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The COVID-19 situation is tearing the world apart. Millions of people are away from their loved ones.Saddled with work-from-home jobs to staying quarantined, Men who are known to be social animals are being forced to become anti-social to keep themselves and the others safe from this pandemic.

However, thanks to technology, the world has become a smaller place. Yes, you can’t poke or throw a friendly punch, but you can still kick ass by taking part in online games or apps to stay connected with your friends this pandemic.

In the Pre COVID-19 era, weekends were a great deal to both working professionals and students. They were a fun time.

But what it really meant was a de-stressor before the Monday starts whipping up a new batch.

Oh, those were the days! The reality of the present situation is that weekends and weekdays have blended into one, increasing our stress levels.

And one of the best ways to get some of that weekend fun back is by organizing or taking part in a fun activity among family or friends.

Take a look at other methods to destressing in our blog Top 10 tips on how to manage stress.

To make it simpler and more comfortable for you, Alphaentoute has come up with 10 online games or apps to stay connected with your friends this pandemic

3 – 2 – 1 – GO!

1.Call of Duty Warzone

Introducing a game-changing FREE-TO-PLAY experience - Call of Duty®: Warzone
©Activision Gamers Blog

Call of Duty or famously known as COD is a first-person shooting video game that is well-known and well-loved by gamers. The latest version that was released is called the Call of Duty: Warzone, which is free to play by all.

The graphics in this game are up to par and will give you and your friends an outstanding experience on the battlefield fighting your rivals.

However, unlike other games, if your character dies, you have a chance to get back into the game by entering into a fight with another player in a gulag.

If you succeed, you are back in the game with your friends. It does sound pretty exciting right? Give it a shot – Find the link to download the game below.


My first 5 days on Krunker Client (and using mouse) -
© is a free, pixelated first-person shooter game that you can play online.
The aim of the game to stay alive and shoot as many rivals as possible.

It is a fun game that doesn’t take any hardware space. Give it a try – the link to the game is given below.


3.House Party

House Party Full Version Free Download - GF

House Party is one of the best online games or apps to stay connected with friends and family this pandemic! This free app is available on both Android and iOS.

The best part about this app is that you can network face-to-face and connect with people you care about the most.

Your connections are notified when you are logged in or as they as “in the house”, so they can join in can party with you.

You can either just chat, or play the numerous fun games in store for you like UNO, Heads Up!, Trivia,Quick Draw, Chips and Guac, etc. We guarantee you will have a fun time!


4.Call of Duty – Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is live after a troubled launch - CNET

Call of Duty – Mobile is a free shooting game available to both android and iOS users. Like the PC game,this app has amazing graphics and gameplay too.

This game is known as one of the best first-person shooter games. The interesting factor of this game is that it has various modes.

You can add your friends, create a team, and fight together. You are bound to have a gala time!
Try out the game and start dominating!


5.PUBG Moblie (Player’s Unknown Battleground)

PUBG MOBILE World League (PMWL) 2020: All you need to know about it
©DNA India

The infamous PUBG Mobile game is also a shooting game that is available to both android and iOS users.

It consists of both first and third person views.

This game is very addicting; There are different modes you can play with your friends.

A team consists of 4 members, and you keep fighting and running till it is down to 1.

The graphics and overall gameplay are terrific. Give it a shot if you haven’t already!


6.Google Meet – Google Hangouts

Google Meet, Google's Zoom competitor, is now free for everyone | Ars  Technica
©Ars Technica

Google Meet, previously known as Google Hangouts is a free video calling app that can be used from both your phone and laptop.

All you need a working internet connection and a Gmail id. Add your friends and family in a group and enjoy group chats.

Google Meet offers good quality video and audio. Apart from this, you can add upto 250 participants and 100,000 live stream viewers and share your screen. And it is all free!!

Did we mention the time was unlimited? Because it is. It is one of the top 10 Online games or apps to stay connected with your friends this pandemic, and you will not regret giving it a shot!

So next time you want to have a group call among friends and family, Google Meet can cover you!

7.YouTube Party

YouTube Party
©Youtube Party

YouTube Party is a chrome extension that allows you and your friends to watch youtube videos together, just like if they were beside you.

For this to work, you and your friends need to have the same extension installed.

We recommend using the YouTube Party extension offered by
It is a fun way to stay connected with family and friends!


8.Netflix Party

Netflix Party
©Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a fun way to watch Netflix with your family and friends online.

Like the YouTube Party extension, this extension also synchronizes video playback, allowing you and the others connected to watch shows simultaneously.

Netflix Party extension also offers a side online chat window, where you can continuously break movie/show plot to the others if that’s something you are into.

This is one of the top 10 Online games or apps to stay connected with your friends this pandemic, given you all have netflix accounts.

This extension is available to Chrome users.


9.Words with Friends 2

Words With Friends 2' For iOS And Android | Techie + Gamers
©Techie + Gamers

Words with Friends 2 is an app that is available to both Android and iOS users.

If you and your friends enjoy puzzles, then this app is perfect for you. It comes with a plethora of word games and word puzzles to entertain and tickle your brain!

It is a fun way to stay connected while also learning and expanding your vocabulary skills.

Download this engaging game and stay connected with your friends this pandemic.



10.Ludo King


Ludo King is an online game or app to stay connected with your friends this pandemic and have loads of fun while at it.

It was nominated as the best game of 2019 but lost to COD Mobile. Despite that drawback, this game seems to be gaining its own set of loyal followers.

As the name suggests, it is a virtual game of the famous board game – Ludo.
It is available on both Android and iOS.


There are other games and apps too that help in staying connected. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. are already known to all.

And while they are great in serving their purpose of networking,
do give the above list a shot.

Do you have any other games or apps that you would like to tell us about? Write to us in the comments below!

Stay Safe!

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