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Now, you might be thinking that I’m talking about foods that rise the temperature of your body or make you feel “hot”. Let’s get that out of the wat by saying that I am NOT talking about any of that.What am I talking about then?

Haven’t you heard your mothers or grandmothers say that this food will produce heat in your body, don’t have it in the summer, or vice versa, this will produce cold in your body, don’t have it during the winter?

It is also important to know what foods you should have during summer.Read our article on TOP 10 COLD FOODS TO BEAT THE HEAT as these foods produce a cooling sensation in your body.

Yeah, I’m talking about that.That’s what this article is about, the top 10 foods that produce heat in the body.

Basic Summary

Read on to find out more about the top 10 foods that are hot for your body!
But before we move on to the main article as such, let’s see what this hot and cold food that our grannies were talking about is, shall we?

In Ayurveda, there are hot and cold foods. And they’re not segregated temperature-wise. They are segregated according to the effect that they have on our body.

Hot foods require more calories to get digested by the body than cold foods, so the calories burnt while digesting these foods (yes, remember your thermogenics from school) causes a temporary increase in the body temperature and increase your basal metabolism rate as well.

There is no major change in the body temperature to be categorized as fever, but there is a slight change.

Hot foods, which I am going to extrapolate further, are to be eaten during the winter to produce body heat and protect against the cold.But eating too much of either of them is not right either, and both need to be represented equally in our daily diets.

Hot foods can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, gastritis, ulcers, rashes and reduce sperm count.Cold foods can cause a sense of fullness, bloating, heaviness, constipation and can adversely affect the immune system.

Now, let’s talk about the different kinds of hot foods!


While pineapple has a low calorie, protein and fat content, it is very high in potassium and vitamin C.

This makes it slightly difficult to digest, thereby classifying it as a hot food.Pineapple might seem like a good idea during the summer, cause it feels like it cools you down, but the opposite happens. So eat it in moderation.


it is loaded with iron and antioxidants that help in fighting infections and thereby increase the body temperature, causing “heat”.It helps us by regulating our digestion, preventing constipation, helping in weight loss,
reducing skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, regulates irregular menses in women, prevents arthritis, reduces inflammation and relieves toothache too.

Papaya is being researched for its anticancer properties as well, and also to reduce the effects of sickness produced by radiation therapy.
All in all, papaya has many uses and every part of the plant can be used for some purpose or the other.

But it must be consumed in moderation, like all things in life.



This is a hot food as it has a high protein content, and so takes more time to get digested than other foodstuffs.Also, one common way of cooking chicken is with lots of spices and masala and whatnot.

While all this is good for the tongue, it is not so good for the body.I remember this saying that a Punjabi cook used to tell my dad, “Mooh ko maza, par g***d ko saza.”

I would say that it is rather apt in this case.It should be avoided during the summer as it increases the body temperature and causes unnecessary discomfort.


Who doesn’t love eggs? And the number of dishes that you can make with eggs are innumerable. But is it good for the body during the summer?

Eggs are rich in protein, fat and essential minerals. While it is good from a diet point of view,it also produces heat in the body while getting digested.

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It keeps your cravings down, improves immunity, prevents fatigue and weakness, protects bones and improves hair and skin health.
But since it produces heat, it should be reduced in the summer.

One to two eggs can be eaten, but not more than that. Alternative sources of the nutrients can be found like soy milk, etc.


An extremely cheesy way to ask someone out? Ask them if they want a date. If they say yes,awesome. If they say no, joke that you were talking about the dry fruit and then go home and cry into your pillow.

Dates are high in minerals, fats and proteins, making it a difficult food to digest by the body,thereby increasing the calories burnt to digest it and thereby increasing the body temperature.

Most dry fruits come under this category of hot foods.You can drink dates-infused milk instead. It is an alternative to eating pure dates, with none of the side effects.


Ever eaten corn in the night and then get surprised to find it exactly the same in the morning? Yeah, me neither.Corn cannot be digested by our body. But it is high in fibre, which helps to feed the good bacteria in our body and regulate bowel movements and digestion.

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But the body doesn’t recognize corn as something it can’t digest. It still attempts to digest it, thereby expending energy and causing a rise in the body temperature.So, corn is not that great during summer.

But roasted corn, or bhutta, is amazing in the winter.


Root vegetables like carrots, potato, sweet potato, kale, turnips, and radishes all cause an increase in the body temperature as they require more energy to digest. Hence they are all hot foods.

Carrot is high in protein and essential vitamins, therefore it needs more energy to get digested.

Hence, carrots and other root veggies are to be eaten sparsely during the summer and eaten more during the winter.

Your eyes can survive for one season, I hope.


Guavas have many benefits, like treating cough and colds, constipation, high blood pressure and aids in weight loss as well.

But due to its high mineral and fibre content, it becomes a difficult food to digest, thereby making it a hot food.So maybe reduce on it during the summer and gorge on it during the winter? Your body will thank you for it.


It is probably one of the highest protein and omega-3 fatty acids containing food that we can eat right now.

And this obviously makes it difficult to digest, thereby needing more calories to digest and increasing the body temperature, making it a hot food.

It is perfect for the winters, where a hot bowl of crab stew is like mini orgasms in the mouth.

God, I need some right now…


Dried fish, or dry fish, are extremely high in proteins and cholesterol. This makes it difficult to be digested by the body, and so it uses more energy to digest it completely.

Thus, it is one the major foodstuff to avoid during the summer.Also, it just tastes yuck. The smell… Gods above, the smell is so bad.

Well, there you have it. The top 10 foods that are hot for your body.

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