As previously explained in our post – the TOP 10 FOODS THAT ARE HOT FOR YOUR BODY there are foods that maintain or raise the body temperature depending on the energy it takes to digest them. Digestion also takes calories, obviously, and depending on the complexity of the food, calories are utilized.

If the calories utilized are less, then a sensation of cooling is felt throughout the body, and hence these foods that produce a cooling sensation are eaten more during the summer.

And vice versa, if the calories utilized are more, then the heat emitted as a by-product is also more, thereby giving a sensation of hotness or heat throughout the body, and thus is advisable to eat those foods during winter when body heat needs to be conserved.

Here is a list of the top 10 cold foods that you should have during summer.



This fruit obviously has to be on this list. It’s an essential summer cooler, and you can make so many delicious drinks with it, or even just have it raw, it’s amazing.

It has zero fat and proteins, is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium.

It is mainly water that is very easily digested and absorbed. Hence, it doesn’t give a feeling of being bloated or fullness.

Since it’s mainly water, it is a good food to eat during the summer where getting dehydrated is a real possibility and this can avoid it.



Now, you might be thinking, what is “ghaas-phoose” doing on this list! But obviously there’s a reason behind it being on this list. Lettuce see what it is! Get it? Yeah, I’m hilarious, I know, thank you.

Lettuce is an excellent source of vitamin A and potassium and is a good source of vitamin C and fibre needed from the diet. Plus, eating it straight from the fridge is yummy.

It can be used in so many salads or can be used in veggie burgers, or in juices, just to give it some volume. Get creative and lettuce reap the benefits of eating lettuce!



Yes, peas also comes into this list. It is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, fibre and potassium.

And plus, it gives a very nice, cooling and soothing sensation. A pea puree can cut off on the heat of any dish by a massive amount.

Now, it can be used in many different ways like juice, raw in salads, or part of baked cutlets, or samosas, etc. I know a really good Anglio-Olio pasta recipe with peas as the major ingredient. It is YUMMMM.

As Shifu from Kung-Fu Panda says, “Inner peas, inner peas”, peas is important for bodily peace too, due to its cooling effect.



Did you know that cucumbers are like 70-80% water?
Cucumbers have zero fat and zero proteins, are good sources of fiber, potassium and vitamin C.

Did I mention they are a good source of water?
All this makes cucumbers perfect food to be eaten during the summer to cool the body down and also battle against dehydration.

And how can you eat them? Eat them just like that! Or add some salt and pepper, or some mint chutney, or some chili powder and salt mix. There are so many ways you can eat them!

Plus, it is perfect for dieting and you want to snack on something. It is literally zero calories.



Aahh, the dried grape.
Fun fact, in Roman times, you could trade one slave for two jars of raisins. Yup, they were a hot commodity.

Raisins are extremely healthy, having zero fat and zero cholesterol, while being good sources of potassium, fibre, iron and vitamin B6.

They are made up of simple sugars, mainly fructose and glucose and so are very easy to digest, providing a cool and soothing sensation throughout the body.

And the best way to snack on them is just to keep a 50 gram packet nearby and munch through it while working or studying. It’s tasty and healthy.



Turkey is one of those foods that looks like it should belong in the hot foods group, but belongs to the cold foods group. Why?
It is a neutral food. One of the rare meats that is ‘neutral’.
It has a good amount of fat, cholesterol and proteins, so it is relatively difficult to digest than compared to other meats, but it is not that heavy that it requires extra calories to burn.

One good way to eat turkey is making a cold cuts sandwich. It is healthy, tasty and fills your stomach and soothes your digestive system.

FYI, the gender of a turkey can be found based on its poop. Yes, you read that right, based on its droppings.



This has got to be one of those foods that everybody knows cools your body down. I mean, the number of times my grandmother would make this for me during summer is countless.

It is rich in calcium and has a moderate amount of proteins while being very, very low in fats and carbs.

You can add so many flavors to it, like spiced buttermilk, or sweet, or just salt. So many options, but just one drink.
It cools and soothes your entire digestive tract and also rejuvenates the intestinal bacteria. This ensures proper digestion.

It is also a good electrolyte and prevents dehydration. So, maybe take some buttermilk instead of water the next time you sweat it out in the gym or while jogging.

8.Soaked almonds


If you’ve read the top 10 foods that are hot for the body, then you’ll know that most nuts are hot for the body. One way to change this characteristic is to soak them in water overnight, then eat it in the morning.

This changes the heating characteristic to a cooling one.How to soak them? Just chuck it in water so that they are fully submerged, then cover it so no one else can steal it, then leave it alone for 8 hours as it decides to turn over a new leaf, then peel the skin off and eat. Easy-peasy.

The skin contains tannin that prevents easy digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Almonds are excellent sources of the good fat, i.e. the high density lipoproteins (HDL). This reduces the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, etc. and basically, promotes a healthy body.



Buckwheat is a grain that is gaining a lot of popularity in the West due to the fact that it is gluten-free. I, personally, have no idea what difference it makes, but it is catching on. To each, their own, I guess.

Buckwheat is one of those grains like millets, barley, soy bean, etc. that helps in cooling the body down.It contains a whole lot of nutrients, has almost zero fat, is rich in fibre and a moderate amount of proteins and essential minerals. All this equals a grain that is excellent for those trying to lose weight.

And what to make with it? Treat it like any old grain! You can make pancakes, boil it and add it to salads, make a risotto. The options are endless.



Did you know that the Brexit deal might affect the export of avocados to Britain, resulting in goods vehicles being checked at borders, resulting in rotting of fruits left in crates, and this finally resulting in the price of the modest avocado skyrocketing? On the funny side, millennials were freaking out about it and it led to some really funny memes.Anyway, back to the topic.

Avocados are excellent fruits to cool the body down. They are rich in HDL, potassium, fibre and vitamins C and B6. It has zero cholesterol and a negligible amount of proteins.All this makes it an easy food to digest and it inherently has many antitoxins which help in reducing the body temperature.
And what can you make with it? Stay tuned to find out!

So there we have it! The top 10 foods that are cool for your body! Do read up our other articles on fashion and fitness to help increase your knowledge of your body and how to treat it right.

Bon Appetit!


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