Most effective time management skills to improve productivity

Have you ever seen people say the phrase “I don’t have much time for this?”. This is not because they don’t have time for the particular program, it is because they didn’t schedule earlier for the program.

Most of the successful people in the world have their programs scheduled in advance. They have time management skills. I know what you are thinking, that you have a lot of time in the world.

But it is important to keep yourself busy with time management skills. This will help you to be physically and mentally prepared.

How to improve time management?

Mindset! When I say this word, it is the most effective way to improve time management skills. Find a purpose in your daily life and find tasks to complete. Make plans and prepare a time table of what to do and whom to meet.

Follow this and you will find a lot more interesting to live on. Time management skills are very important to you all the time. Keep yourself prepared/scheduled for the rest of the day.

Here are some of the way you can improve your time management skills.


“Energy flows towards the focus”. This is the first step in time management. You should find

what is your goal. Time management skills don’t make a scene when you don’t have a purpose. If you don’t have a goal, there it is time for you to find one.

You cannot work for an organization without having a goal set.

What do you consider as your goals? Have you noted them? If you have listed a lot of goals then take a pause. Having a lot of goals is equal to having no goals. Just consider which means a lot and start to focus on those that really matter to you.


Good time management skills always start with zeroing down the goals that you want to achieve. The beauty of achieving a goal always starts with a start point. Always break the tasks that you need to achieve.

The goals may be relationship goals, career goals, starting a business, or starting a healthy life. For this to achieve start creating smaller goals and ladder up.

Most of the stress is because of thinking that the tasks are really huge and difficult to achieve. Use chunking to create smaller goals out of a large task. Breaking this way a small task can help you achieve a large task in less time.


How do you know you are directed to the right energy flow? How do you know you are working towards your goals to the core? Test yourself by conducting on your core values.

Start tracking your goals and connect with those audits, act on the values, and have a closer look at those to move closer to achieve your goals.

Once you start having progress for several weeks, look at how you have spent your time. Start eliminating the activities that are not related to your activities and goals.

Replace those activities that will help you achieve the activities. If you are doing these you are more likely to achieve the goals.

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What are smart goals? Are they not just goals in other words? No, there’s a difference.

A smart goal is measurable, achievable, specific, realistic, and anchored which fits in a time frame. Be sure about the goal and the outcome of that goal. Rather than getting depressed saying the goal is huge, start putting weight on this year.

One pound a week and make sure the good is realistic. If you say you are going to start a business this year, set goals accordingly, and keep it simple rather than complicating.

By being specific about your goals and outcomes are possible. And when you achieve the goal you will have that satisfaction and relief, and a sense of fulfillment.


How can saying “NO” to something help me achieve the goal? Yes, if you understand where to say NO.  Saying NO is a crucial element of achieving your goal through time management skills.

Saying NO to element which doesn’t help you to achieve the goals may help you a lot. So start to say NO and saying YES to a night of sound sleep, exercise, and spending time with family.

If saying “NO” is very difficult for you, then think of the last time when you said yes to something and later regretted it. Saying NO in the first place is easier and helps to save you a lot of time.


Saying “NO” in other words is minimizing your distractions. So ask yourself what is distracting your social media? Calls? Texts? Say no to them. I know its hard at first but when you get used to it life becomes easier for you to live.

Put a “DO NOT DISTURB” note to your account. Stop the notification that distracts and use the phone only if you have to make sure you control your distraction and not the vice versa.

We often allow ourselves to be easily distracted by unwanted emotions like boredom, lack of interest, and frustration. These are acquired, addictive responses and we can overcome those distractions.

This can be achieved by employing time management skills and making it more challenging without backing down the task.


If saying “NO” is your problem, then responding late is another option. This is the best time management skills. Give it a thought, we often find to mistakenly say yes, then we get stuck in the task.

So, instead of responding right away and regretting later, step away from it and say you will think about it.

Try not to commit instantly for a task. Make sure you only commit to activities that strengthen your activities and goals.

If someone asks you to do something that doesn’t align with the task that relates to you, ignore them, and take time to respond. Be bold to decline. At the end of each month access to information on how much time have you saved.


If you don’t hold accountable to yourself, then all these concepts of time management skills are simply equal to nothing. Think of a situation that you want to improve your skillset and decide to spend 1 hour each day.

But you are learning there and suddenly your phone vibrates, what will you do?

I would ask you to stay committed to your work and the outcome without checking your phone. That shows your passion, with your career, by giving your career the importance it deserves.

Always stay focused on your end goals, and letting your phone conversation for an hour or more, you will attain a better outcome which gives you fulfillment to check your phone.


Have you worked for a long time and longed for a break? There is a way to complete your work by breaking the work.

The 20 minute rule will be an effective time management skill. So, what is a 20-minute rule? Let us say you should continuously work for a 20-minute rule and take a break for 10 minutes. See the next time if you can work for more than 20 minutes and plan your schedule accordingly.

The research says that this 20-minute rule is more effective and helps to complete the tasks more effectively without getting bored. So give it a try and see if it works effectively on you.


Hey, this is me who is writing here. There is something you should do. You deserve a break. The most successful people in the world give themselves a break. You deserve to spend time for yourself. Play a game, or take a ride to give yourself a break mentally.

Try spending time with yourself. By giving a break on your work, reboot your mind, and start fresh.

Effective time management skills also include keeping your mind and heart happy. This will help you to manage and focus to achieve your passion. With the right plan follow the steps you will achieve your goal.


With the above plan scheduled in the right way to manage your time skills. Time management skills are very important to start from a small age so that you will not struggle when you grow up becoming busier and putting yourself in trouble.

To all who is reading this, I wish you all success on your way and have a great time.    

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