Majority of men around the world have short hair. It is the norm. It is average and regular. However, a step high higher, a daring and bold move is to grow out that hair to your heart’s content and wear it like a fashion icon. If you are some of those men with long hair or if you are looking to begin your long hair journey, you have come to the right place. In this post, discover the top ten hairstyles for long hair and choose your favourite to try on next!

One of the great benefits of having long hair is that it can be styled in several different unique ways. Having been spoilt for choices, you might wonder what is the right choice for you. In this post, discover the top ten hairstyles for long hair and choose your favourite to try on next!


The ponytail haircut is one of the simplest and easiest hairstyles for long hair. It looks that is quick and easy to achieve. Wear your ponytail by gathering all your hair at the back and securing it with a hair tie. You can use a tiny bit of serum or hair gel to get a natural shine going on or you can even let it be for a more edgy look.

You can also mix it up by trying a half ponytail. To wear a half ponytail, take the front half section of your hair and tie it up with a hair tie. Another tip to achieve a relaxed look is to let few strands of the hair loose at the front which can be tucked behind the ears.

2.Long wave sweptback

Having long wavy hair is an excellent place to build many good hairstyles. The waves add volume and texture making your hair look lush and healthy. In addition to that, it also provides a flow and enhances the movement. The wavy sweepback is one such hairstyle for long hair that showcases the volume, lustre and flow of the hair.

To achieve this look, it is convenient and fitting if you have natural waves. If not, do not fret. You can get those waves with a curling iron. Once you have the desired level of waves, apply a few drops of hair gel and comb your hair back to get the sweep-back look.


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Man-Bun is one of the most iconic and revolutionary hairstyles for long hair. It is a modern look with a shadow of classic nature to it. It is well known that the Indian monks and men of many cultures wore the bun as part of their lifestyle in medieval times and some of them even today.Man bun is easily one among the top ten hairstyles for men that women prefer.

The man bun is versatile and looks flattering on most men. To get the best bun that suits your style, try around different ways of wearing the bun. A typical place to fix your bun would be just below the crown of your head. Try to aim for the artfully messy looks that provide an aesthetical appeal and an effortless look.


The topknot is a variation of the man-bun that is more edgy and trendy. It a hairstyle for long hair but not necessarily entirely because the top knot entails having shaved or faded sides and back with long hair on top.

If you have an undercut already, just gather the hair on top to a tiny ponytail. If you have a long hair, go for faded sides and gather a top knot with the long hair higher than what’s usually done for a man bun.

5.Side fringe hairstyle

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A fringe always offers a new dimension to the face and even has the potential to alter your personality and outlook. The side fringe is a great choice as a hairstyle for long hair. The fringe could be either flat or voluminous based on your preference.

The side fringe is a great way of hiding receding hairline or to cover a long forehead. You can even pair this with an undercut or fade to add more contrasting dimensions. If you have straight hair, you can even try the angular fringe which is a type of side fringe for an edgier look.

6.Slick back

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The slick back is a hairstyle for long hair that is definitely the suavest and bougie-looking. This look will suit well for a professional or a casual event. It is perfect for men with medium long hair.

To achieve this look, simply rake your fingers through your hair with some gel for a laid back look. You can also go in with a comb for a cleaner finish that is more appropriate for a professional setting.

7.Long textured waves

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The long textured waves is a new age hairstyle for long hair. This style was made popular by the pop star Harry Styles and has been adopted by many celebrities since then. This style has been different aspects to it. It entails a modest pompadour and textured waves both of which add volume and density.

To create this look, first, apply some styling mousse to damp hair and air dry it completely. Once the hair is dry, take a section of hair from the front and back comb it and set it with hairspray once the look is complete.


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The half-up is another one of those hairstyles for long hair that has been extremely popular among the earlier generations, which has come back to do its rounds in modern times. Highly popularized by Chris Hemsworth in his role as Thor, the half-up is a style that meets the sharp finish of man-bun and the smooth freedom of loose hair.

To get this look, gather the front section of your hair and tie it up in a loose bun. This style shows off your jawline and neck and keeps the hair off your face making it ideal for hot days.

9.Long undercut

The long undercut is a fashionable variation that you can give to your long hair. This style is daring and not very common. If you want to stand out in a crowd and look fashionable and inventive, the long undercut is a great option.

The long undercut is achieved by shaving the sides and the back and leaving the top section long. The contrast between the lengths of the hair offers a dramatic look that is edgy and contemporary.


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While dreadlocks have natively been the asset of black men, the men of other races may not restrict themselves from trying this hairstyle that is perfect for long hair. Although this style may not suit all men, there is nothing stopping you from giving it a try.

Dreadlocks have even, in a way, come to represent ideas of independence, freedom and a bohemian lifestyle. They show the freeness of your hearts. Dreadlocks come in various designs, sizes and shapes. Ask your barber for your preferred style and get ready to rock those locks!

A few tips

The best way to rock any hairstyle is to first take care of your hair. Try your best to keep your hair healthy.

Learn to embrace your own hair texture and colour and make the best out of it. Heating your hair too often to curl it or straighten it is not healthy for your hair.

Play around with different styles. Do not be afraid to experiment. Let your hair speak your style.

Enjoy trying out these top ten hairstyles for long hair!

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