day, but is still bald. Why? Cause he chooses
to be. Seen his scalp? You can use it as a mirror! And what’s the secret behind it? That’s
right, eggs!
It hydrates your hair and makes it more soft and silky, giving it a lush appearance.


Avocados are high in vitamins B6, E, A and D, making it ideal for repair and growth of
damaged hair follicles.
Also, avocado is filled with essential fatty acids, making it a perfect moisturizer for your dry
hair, thereby nourishing it and preventing it from falling.
Avocados are also high in antioxidants, thereby preventing damage from the free radicals to
your hair.
It helps in unclogging old hair follicles and makes way for the growth of new hair follicles and
so increases the hair volume and number, and also helps in preventing the falling of the hair
which is already there.
You can either eat avocados or make hair masks with them, helping to make your hair
stronger and silkier than ever.


Shrimp/Prawns are one of the most popular seafoods available at present and are
undoubtedly popular for a reason.
They are filled with vitamins B and D, and essential minerals like zinc, potassium and iron. All
of these help in promoting hair growth.
Hair fall is also associated with a low vitamin D3 level, which can be cured by eating shrimp.
And shrimp also have omega-3 fatty acids, which are absolutely essential for hair growth.
They help in retaining moisture in the hair, giving you lush and silky hair.
They are also really low in unhealthy fat content and have a massive protein content, so eat
without feeling guilty of spoiling of your diet plans!


Along with being a really healthy meal, there are other benefits of oatmeal that are not so
widely known, mostly relating to your skin and hair.
Oats are rich in fibre, zinc, iron, omega-6 fatty acids, and unsaturated fats, all of which are
beneficial to your hair health.
They stimulate hair growth and prevent hair fall, making your hair thick, healthy and lush.
Oatmeal can help treat dandruff too, making your scalp healthy and your hair silky and
You can make an oatmeal hair mask and leave it on for a few hours before washing it off for
the best results. Also, eating it in combination with berries and nuts is not only healthy, but
excellent for your hair too!


Amla, or gooseberry, is rich in tannins, vitamin C, kaempferol, flavonoids and gallic acid.
All of these are beneficial to our hair and help in the maintenance of healthy and silky hair.
Vitamin C helps in the hair growth and stimulates the formation of new hair follicles.
It contains antioxidants that help reverse the damage don’t to our hair by the free radicals
that are formed by our body.
Amla helps by increasing the blood circulation to your scalp, and thereby increasing the all-
round health of your hair.
It also delays the onset of grey hair, and increases the strength and volume of your hair.
You can eat the fruit just like that, raw. Or you can make a hair mask with it. Or you can
make an oil from it and add it to coconut oil and apply it on your hair.
Another method is making its juice and drinking that, but I’ve found it to be very bitter and is
not that tolerable.


Yogurt, aside from being really good for marinating meat, is also really good for your hair!
How? I’ll explain.
It is rich in vitamins B6 and B12, both of which are essential for the good health and strength
of our hair.
Yogurt helps to get rid of your dandruff and gives you a clean scalp so that your hair can
grow and be strong and healthy.
It also contain fatty acids that help in retaining moisture and keeps it from getting frizzy and
Also, it has a cooling effect on your scalp, and so helps in reducing the irritation from an
aggravated scalp.

10.Vitamin A

Vitamin A, aside from being extremely important for your eyes, is also important for the
normal growth and functioning of the body.
It helps the glands in the scalp make sebum, which is a protective element and it moisturizes
the scalp and hair.
It also acts as an antioxidant and so reverses the damage done by free radicals on our hair
and body.
It also promotes blood circulation, thereby giving your scalp the nutrition it needs and
promoting the health of the hair.
Eating sweet potatoes, spinach, kale and pumpkins helps in boosting the levels of vitamin A
and so helps in preventing hair fall.
So there you have it, the top foods that help in the prevention of hair fall. No more worrying about
the hair being stuck in your comb or towels. Just follow a healthy diet plan and exercise, it will help
in promoting and maintaining hair growth and preventing hair fall.

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