Beaches in North Goa will totally entice you if you are looking to relax on the soft sand to get your vitamin D on or some solitude time or some amazing party environment. North Goa is definitely a home to many beautiful beaches in India.

You can chill on the soft sand, run along the seashore, play with the tides, party by the waters, build some crazy castles, go for surfing or just spend some romantic time with your loved one then the beaches in North Goa is the most ideal place to go for.

From a romantic lover’s paradise to all crazy happenings, a variety of beaches in North Goa has got everything to offer. You would be blown away by the coastal charm on the beaches of North Goa. So why get late? Pack your bags, be ready to get tanned and go for the vacation to enjoy those sounds of waves and seagulls.

Here is the list of top 10 enchanting beaches in North Goa:

1.Calangute Beach

The largest of all the beaches in the North Goa also known as the “Queen of the Beaches” has got some utterly beautiful views with some holistic beach experiences.

The beach is spread nine miles along the Panji and four miles along the Arabian sea with its full lining of coconut and palm trees. It is around 15 km drive from the Panji.

If you are lusting for sun, sand, and surf then this is the right beach to go for. It holds a spectacular beauty and charm with all the crazy happening and frantic nightlife.

It is the most happening and crowded beaches in North Goa. It is accompanied by Candolim village which extends it towards the south and crossroads of Baga towards the North.

This beach is frequently visited by lots of tourists every year. It is a perfect tourist retreat with many hotels providing mouthwatering cuisine and also bunches of souvenir stalls selling exquisite handicrafts from Rajasthan, Tibet, Kashmir.

Where to stay? There are several hotels in Calangute beach ranging from budget hotels to plus five stars one. For budget-friendly go with Papparazi Resort or Resort Decoraco.

2.Baga Beach

: If you are looking for some frantic nightlife or afterparty then for Baga beach in North Goa.

It is one of the most popular beaches in North Goa. The beach is located between the Calangute and Anjuna beach. Baga was named after the ‘Baga Creek’ which flows into the Arabian sea.

The parties here are rockier than most partiers like their beaches to be- with a full energetic spirit. This place was known for hippie and youngsters and its tradition is still carried.

Many famous clubs are here such as Tito’s, Britto’s and Mambis. The restaurant shacks here provide a variety of cuisine and beverages.

The aromas coming from the kitchen, the swishing sound of waves and seagulls and an enchanting view of the sunset will make you feel you are in heaven.

Baga Hideout Resort, The Baga Marina Beach Resort, and Hotel, Acron waterfront resort are some best resorts here.

3.Sinqureim Beach

Sinqureim beach is a small beach having a natural inward curve which gives it a lavish look. It is located in the southernmost part of the Candolim to Calangute beach stretch.

It is around 16 km far from Panji. If you are looking for some crazy water activities like swimming, surfing or parasailing then this beach has a wide variety of activities to offer.

In the evening you would see vendors and locals going for a walk. The locals go fishing here. According to them, the fort is a great fishing spot.

People go for a long walk following this beach to Candolim and to Calangute beach stretch. Sinquerim beach has got some of the largest resorts and hotels in Goa which provides excellent facilities.

4.Anjuna Beach

This exotic beach is known as a love paradise for couples and lovebirds. It is located in Bardez Taluka. It is around 8km away in the west.

This beach is situated in the north of Calangute and Baga beach. This Anjuna beach in North Goa is also famous for Wednesday Flea Market where you can find Goan apparel, exquisite jewelry, and beautiful souvenirs. Kamali is the nearest railway station. You can get here by bus route from Panji.

Here you will be able to see some breathtaking views of rocks, sunrise, and sunsets. There is a mysterious big rock here where you could see a lot of people clicking pictures.

This beach is usually seeked by couples and photographers as this beach provides tranquility and some enchanting views to capture.

If you are here then don’t miss full moon trance party which mostly happens in its full swing during Christmas and New Year and also Shiva Valley. These are the perfect retreat you would be longing for.

5.Candolim Beach

This is one of the very beautiful beaches in North Goa making it a popular tourist destination. It is located 13 km away from Panji. This beach in North Goa is famous for its lively sandy sun-kissed shoreline.

Despite the visitor traffic also, this beach is kept clean and comes in the list of one of the cleanest beaches. The sandy beach here is complemented with the dunes which are fully scrub-covered.

The coastline stretches starting from the Aguada Fort and ending at the Chapora beach. It has got ample of water sports. This beach will be of good choice if you want to experience Goa Nightlife.

6.Vagator Beach

This is one of the secluded beaches in North Goa which is relatively quiet and calm and provides tranquility.

The wonderful arc of sand located about 22 km from Panji makes it picturesque. This beach in North Goa is the most photographed beach. It stretches 30 km of beach coastline along the west coast of Goa.

It is divided into three parts – Big Vagator, Little Vagator, and Ozran. A part of Vagator beach is known as ‘disco valley’ where trance parties happen.

Vagator beach also hosts famous electronic music extravaganza that is Sunburn. Do not miss to visit a famous fort here known as “Dil Chahta Hai”.

This beach in North goa is ideal to enjoy a picnic with friends and family. You can catch a bus from Panji. Karmali and Thivim are can also be your choice of the train station.

7.Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach is popular for its pristine shoreline and is located in Pernem. It offers some endangered species like Olive Ridley sea Turtles.

It is protected under National law. This beach in North Goa is lined with a green environment and features unmatched vista. Several tourist visits this small every year.

This place is also known as “Little Russia” as there is a large concentration of Russian immigrants here.

You can see more Russians strolling here because they have made this place as their second home. September is not an ideal month to go here as it is a nesting period. They have so many activities to offer here.

The pristine water here and the sun will make a perfect beach day for you. To get here, you can take a cab from Thivim or a bus to Mapus and another bus to Morjim.

8.Arambol Beach

Arambol beach is considered one of the best beaches in North Goa. It is surrounded by cliffs on two sides which gives it an exotic look.

This beach definitely promises serenity. You could see a lot of people coming here for fishing giving distinct bohemian feels which attracts many tourists and travelers each year.

If you go towards the Northside of the beach, you are likely to see many attractive bays out of which the most famous one is Sweet water lake. This lake is lined with sulfurous mud which is believed to have many healing properties.

That’s why more hippies people come here to take a mud bath and dubbed to be the ‘capital of hippie’. Stone sculpture at the base of the Banyan tree just beyond the lake has become a major attraction for tourists.

This beach in North Goa also hosts some crazy night parties and has got a rich music taste. The ‘Glastonbury Street’ near to the beach is a chock full of boutiques selling some exotic and bizarre array of souvenirs.

This beach is also a wonderful destination if you want to go for paragliding and kite surfing.

9.Mandrem Beach

Mandrem beach makes it to the list being one of the most beautiful beaches in North Goa.

It lies between the twin beaches of Ashwem and Arambol. This beach in North Goa is famous for beautiful seashells, shallow, crystal clear water and sun-kissed shores making it an ideal one for swimming and surfing. It is located around 32 km north of Panji.

If you are looking for Dolphin-spotting then go for this beach. You could explore Mandrem Village as well. Water rushes to the Andrem Creek during high tides and which runs parallel to the shoreline.

If you want to spend some peaceful romantic time with feet in the water then look for those bamboo bridges which are spawned across the Mandrem Creek.

Here, you could also spot some animal life like White-bellied fish eagles that reside in the casuarinas trees and if you are lucky enough you might see endangered species like Olive Ridley turtles.

This place has got a lot of good places to eat which has got different mouthwatering cuisine. If you want some therapy then this beach is also famous for spirituality and meditation. So, definitely go for some rejuvenation.

10.Ashvem Beach

This beach in North Goa is a serenity redefined one. It is a hidden gem providing calm serenity. Ashvem beach is located in the Pernem region, the northern area of Goa.

It lies south to the Mandrem Beach and north to the Morjhim Beach. The south faces the River of Chapora. Most of the people come here for sunbathing and swimming.

There are many great accommodations and hotels here and also some of the stalls providing mouthwatering street foods.

Here, you will find the sound of sea waves soothing while walking on the soft sand. If you walk a little inland through the forest, you would able to see beautiful Goan villages and temples.

The nearby attraction here is Morjai Temple which is an ancient temple in North Goa. To get here, you can either rent a bicycle or scooter or take a taxi.

Here for accommodation, you have to go for the comfortable beach huts, as environmental protection laws prevent the building of big brick buildings.

Despite all the restaurants and resorts, this beach remains quite empty providing some peaceful time.

Don’t let the chance to explore unbelieving beautiful beaches in North Goa slip away. Plan aa trip to North Goa and experience some amazing time here.

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