Goa! The land of beaches and churches. The beach capital of India. The Little Portuguese in India and a place that is worthy of many more titles. Goa has many worlds within and different sides to it. It is a great holiday spot for a group of friends and also a great tourist destination for family travels. Of course, it is more than likely that you and your friends grew up planning this dream trip to Goa several times over. Also thankfully, Goa is not a one-time-visit destination. If you have visited already there are plenty more things to discover and enjoy. In this post, we list out ten interesting things to cross off your list when you visit the beautiful land of Goa.

1.The Beaches!

It might be pretty obvious but beaches definitely have to be on the top of the list when you visit Goa. There are a number of beautiful beaches that suits the needs of different people. You can choose crowded, commercial beaches to shop from various stalls, have a good meal and play awesome water sports or you can even choose secluded, quiet beaches where you can play at the beach.

If you are a person who enjoys being among other groups of people and have a great time then North Goa beaches are the way to go. Baga, Calangute and Anjuna beaches are some of the most popular beaches.

You can shop in the colourful flea market, enjoy delicious seafood and of course never miss the water sports. Some of the water sports available here are scuba diving, parasailing and jet skiing.

On the other hand, if you like less crowded and quiet beaches, Utorda beach and Arossim beach are great options.

2.Savour the Architecture

Goa has many wonderful architectural wonders standing on its soil. You will not miss the Portuguese style and the mark they have left behind. The state capital of Goa, Panjim, is known as the ‘Rome of the East. It brims with culture and history truly comes alive here. This part of town is called Old Goa is a certified UNESCO world heritage site.

Se de Santa is the largest church in old goa and Basilica of Bom Jesus are extremely popular for their architectural magnificence. They are certainly must-visit spots of Goa.

Besides churches, there are art galleries, government buildings, museums that are architecturally rich. If you are a fan of architecture, buildings and patterns, you don’t even have to stretch that far, look at all the old houses and you’ll see the spirit of the Portuguese.

3.Enjoy the Nightlife!

If this is your dream vacation with your friends, then definitely do not miss out on the nightlife. The beaches, especially the commercial north goa beaches organise some of the best parties. The localites love to throw parties so do not miss them. There are even rave parties that are arranged in some of the areas.

If you are looking to spend time with family, you can opt for some night time leisure cruises where you can have entertaining family-friendly night-out.

For an even quirkier option, you can try the ‘Silent Party’. As bizarre as it sounds, it is a daring and innovative attempt. Everyone at the party is connected through wireless headphones. In this way, you can enjoy the party with as much loud music as you wish without making any noise!

4.Get in touch with the wildlife

Goa is the home for a few important wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that protect the precious life forms.

The Mollem National Park and the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary is the home for some rare animals and birds like mouse deer, sloth bear, panther, barking deer, fairy bluebird, emerald dove, the India great black woodpecker, paradise flycatcher and kingfisher. The sanctuary is situated on the foothills of western ghats.

5.Spot the dolphins!

What can be a cuter sight than watching dolphins frolic about? Go for a dolphin cruise trip for this unmissable view. Watching dolphins pop out the sea is a sweet sight not only for children but it also evokes the childlike excitement in all of us.

To watch the dolphins, you can either go to the quiet beach of Palolem where boat rides are offered or you can make it elaborate by opting for the day-long tour in Grand Island that is famous for its dolphin cruise and is ideal picnic spot too.

6.Try a traditional Goan meal

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Tourism and food go hand in hand. The easiest and most enjoyable way to learn about a culture and get a feel of it is through food. So try to grab a good, sumptuous, traditional Goan meal without fail. There are plenty of good restaurants in Panjim offering Goan cuisine.

Mum’s Kitchen in north Goa and Martin’s corner in south Goa are some of the top-rated restaurants. Do try the Goan fish curry, samarachi kodi, sorak (vegetarian option) and patolea for dessert. The flavours of these dishes will win you over for sure.

7.Go for a water sport

Goa is probably the best place in India to try different kinds of adventurous water sports. These sports are exhilarating and not an opportunity that comes by often. There are many water sports such as snorkelling, boogie boarding, windsurfing, deep sea fishing and many more.

The best place to try such sports in the town of Vasco Da Gama. it is a connecting hub of many beaches and hosts sports like kayaking parasailing.

If you want to try your hand at scuba diving, head to Bogmalo beach in south goa who offer this service to both beginners and experts.

Remember that water sports may be unavailable during monsoon.

8.Take a walk through plantations

The Sahakari spice plantation in Ponda area is a good tourist attraction. If you love nature and being around plants, if you grew up in a city and have never seen a plantation before, this is the right place for you.

The best part of the tour is that it is interactive. You will be allowed to pluck and taste different peppers and chillies. You can also possibly see some elephants showering which is always a plus.

9.Holistic healing

Since goa is a place where a lot of foreigners visit, it is a place that showcases our culture and heritage. There are plenty of places in Goa that offers alternative and oriental forms of healing. Yoga, Reiki and Ayurveda are some of the popular services provided all around the town.

The Mandala and Ashiyana are popular spots for yoga. The Neo Yoga Centre is a famous place that offers Reiki. There are well-known ayurvedic doctors in the Keri village.

You can make your holiday wholesome and relaxing with these options.


Yes, you read right. Although India is not too popular for gambling and casinos, Goa does offer some interesting options. The casino cruises are quite popular in goa where people come in and try their luck.

For an on-shore option, visit the Dunes Casino at Varca beach. Dunes casino hosts many games such as roulette, blackjack and slot machines.

So, these are the top ten things to do when you visit Goa. Some of the options are traditional and classic while some are adventurous and quirky. Pick your choice and have an amazing time!

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