Seven grooming mistakes that every man does

Seven grooming mistakes that every man does

A well-groomed man doesn’t just look clean and neat but also exudes confidence and strength, which is attractive.Also,the grooming mistakes that almost every man does are not good for a fashion statement.

Women are attracted to well-groomed men. Being well-groomed also radiates self-confidence and commands respect. You don’t have to invest too much money into it. Only your time. It requires you to pay more attention to your skin, the way you dress and style yourself.

To abstain from looking like a Caveman, you must keep yourself well groomed. People don’t just look at your style or outfit, to make the complete look presentable, you need to make sure you are well-groomed. Your appearance speaks for yourself. So, it is necessary you present yourself the best.

Also, Grooming is a part of your hygiene. Maintaining good hygiene keeps you healthy.

Here is a list a of 7 grooming mistakes that every man does.

1.Not getting a regular haircut

Overgrown hair, if not styled to perfection can make you look shabby. And since your face is one of the first things people notice about you, it is in good interest for you to style and keep it well maintained at all times.

Regular haircuts also help keep your hair healthy and strong. Split ends or breakage is quite common in men too. Check for them, and if you do notice it, get your hair trimmed frequently to get rid of it.

Ask your barber or hair stylist for a suggestion on how frequently you should get a hair cut. Generally, it is once in 3-4 weeks. This depends on how fast your hair grows.

Read our article on TOP 10 HAIRSTYLES THAT WOMEN LOVE SEEING IN MEN IN 2019 to help you decide which hairstyle to get.

2.Uneven beard

There’s nothing wrong with a good old moustache or beard. As long as it is trimmed and in shape.

A messy beard makes you look messy, scruffy and scraggly. Hence, make sure you get it trimmed regularly. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Just something neat and sharp.

Having a well-groomed beard and Mouche also increases your attractive quotient.

If you’re donning a stubble look, which is the new trend, you still need to get it trimmed, or risk looking shabby. Use a shorter guide or a stubble guard when trimming it.

3.Not cutting nose and ear hair

Visible nose hair and ear hair looks very unsightly and can be one of the reasons you have been made the outcast. It can easily ruin your outlook. And since the first noticeable feature is your face, you want to make sure it is clean and neat.

This can be easily fixed by trimming the ends so they are not visible. You can add this to your shaving routine.

Use a trimmer or a scissor to cut the ends. And needless to say, be very careful.

4.Growing Long nails

Keeping your nails short and clean is a healthy practice. It indicates good hygiene. If you want to grow your nails out, then you must make sure you get a manicure once or twice a week, to keep them trimmed and in shape.

Hands are a nest for germs, and nails are where they are in more numbers. Growing your nails out and not maintaining them leads to dirt formation under your nails. This can lead to other health problems. It will also make you an outcast among your colleagues or peers.

Hence, cut or trim your nails regularly using a nail cutter or trimmer every week.

5.Not having a skincare routine

The first noticeable part of our body is our face. To make a good impression, you need to present yourself in a neat and sophisticated method, this includes your face.

Now we’re not suggesting BOTOX to you men but merely recommending you guys to take good care of your skin. Oily, Dry, or Acne-prone skin requires attention and care. Washing your face using a face wash, and moisturizing it helps keep it fresh and clean. It also makes you look younger.

Also, remember to use a sunscreen when you are going out in the sun. It will protect you from wrinkles and sunspots.

6.Not dealing with dandruff

Dandruff is a dreaded skin condition that appears when dead skin cells accumulate on your scalp. It is a quite common condition, that if not controlled can just get worse.

The main cause of dandruff is a dry scalp. A bad diet and too much stress can also cause dandruff. Overuse of shampoo, hair-gels, hair-sprays may also lead to dandruff.

There is no cure for Dandruff. However, it can be controlled easily by using an anti-dandruff shampoo which is rich in ketoconazole. Make sure you use anti-dandruff grooming products. Wash your hair once in two days. Follow a balanced diet. Find the reason you are so stressed in life and try working on busting it.

7.Not shaving down there

So, this is something that every guy should know. You definitely should shave down there. And you know where I’m talking about. It rhymes with “cubes”.

Now, you might be thinking why risk taking a razor to one of the most important parts of a man’s body. I’ll tell you why. When you plant a rose bush, do you allow the weeds to grow right along with it? No, right? Apply the same script, different actors to your nether regions.

Another thing with hair is that it traps moisture and sweat, and given the climate we live in, it can lead to fungal infections and rashes. And trust me, that’s the last place you want to get a rash. You can’t even scratch that place easily or in public!

Now, you must have a nice routine for shaving your face. Your nether regions deserve the same respect. So, take a hot shower before to open up your pores, then clip the hair to a short stubble, and then shave. Use a cooling shaving gel which contains aloe vera, like the Nivea shaving gel. After that, use an aftershave to close up the pores.

I’m not going to be telling you HOW to shave, there’s an entire wikiHow article about it. Follow it, and you’ll be fine.
Also, just a reminder, be very very gentle. They are your family jewels, and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to them now, would you? Because a visit to the doctor is quite embarrassing as it concerns your genitals.


First Impression is the last impression. To nail it right the first time, make sure you work towards your appearance. Looking good will make you feel good. Beat giving a talk, attending an interview or meeting her/him for the first time. All nervous and anxious situations will be so much easier if you had just a little more confidence. Don’t you agree? This can be achieved by presenting yourself in a prim and proper way. So go right now, and groom yourself. Happy Grooming!

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