How to get rid of stretch marks:10 tips to do so

How to get rid of stretch marks?Most common question which seeks a proper conclusion for the one who questions it.

As renowned author L.R. Knost famously put it –

“Don’t hide your scars, your stretch marks, your laugh lines, your calloused hands. They are your life story, telling of struggles won and lost, challenges faced, losses overcome, Life grown and birthed and nurtured, hard work accomplished, stars reached for, hopes dashed, dreams realized, rock bottoms and mountain tops. They tell the story of your one amazing, awful, beautiful life written in the curves and lines of extraordinary, miraculous, beautiful you.”

And he is absolutely right! Stretch marks or scars are part of who we are as humans. Some may have it, some don’t. That does not necessarily mean that Stretch Marks are ugly.

You can not get rid of stretch marks easily. But you surely can do your part in lightening them or fading them to a point where they are almost invisible to the eye.

The old wives’ tale of only women getting stretchmarks is a misconceived notion. Men are very likely to get them too.

What are Stretch Marks?

how to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch Marks or in medical terms – Striae occur due to the skin on our body stretching or shrinking rapidly. Usually, they are caused when a person grows or gains weight rapidly.

They are visible as irregular areas of skin that contain bands, lines, or stripes because of the way it heals itself. While they are mostly harmless, they can be a source of irritation or feeling of discomfort to some.

Their growth is observed to be in two stages:

1: Red or Purple jagged lines on the skin – A sign that the skin in that area in stretching

2: Skin repairs itself and lines fade into colorless marks.

A few other causes to getting Stretch Marks are:

  • Weight Training
  • Puberty
  • Adrenal Diseases

Stretch Marks can occur anywhere throughout your body.

In men, they are more likely to occur in prominent areas of weight gain such as buttocks, calves, back, or thighs.

As mentioned above, one can not get rid of stretch marks that easily. But, if you try hard enough and use the below solutions at the right time, you can get them to fade.

3 things to keep in mind

  1. Using the products mentioned below as soon as you notice the beginnings of a stretch mark, can help you get rid of them.
  2. Massaging the product into your skin has proven to be effective.
  3. It is very essential that you use the products consistently over the course of several weeks.

10 Tips to get rid of Stretch Marks

1. Topical Tretinoin Cream

This over-the-counter cream is widely used in the treatment of acne or stretch marks and is available at any pharmacy.

They work amazingly if your stretch marks are just developing.

2. Moisturize

Irrespective of Dry or Oily skin, Moisturizing your skin should be part of your daily routine. Keeping your skin hydrated can help you combat stretch marks among other skin troubles.

Using the right moisturizer can also help fade your stretch marks. Remember you must massage the cream/oil consistently on the area.

A few recommended brands are Mamaearth Stretch Marks Cream, Mederma Cream, Bio-Oil, etc.

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3. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which is well known for its skin regenerating benefits. A combination of vitamin E oil with essential oils has the potential to reduce the visibility of your stretch marks.

A few recommended brands are MenSome Vitamin E oil, Organix Mantra Organic Vitamin E Oil, ManneQuin’s Vitamin E, etc.

4. Lifestyle

In most cases, Stretch marks are caused due to a rapid gain in weight or muscles. If you are a bodybuilder, switch to a generic workout if you notice the beginnings of a stretch mark.

You might be taking any weight gain/muscle gain supplements, you need to stop and get in touch with a trainer/dietician to guide you on the right dosage.

If you are not working out, you need to start working out and watching what you eat. Stay away from processed foods and try to stick to a balanced diet.

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5. UV Exposure

If you have recently noticed the beginnings of a stretch mark, it is best to stay away from any beach activities. And if you do go, remember to lather yourself up in an SPV 50 sunscreen.

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliation does not get rid of your stretch marks. But it does help the cream/oil that you are using work better. It helps remove loose and dead skin cells that are blocking the area from being treated.

You can use a dry brush and gently brush the area before you take a bath or shower.

For those with dry skin, we recommend using a moisturizing based exfoliating cream. You could also create your own exfoliating cream – made from Sugar, Honey, Olive oil and Lemon.

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7. Micro-Needling

Much like Laser treatment, Microneedling is also a cost-effective treatment to get rid of scars.

This treatment inflicts tiny and harmless puncture wounds on the skin stimulating collagen and elastin production which triggers the body’s healing process.

8. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil / Coconut Oil / Tea Tree Oil

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. This oil can help stretch marks fade if used consistently and over a period.

Coconut Oil helps improve the overall appearance of the stretch marks. It can also prevent further stretching of the skin.

Tea Tree Oil has been used since old ages for the treatment of the skin. And it does help in fading your stretch marks. If used consistently, it has the ability to lighten your scar to a point where it is invisible.

Note: When using the above-mentioned oils, make sure you warm it slightly beforehand. Rub the oil gently in circular motions into your skin. If possible, leave it overnight and wash with lukewarm water the next morning.

9. Gelatin

Gelatin helps our body produce collagen and enhance skin elasticity. Hence, consuming gelatin-rich food helps our body combat stretch marks.

Gelatin Powder is available at all major stores and online too! Buy some and add it to your smoothies or juice every morning.Some noted brands are Sports Research Gelatin Powder, Urban Platter, Weissmill, etc.

10. Laser Treatment or Chemical Peel

Laser Treatment or Chemical Peel can be your last straw. Go for it if none of the other methods work, and you think it is absolutely necessary to get rid of your stretch marks. However, be warned as they do deliver good results but it all depends on the depth of your stretch marks.


Stretch Marks are not ugly. They are part of who you are. However, if they are causing discomfort to you, you may use the above products which will definitely provide you with much-needed relief.

If you notice the beginnings of a stretch mark, it is the right time to get rid of them, if you want to. Make sure you are consistent in using these products and do so with patience.

Stretch marks are known to be stubborn. Don’t lose hope. You will definitely notice changes in the long run.

Remember, your lifestyle and food choices affect your body. A balanced diet and exercising on a daily basis goes a long way in keeping yourself physically fit.

Have a nice day!

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