“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years.There’s no road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”

Iris Appel

It’s the beginning of August. All the colleges have started, or are going to start.

This is your chance to impress everybody! It’s your chance to look hip, popular, in style, or whatever newfangled term you
want to call it.

These are the top 13 college clothing essentials that every student needs!
Picture this.

You enter your college for the first time, wearing a plaid shirt, stiff formal pants, shiny formal shoes, looking like you just popped out of a time machine from the 1970s.

What our parents wore to college is never going to look part of the usual (unless it’s a 1980s theme party).

Chances are,you’ll be like Shah Rukh Khan in the beginning of Main Hoon Na (but without the good looks, the charm,the charisma and everything that makes him desirable) where he’s mistaken to be a lecturer instead of a student.

And trust me, don’t wear those clothes just to be the odd one out, because you can’t pull it off.

Just don’t. And don’t let your parents pick out your clothes either. You’re 18 years old, not 8.

You need to pick outwhatever you’re comfortable in, what you think looks good on you.

But don’t pull a Ranveer Singh and try on outrageous and ostentatious clothes, which you probably (most likely) won’t be able to carry off.

So, this article is an aid to make you look comfortable, part of the crowd, and be comfortable in your own skin.

It’s the college essentials that you never knew you needed, until it was pointed out on here.

Let’s get into the article itself! The top 13 college essentials that every student needs!

1.Solid t-shirts

Now, there are a number of types of t-shirts that you can wear, and it all varies from each other in two things – the sleeve length and the type of neck.

The most common t-shirt out there is the crew neck t-shirt. It is a round collar, and can be short or long sleeves.

It is probably one of the most comfortable t-shirts out there, and it takes seconds to pull one on.

The next type is the V-neck. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t be a plunging neckline.

We’re trying to be casual, not show off whichever pack you have (six pack or a family pack).

Another type is the Henley neck. It’s the love child between a polo shirt and a crew neck t-shirt.

It has four to five buttons, and it can be full sleeve or short sleeved, but either would look amazing.

I’m personally a big fan of the Henley. It just looks really classy and elegant, yet it is still casual.

Another type is the Polo t-shirt. It’s basically a collared crew neck t-shirt with three to four buttons.

It’s a good choice for casuals, it’s comfortable and looks good as well.

The next type is the training t-shirt. You must be wondering why I’m including this in college essentials.

It’s because you’ll play sports, and you don’t want to wear cotton while playing sports.

A training t-shirt is made of polyester, and it’s made to wick moisture, and not make the t-shirt heavy.

There is the sleeveless t-shirt, or a tank top, but I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed in most colleges,so I’m not even going to go there.

So there we have the different types of t-shirts! Let’s move on to the colors and the fit.Choose colors which compliment your skin tone.

Dark colors for fair skinned people, and lighter
colors for dark skinned people.

Safe colors (which can be worn by everybody) are maroon, navy blue, black, grey and white.

You can experiment with other colors, but again, it depends on your skin tone and your comfort level. Just don’t go for neon colors.

Nobody needs that bull’s eye.The fit? If you’re muscular and fit, go for the slim fit. Not that muscular? Go for the relaxed fit.Simple.

Pair solid t-shirts with jeans or chinos for a casual yet comfortable look.

It’ll look really good, and
you can wear it to the bound-to-happen parties as well!

There we have it! One of the first college essentials, the humble t-shirt.

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PS: for more information on t-shirts, check out our blog on TOP 5 T-SHIRTS FOR MEN IN 2019.

It’s kick-ass, and explains this in much more detail.

2. White sneakers

Ah, the plain white sneakers. Simplicity wrapped around your foot. It’s a college essential that you just can’t do without.

Sneakers are probably one of the most comfortable shoes to ever be created in the history of shoes; they’re comfortable and affordable and can be worn with almost anything, from suits to jeans to shorts.

They’re easy to clean; all you need is a wet cloth and you’ll be able to wipe everything off the surface of the shoe.

You can get them wet too, without worrying much about the material of the
shoe, as it’s not leather, but more like cloth and polyester mixed.

Just remember that direct sunlight to dry it is not advisable at all, and it needs to be dried in a shaded place.

So get your wallets out and buy yourself a pair of comfy white sneakers, and you can thank me later.

For more information on sneakers, read our blog on the TOP 5 SNEAKERS FOR MEN IN 2019.

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3. Everyday jeans

If there was anything that screams casual, it is jeans. And isn’t being casual one of the main goals of college essentials?

There was one time when a pair of jeans was just available in one or two colors (mainly blue and black), and there was just one type of fit, i.e. the comfort fit.

But now? There are like a million different shades (more like 10 or 12, but for us guys, it seems like a million), and an equal number of styles of jeans available in the market.

Comfort fit,regular fit, pencil fit, slim fit, high waisted, mid waisted, low waisted! I mean, where does it stop?!

Now, when it comes to choosing your everyday pair of jeans, you need to look at the fit.

Don’t go for the comfort fit, it just looks baggy. Like you’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight and you still haven’t gotten around to replacing your wardrobe.

Choose the slim fit. It’s comfortable, and it looks great too.

Since it’s an everyday pair, go for a sensible color, something like a blue, or black.

It goes with most tops and they look classy as well.

Also, go for one without all the bells and whistles like frayed edges, designs, holes, glitter (yes,this fashion faux pas is still committed by many men who think it looks good; word of advice It doesn’t!),buckles,and other thing amajigs.

Pair it with whatever you want, a t-shirt, shirt, kurta, blazer, hoodie, etc. It manages to look good with everything!

So go ahead and buy a pair of jeans, but of course, keeping these things in mind.

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4. Leather bag

Now, you must be thinking, what’s wrong with the basic cloth or canvas bag that you usually carry to college? Why is a leather bag one of the college essentials?

Have you ever seen a leather bag? Have you ever seen the style the person exudes?

Have you seen how smooth it feels to put something in it or remove something from it?

It’s an element of style that doesn’t add to your look, it multiplies it.

The best part? It’ll look good irrespective of whether you’re fit, not fit, good looking, not good looking, whatever.

It just looks good on everybody. Find me something that has this sort of an
effect, and I’ll eat a leather bag myself (obviously not).

But in all seriousness, get one. A dark brown leather bag, with two or more compartments would be ideal.

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5. Collared shirt

Now, this is another college essential that you cannot live without.

A t-shirt is good, it’s perfect for looking casual. But there’s something about a shirt that just takes your appearance to the next level.

A checked shirt, paired with an excellent pair of jeans and dark brown sneakers is probably one of the easiest and classiest look that a college going student can pull off.

Go for plaid, or checks. It’s casual, but not too casual that it’ll look odd.

Plus, it’s uber comfortable.

Roll up your sleeves, and you’ll get that perfect college casual look that you see in movies.

Brownie points if you have veiny forearms that you can show off.

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6. Chinos

Chinos are probably one of the most popular pants out there. They are available in different colors, from light colored to dark colored to everything in between.

You can pair it with a t-shirt, shirt, a hoodie, a jacket. It looks good on everything.

The best part is that they are amazingly comfortable, and they offer a semi-casual look as well.

They don’t appear completely casual, and you can wear them to your morning lecture as well as your evening party.

It doesn’t have to be a college essential, but your wardrobe will thank you if you get this.

Chinos are usually a slim fit with a tapered end, and are not prone to wrinkles.

So they are perfect for college goers.

PS: for now information about what kind of pants and bottom wear you can get, read our blog on the TOP 5 BOTTOM WEAR FOR MEN IN 2019.

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7. Portable cologne

This is something that is another one of those college essentials that you need to have in your life, and on you at all times.

There’s nothing more troublesome than when you need to smell good, but you are lacking in a perfume or deodorant bottle.

That awkward moment when you need to talk to the girl that you like, but you stink worse than a skunk should never arise.

But to be totally honest, if you do stink like a skunk, just a spray of cologne might not be enough.

I’m pretty sure that the new Engage line of pocket deodorants were made just keeping this in mind, and they made a line of scents that is slim and you can keep in your pockets.

Get something that has a higher perfume-alcohol ratio, so that it lasts longer and you don’t need to spray a lot on you.

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8. Necklaces and bracelets

This is not one of the college essentials per se, but it is something that can immediately up your style quotient.

But not one of those gaudy gold chains.

That is so clichéd and so bleurgh (yes, I had to make up a word to describe how I felt about them) that no self-respecting man (unless they’re a Bollywood villain) should wear.

It just indicates that you are rich, and wealth is something that should be shown in different ways.

A string necklace with something on the end, like a curved tooth, or a symbol that means something to you, is much more meaningful than a heavy gold chain.

There are other options in pendants, like a metal wing, a simple silver or gold circle, a skull, or something punk appears cool.

Another option is a bead necklace, it can be the hippie bead necklace, or stone beads, or something religious.

It’s up to you.

A bracelet can also be something like a bead bracelet, or a silver kada (a silver armband), or something punk rock like skulls, wings, etc.

I just have one basic rule in this section. NOTHING GOLD! Simple as that.

Nothing as ostentatious as gold.

You are a college kid, not a 40 year old South Indian businessman (who’s
possibly in the mafia as well).

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This will probably make or break your entire look. It is very important to select the right watch for your wrist.

And you can throw those fitness trackers and smart watches down the drain.

Please. (Unless it is the Fossil Explorer Gen 4, or something similar that can look like a watch,and not like another tiny mobile screen on your wrist.)

It’s just another screen on your hand! You don’t need another screen on your hand! People nowadays need to be a little less connected than they actually are, and smart watches are a step in the wrong direction if you want to be less connected.

Plus, you might think that you look cool getting calls and whatnot on your watch, but you look more like a douche bag than anything else.

Add pretentious to that as well.

And this is also something that you don’t scrimp out on. You pay some good money and get a good looking watch. Not from Fastrack, you are not 8, you are 18.

Get your dad to buy you something from Fossil, Invicta, Casio Edifice, Timex, Helios, or another of those mid-range brands between seven thousand to fifteen thousand rupees.

A leather band with a dark blue dial combination is something that never fails to impress.

Or even a gunmetal grey watch would look amazing, with a metal strap.

Don’t get a chunky watch like the Casio G-Shock, it just does not work. It’s look like a kid’s watch, and is not something that any gentleman would wear.

Make sure that the size of the dial is just a few millimeters smaller than your wrist size.

It shouldn’t be too big nor should it be too small.

So yeah! A watch is one of those college essentials that you should not enter college without.

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10. Leather jacket

So, we had this senior who had a full kit of Harley Davidson clothing on, from the jacket, to the bag, to the gloves, everything.

And the way he would carry himself is like he had a Harley Davidson bike parked in his garage.

But what was he driving? A Hero Splendor.

My point is don’t be a pretentious douche.

A leather jacket helps you stand out from the crowd in a way that is excellent for your social status and it makes you look HOT! If you have the height and built for it, then it is even better!

A leather jacket is not practical in the summer, but it is perfect in the winter. It keeps you warm,and makes you look cool.

Get something without any crimped sleeves, or without the elastic towards the bottom.

It just looks cleaner and better. And get something in a dark color, so that you can contrast it with a light colored t-shirt or shirt inside.

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11.Crew neck sweater

This is another one of those college essentials that is a must! One of the basic winter clothing item that you need at any time!

There are many uses to carrying a sweater. One, you can wear it if you need it.

Two, you can lend it to somebody, like your girlfriend, or your crush, if they need it.

And trust me, the new person smell after you get it back is a heady scent.

Why a crew neck sweater? It is neat, clean, it doesn’t smother you like a hoodie can sometimes,and it is very comfortable.

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This is something that is more of an accessory and doesn’t really belong in the list of college essentials, but what the hell.

It’s a cool accessory to have and it makes you look cool and stylish.

Now remember, do NOT wear them in the campus, or while you’re riding public transport.

It just makes you look like a douche, and that is not what you want to give off.

Wear it more when you’re riding your bike, or when you’re driving your car.

There are different types of sunglasses available out there, and you should choose the one that suits your face structure.

Aviators, wraparounds, round, square, wayfarer and cat-eye are a few
of the different types.

Cat-eye is usually chosen by women, so choose any of the other styles.

Wraparounds are usually worn while riding, and not a casual style of sunglasses, so choose carefully what style you want emulate.

Choose a good quality lens and make sure it is a polarizing lens that can block UV rays.

A good pair of sunglasses can put you back somewhere between five to seven thousand rupees.

So choose carefully.My advice? Go for Ray-bans.

They’re trusted, and they make good quality sunglasses.

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Now, this is a must for all college students and it should be a place in anybody’s list of college essentials.

A good hoodie is like a year round garment that can be worn anytime you desire.

I have a very good friend who is absolutely mad about hoodies, and he has about 5 of them, and he wears one depending on his mood.

Why does he have so many? Hoodies can be worn at anytime, with any casual bottom like a jeans or a pajama pant.

They can be worn over anything for warmth, and they have these hoods that make it all warm and snuggly for your ears.

If you can’t relate to any of these, then I suggest you get a good hoodie, which is all cotton, nottoo thick, and in your favorite color like blue, red, grey or black, or whichever color you like.

Plus, you can ball it up and put it against the window of a car or a bus and use it as an excellent pillow and you’ll have a better sleep than without it.

Trust me on this.

And why a solid hoodie? A solid hoodie is a safe choice! Plus, a printed hoodie can get spoilt faster and sooner than a solid one, and you can go so wrong with a printed hoodie.

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So there we have it!! The top 13 college essentials that you absolutely need in 2019! And let’s face it,none of them are unnecessary items.

All of them are necessary. As long as you follow the basic guidelines that I’ve given here, you should be alright. That’s it, folks! Until next time, cheerio!

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