They say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” but it started somewhere, right? Well, we’re now in a world where there’s competition in every field beyond compare. The world’s a rat race and records are set at every stage. Age definitely means no bar any longer. We’re having mind-blowing records set every day that sometimes it becomes hard to even keep track!

But don’t you worry, we’ve got your back. Have you ever wanted to do something big? Ever wanted to prove yourself worthy in the battle of life? But you’ve always gotten chided on how young you are to make millions? Well, we’ve got your back!

Shortcuts never help but true passion and persistence always does. Without further ado, we’ve got you ideas to start earning in your teens.

Web designing

We all know that the world runs on internet today. Right from connecting you to your loved ones to sorting out your arrays to the world about your passion, the internet it is. Almost every other company today has a website which displays their products. And, of course sweeter the honey, more are the bees attracted to it. Similarly, better a website looks, more readers it attracts.
Web designing is one of the most promising ways to make millions in today’s world. With a very promising future ahead, web designing certainly has way more pros to lead a immensely bright future.

A real life example is Christian Owens who started his own web designing company ‘ Mac Bundle Box’ at the age of 14 and made his first million when he was 16!

His motto: Follow your passion combining with finding a way to offer something people already buy for a lower price.

Lawn mowing

We know what you’re wondering. Lawn mowing? A business? Well, lets break down this logic for you. Most of us hate doing our daily chores. And some of us hate it so much so that we wouldn’t mind paying someone else to do it for us. As simple as cleaning the house or mowing the lawn!

These common chores draw a lot of customers making one instantly likeable and successful. Not only are they out of the box but also super useful.

Emil Motycka of Motycka Enterprises earns millions by just mowing lawns. Very common and super helpful.

YouTube Channel

One of the most common platforms of entertainment and education today is YouTube. Whether you’re a ten year old kid or a twenty two year old adult, we always like watching videos that we find relatable and funny.

And if you’ve always wanted to be under the spotlight but have no idea where to start, well here’s your key. With the freedom to have your chanel, your content and your audience, all you need to worry is about making your content relatable to your array of audience and you’ve got this.

Be it educational, culinary, music, theatre or dance., your talent will certainly not go unnoticed by your viewers not only making you live your dream and work on your passion but also earn what you deserve.

Evan started a YouTube channel at the age of eight named EvanTube and makes upto 1.3 million and has millions of subscribers.

All we’re saying is you have the midas touch in your own hands to turn your passion into a million dollar venture.

Art store

Have you always been the artistically bright kid but have no idea how to actually benefit yourself from it? Well, you can actually turn your talent into useful art pieces and with the right marketing, the range of buyers scores up to glory.

Opening cafes

Has culinary arts always fascinated you?? Are you always up for cooking up an artsy food with the least amount of ingredients?? Well, an aesthetically appealing bakery or a cosy library cafe will not fail to draw in the young crowd thereby getting your sales way above the clouds making you a good asset in the culinary world.

Software development and online advertisement

Software development and online advertising has always been a huge huge deal in today’s world. Be it the business world or the corporate world, developing software has always been the real deal.

Anything that has to reach the audience has to have a proper, authentic advertising and publicity. Good advertising can take a company to its peak of success. All we’re saying is a subtle combination of software development and online advertising can be such a powerful duo that one cannot not be successful in this

Cameron Johnson of Cheers and Tears is an amazing example of a millionaire by this at the age of 14.

Social networking sites

What more does today’s generation need than a good social networking site?? And combining with it, the safety of its users against cyber bullying?? Well, this could be your another go to! With the right idea about websites and codes, you can kick start a promising career with building a social networking site!

Adam Hidreth of Dubit and Crisp is a young millionaire inspiring millions with his right thoughts. While Dubit is a social networking site, Crisp is the platform which protects kids against online predators.

Clothing boutique

Has formal attiring always gotten the best out of you?? Well, here’s an amazing tip.

Tailor away your creative designs of formals into clothes and voila! you’re industry ready! And who doesn’t like anything new and trendy?? A sure result shot is what we’d love to call!

A brilliant example is Mozaiah Bridges of Mo Bows which is a bow tie company which makes $150,000 per year!


Has gaming always been your cup of everything and also a hint of trouble sometimes?? And are there times when you’ve dreamt of your dream game?? Well, turn that fantasy into a business ready reality! Everyone loves gaming and the more fun and relatable it is, the more profits in it for you!

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