Top 10 Tips on how to Manage Stress


We’ve all heard a lot about it. Everybody, irrespective of age, gender, and race go through stress. Especially now, during the Lockdown/Corona Times, when Mental Health is being stressed upon, there seems to be a lot of confusion or a plethora of information on stress but no straight answers.Not to worry, Alphaenroute has got your back.Here we will be discussing10 tips to manage stress and overcome it.

What is Stress?

Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that occurs in its environment. It is our body’s defense mechanism, that kicks in physically, or emotionally to combat any physical or mental change. Any change such as a promotion, a demotion, the birth or death of a family,  various similar situations can lead to stress.

One’s stress cannot be compared to another. It is independent of each. Our body is designed to experience stress and our reactions to it are unique.

Stress can be a good motivator if taken in a positive way. It keeps you on your toes and pushes you to new heights.

Chronic Stress

Stress is harmful when you get no relief between various episodes or juggling too much on your plate. This is known as Chronic Stress.

Chronic stress leads to various health problems like Dizziness, Body Aches, Headaches, Loss of Appetite, Sleeplessness, etc.

HIgh levels of stress or Chronic stress can also lead to depression and anxiety.

Chronic or high levels of stress can have a serious impact on your mental and physical health. Hence, it is important to balance or find ways to destress yourself.


What is your favorite movie or sitcom? Don’t have any? Take a look at our

Binge watch on shows that tickle your bones and invoke positive feelings.

Laughter is the best medicine. It not only helps relieve tension but also leads to the brain releasing happy hormones or ‘endorphins’ which help boost your immune system.

Take a look at our top 10 Netflix series to watch in 2020.

Not much of movie or sitcom watcher?

Find a book – be it fiction or non-fiction and immerse yourself in its universe. A 2009 study by The Univerity of Sussex found that reading can help reduce stress by over 68%. Now, Of course, it depends on the book you choose. Pick one from your favorite genre.

Need more options? Check out our list of top 20 books to read before you die.

Keep in mind this is a destressing activity, don’t stress out over which one to pick!


Listening to music can help calm you down a great deal!

Now music too has different genres, listen to one that you love. Find one that takes you to your inner place, where you can organize your thoughts or not think about anything at all.

Just lose yourself in the moment and let the music be your anchor.

While some find the endless mediation music like a balm to their soul, you may find rock music to be yours and that’s okay! As long as you are calm and content. 

Dancing increases levels of serotonin in the body, which helps reduce stress. It is one of the powerful techniques to reduce stress. It helps improve your mood and spirits.

If dancing gets you going, move those legs!

You don’t have to be an experienced dancer, remember Any Body Can Dance!


Find your support group – It could be your family, friends, colleagues, – near and dear ones.

Vent your thoughts and feelings to them. Talking about various issues and problems to someone you trust in, can help give you perspective. You could also brainstorm on solutions with them that you may have not thought of.

Irrespective of that, just having someone to lean on can help reduce your stress.

Spend time with your loved ones. Participate in family activities. Remember you are not alone. We are all in the same boat.


Now I know Sports or Games, in general, can make one and all very competitive, but a friendly game can help reduce your stress. Or at the very least, distract you and improve your spirits.

Engaging in physical activities makes your body feel good and produces endorphins which in return make your mind feel good or in other, your stress levels. It also helps improves your sleep cycle.

Not much of a sports guy?

Indulge in board games.

Board games, Cards, Video Games are a very effective method for reducing stress. They keep your mind occupied, distracted from your problems, and improve your overall spirits.

Interacting games with family or friends also improves your relationship or dynamic with them.


Eating is a very effective way to destressing. Now, you have to balance it out with exercise or any physical activity. But it is worth it!

Eating your favorite food can be a balm to your soul.

Stock up on your favorite dessert, and eat it wisely.

Interestingly, there are few food and beverage items that contain stress-relieving content. Some are Tea, Coffee, Sweet Potatoes, Eggs, Shell Fish, Garlic, etc.

Chamomile Tea especially is one that can be used as a natural stress reducer.

Chewing Gum can also help decrease stress levels. Plus you won’t have to worry about having bad breath!


Now we know stress can lead to sleeplessness. But sleeplessness can add to your stress. Hence, Sleep. Even if you are not able to. Your body needs a break too!

Try Mr. Bean’s sheep counting method. Read a book or watch a movie that makes you sleep. Did the book or movie get interesting? Too bad.

The best suggestion would be to tire yourself. Indulging in physical activities like Sports, Yoga, or Gym which are bound to exhaust you physically. You will definitely have a good night’s sleep.

Take power naps during the day. An afternoon nap can reduce a great deal of your stress.

Now we get that you may feel it is not worth the time spent. But once you have fixed your sleep cycle, your mind will be fresher and you will be able to think clearly to solve problems and work faster.


Taking a bath or a shower freshens you up. The warm water reduces muscle tension and makes your body happy. It also helps you fix your sleep cycle. It is one of the most relaxing activities you can partake in.

Adding bathing salts can also help increase the destressing.

Pamper yourself! You deserve it. Take your time in the shower or bath. Free yourself of any stress, and just spend this time for yourself. Your body needs to unwind too.


Deep Breathing can help you relax a great deal because it tricks your body into feeling relaxed, which will ultimately make you relaxed.

When you are feeling especially stressed, count to ten and breathe in and out. Focus on breathing deep and bench your problems for the time being. Once relaxed, you will have better clarity and will be in a better shape to deal with the problem.

Meditation is a very effective tool to reduce stress. Practicing it for a minimum of 10 minutes in a day can do you good.

Yoga is also proven to help reduce stress and anxiety levels. You don’t need any equipment, except for a mat. There are asanas especially to reduce your stress. Some are Sukhasana, Bharmanasana, Bitilasana, Marjaryasana, etc.

Not much of a yogi?

Try out the Gym then!

Exercising boosts the production of endorphins in your body, automatically reducing your stress levels. It also helps you sleep better!

9. WALK or RUN

If the aerobic workout does not help you, Try taking a leisure walk or run or jog.

Just like other cardio, walking, running, and jogging too releases endorphins which make you feel lighter and less tense.

It also helps clear your mind and increase your ability to focus on the problem. Not just that, it also improves your self-esteem.

Running has more benefits than just that – 10 amazing health benefits of running


Prioritizing your work is very essential. Time Management helps you reduce long term stress. It gives you a direction and improves your productivity.

Organize your day and make sure you set aside time for yourself. Indulge in activities that make you happy or calm. Make a to-do list, and cross them once you have completed. Treat yourself once you have accomplished a task!

Need some help with time management? Check out our article on the most effective time management skills to improve productivity.

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