Short haircuts are traditional and a classic look on men. Most men around the world have short hair. Short hair is convenient and keeps you cool. It is low maintenance and easy to style. There are lots of ways in which you can cut and style your short hair to achieve the perfect look you are wishing to achieve.

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Here in this post, you can look out for the top ten hairstyles for short hair. These are some of the classic looks that you can rely upon to look clean, sharp and dashing.

1.Crew cut

The crew cut is the hairstyle for you if you want to look tidy, slick and sharp in no time. This is a classic hairstyle that has once again become a popular and trendy choice for men.

The crew cut offers a masculine appeal and is practical as it is very easy to maintain.

The crew cut gets its name from the members of rowing teams in the US. it was the best haircut that prevented hair from blowing into the face while rowing. Soon, the practicality of the haircut made it popular.

The crew cut is best suited for all hair types, whether it is straight, wavy or unmanageable locks.

The crew cut is essentially having a taper at the sides and back and some length at the top. The crew cut is cropped closely but not too close as it still retains some length at the top.

To style a crew cut, you can use some wax and evenly spread it out. You can leave it messy as relaxed or you can also choose a more sophisticated look and side sweep the hair at the top neatly.

The crew cut is also a good companion to a beard, both go hand-in-hand.


The buzz cut is another classic haircut and is the best choice for those who really love short hair. The buzz cut involves cutting your hair very short all around. The hair at the top is clipped to one length. The entire look can be achieved with clippers alone.

If the crew cut is considered low maintenance, then the buzz cut requires no maintenance at all. You can get out of bed and be ready to go. Another added advantage is that the buzz cut is suitable for men with a receding hairline.

Although the buzzcut is a pretty straight forward hairstyle, it has the potential for various alterations and styling.

One of the ways to spice up the buzz cut is by adding a fade. The sides and back can have a low, mid or high fade.

Another good option is to experiment with different hair designs to add a bit of spunk to your look.

3.Classic taper

The classic taper has been oneof the popular hairstyles for short hair for a very long time and is still on trend. It is low-maintenance although it does not look like it at all.

It is the perfect balance between boring and wild, between casual and professional. This haircut is evergreen and can be modified according to personal style and preference.

For a classic taper haircut, the hair at the sides and back are tapered short and the hair at the top is left a little longer.

A typical length for the hair at the top is two inches.

You can customise this style by choosing your own length for the hair at the top. You can also ask for a long taper or a short one according to your preference.


The undercut is definitely one of the top and up-to-the-minute hairstyle for men this year. It suits perfectly well for all hair types and faces shapes. It works for straight, wavy or curly hair.

The undercut is a styled by having the sides and the back cut very short, almost like a buzz cut while the top is left longer.

The high contrast between the length of the hair is unique and attention-grabbing.

Also, this haircut is versatile as it can be styled in plenty of ways, for example, the long hair at the top can be slicked back or side swept or can be worn in as a fringe.

5.Classic pompadour

The pompadour is one of the most recognizable and class hairstyles for short hair. It gives a very classy and posh look and is perfect for formal occasions.

Initially, a style created for women, the pompadour was popularized among women for none other than Elvis Presley. The style has since evolved into different forms with changing times.

The pompadour involves short hair on the sides and back and has long hair on the top. The USP of this hairstyle is the large volume of the hair in the front top that is in a ‘pomp’.

The pomp is gradually faded out towards the back of the head. This style may not suit those with a round face.

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6.Caesar cut

Caesar cut is a hairstyle with ancient origins that has stood the test of time. It is a renowned style that has become a staple for men even to this day.

Caesar cut is a style that pays homage to the Roman emperor Julius Caesar.  This is another style that has evolved and transformed into various forms throughout the ages.

Caesar cut has short hair in the sides, back and at the top giving a tidy look. The length of the hair is maintained at a uniform level.

It is an excellent choice for men with a receding hairline. It is also the choice of athletes and other high-energy activities.

7.Textured quiff

The textured quiff is one of the most iconic hairstyles for short hair this century. It is a style embraced by celebrities and fashion icons.

The quiff combines the best parts of a few hairstyles and produces this impressive style that is even voted as the sexiest haircut by women.

The textured quiff is a modern take on the classic quiff that is more versatile and less formal. The textured quiff can be styled as a slick back, side sweep or a comb-over.

To style, this haircut, use a matte finish or a medium shine wax and apply it all over while the hair is damp and create the textured quiff.


The ducktail is a haircut from the past that is completely out there in its innovation and exclusivity.

If you are looking to change your whole look with your short hair, this is the way to go. It is a legendary style that is a true blast from the past.

For the ducktail haircut, the side sections of hair are cut at an angle to form a v-shape at the back. The back of the head resembles the rear end of a duck.

This is a look that is high-maintenance and needs some effort to put together. However, the effort will come a long way in elevating your whole look making you look sharp and elegant.


The comb-over is a classic that has lived through the ages as one of the hairstyles for short hair.

It is a universal look that looks best for all hair types and textures and even for all age groups. This style is easy to get and easy to maintain.

The combover is a versatile look that can be paired with undercut, taper or a fade. You can choose to add spikes or volume to the hair at the top and comb them over.


The spiky haircut is a youthful and energetic hairstyle. If you are looking for a carefree look that oozes self-confidence and playfulness, you can undoubtedly choose the spiky haircut. The casually unkempt look is seductive and attention-grabbing.

The spiky hairstyle can be deck up or styled down for a more messy look. Either way, this style requires some time to put together. Use your favourite gel or mousse and gel-spiked up today!

So, here is our top ten hairstyles for short hair. Pick your favourite style and have fun with them!

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