It is twenty bloody nineteen! If you still believe that only a trimmer is going to be sufficient for all your styling needs, then you’re wrong. Long gone are the days when our fathers would feel one razor is sufficient for all of their needs. This article will tell you the top 15 must own grooming products for men in 2019.

You need to be hip and fashionable, and you need a wide range of grooming products to ensure that you can take care of all your body needs.

That’s where we come in. Let’s dive into the article.

1.Hair trimmer

I mean, come on, this is probably one of the most basic necessities that a guy should have. A basic hair trimmer so that he can trim all the unnecessary hair.

Usually, the trimmer can be used as a body trimmer as well, with different length settings so that you can decide how much you want to trim and how much you want to leave on. Hence a trimmer is one of the most important grooming products for men.

The Philips QT 4000/15 Pro Skin trimmer is probably one of the best trimmers out there right now that money can buy. It is cheap, and it has various lengths that you can set to, and trim however you want, plus it has self-sharpening blades, so you don’t need to replace any part.

If you need a body hair trimmer, I would suggest the Philips QG3387 Multi Grooming Kit. It has a number of attachments like nose hair clipper, ear hair clipper, etc. All these can help fulfil whatever hair trimming needs you have. And yes, I mean whatever needs, including some sensitive parts.

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2.Face wash

Now, you must be thinking why do you need a face wash. Pollution is on the rise in most metropolitan cities in India, and this means more dust and pollutants in the air.

The dust sticks to your skin and clogs your pores and can cause acne, dry skin, flaky skin and wrinkles. A face wash can help clear the dust and open up your pores, so that acne and other complications are prevented.

PS: are you suffering from acne on your face or your back? Read our articles about HOW TO GET RID OF BACK ACNE and TOP 10 TIPS TO PREVENT ACNE AND PIMPLES IN MEN.

A face wash cleanses your skin and it paves the way for healthy skin. Now, it all depends on the type of skin that you have, as different face washes are made for different skin types. That is why it occupies such an important part in the list of grooming products for men.

Read our blog on the TOP 10 FACE WASHES FOR MEN IN INDIA to get to know more information about what face wash is good for your skin type.

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3.Body lotion

Now, you must be thinking that you don’t need any type of body lotion, your skin is healthy enough. I beg to disagree.

Look at your legs. If they are flaky, and if you scratch the skin, and white marks appear, then I’ve got news for you buddy. Your skin is not healthy.

Now, what are the benefits of using a lotion?

  • Prevents dryness
  • Adds a layer to the skin to keep it moisturized
  • Some lotions double up as a sunscreen as well
  • Moisturizing keeps the skin healthy, prevents wrinkling and keeps a glow

You must also keep in mind that the type of body lotion appropriate for you depends on the type of skin that you have.

Lotions with an oily base like the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion are excellent for dry skin.

Lotions with a semi-water base like the Nivea Maximum Hydration Nourishing Lotion is excellent for men with oily skin.

These are just off the top of my head, there will be undoubtedly be better lotions out there for you. You just need to put in the effort to do some research and get the one most appropriate for you.

Keep in mind that it is an absolute essential in the grooming products for men.

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4.Sunscreen with moisturizer

Now, you must be thinking that we’ve truly gone into women’s territory. But ask yourself something. When you kiss your girlfriend’s cheeks, have you never truly marvelled at how soft it is? How smooth it is? Goddamn, I miss her, but that’s a story for another day.

Coming back to the point, it’s because they use moisturizers. And wouldn’t you want the same thing? I would!

And getting a moisturizer with SPF is a double blessing, as it protects your skin from the harmful UV rays, as well as moisturizes your skin. So why would you leave such an important item out of your list of grooming products for men?

Again, there are various types, so I would recommend reading our article on the TOP 6 MOISTURIZERS FOR MEN IN INDIA.

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The second thing a woman notices about you is how you smell. The first is obviously how you look, and the second is how you smell. And you do not to want to smell like a sweat factory. Hence, humans invented something called cologne or perfume.

So there are five types of perfumes, depending on the amount of alcohol/water mixed in with the perfume itself. Higher the dilution, shorter it stays.

So, eau fraiche just lasts for an hour or so, and is the shortest lasting. Eau de cologne lasts for two to three hours, eau de toilette lasts for three to four hours, eau de parfum lasts for about five to eight hours, and perfume lasts for up to 24 hours.

Cologne and perfume are often interchangeable and aggregate terms for the different types of scents.

How do you choose a particular scent? Choose something that is subtle, and not overpowering. Something with a woody or an oriental scent is more appropriate for men, and floral and citrusy scents are great for women.

I personally use Calvin Klein Eternity Now. It is an eau de toilette, and it is surprisingly refreshing, and lasts longer than you’d expect.

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6.Shaving kit

I mean, do I even have to explain this? A shaving kit is probably something EVERY self-respecting man needs to have.

What constitutes a good shaving kit? You need all these in it; shaving cream or gel, shaving brush, razor, and an aftershave.

Now, you must prepare your face for a shave. Usually, people shave after a warm/hot shower. This causes the pores to open up, and makes the process easier. If you can’t take a shower, then dip a towel in some hot water and just wipe your face with it.

Then use the shaving brush to put some shaving gel over your face, and then lather it all over. You need to leave it on for a minute so that it can act on your skin. It forms a smooth layer over the skin so that the razor can glide over it very easily, and it reduces the nicks and cuts that you can get.

Putting a few drops of coconut oil on your razor blade before shaving can help prevent nicks and cuts. Any other vegetable oil can also be used.

An electric razor can be used, but it won’t give such a close shave as a manual razor will.

Post shaving, use the aftershave to close your pores again and prevent them from getting clogged, which can lead to acne, and other complications. Get something with vitamin C or E, as they help protect your skin. A sunscreen combo aftershave is like a blessing in disguise, as you won’t need a sunscreen lotion to apply.

All these constitute a shaving kit and it is one of the most basic but indispensable grooming products for men.

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7.Facial scrub

So, this is another item which is an absolute essential in your list of grooming products for men.

A face scrub is different from a face wash or cleanser. How? If you’ve ever used a face scrub, you’ll know that there the paste is gritty and has small sand like particles in it.

This acts like a mechanical debrider, and it removes the dead skin cells from your face and charts a path for new skin cells to replace it.

The face scrub can use a small amount of salicylic acid as well, and this causes chemical debridement, leading to the same result.

This process of the old skin cells getting replaced is called exfoliation (a light bulb clicked on somewhere? I’m pretty sure that you would have heard this phrase spoken by somebody, your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend or colleague or even an unknown woman say it in passing).

You should exfoliate twice a week at least, and I’m not going to tell you how to do it, because it’ll be written at the back of the bottle.

Again, there are different face scrubs for different skin types, but one that I liked was the Beardo Activated Charcoal Scrub. It is a little expensive at 300-and-odd, but I feel it is worth it.

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Remember Joey from FRIENDS in the first few seasons? Or even Ross. Both of them had this ridiculously shiny hair that almost blinded you when it reflected light? Yeah, they used to put pomade in their hair.

Pomade is a greasy, waxy or water based substance that you apply to your hair to style it.

Now, pomade lasts much longer than other hair products and needs about four to five washes to completely remove it from your hair.

Hair spray and hair gel can dry out, but not pomade. It keeps that slick look for a much longer time, and can also be used for those with an Afro to keep that volume and bounce.

Pomade is used for styling the hair after it is applied, whereas hair spray and hair gel is used to keep the hair in place after styling it.

Pomade is not as common as it once was, but it is a pretty cool product to use once in a while, like any costume party or whatnot. But still, I wouldn’t put it in such a high place on my list of grooming products for men.

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Now, you must be thinking that why would a guy need a pair of tweezers? Look in the mirror. See those hairy, caveman eyebrows. Some of you even have a long caterpillar stretching from one temple to the other temple. You know what I’m talking about; that black caterpillar which causes a skin rash if you touch it. A kamblihula, if you know what it means in Kannada.

Something needs to be done about that, right? Hence, the tweezers.

Tweezers have many uses other than just shaping your eyebrows. They can be used to remove your nose hair as well.

Other than beautifying your face, it can be used in the kitchen, like a pair of forceps. Remove food particles from near a lit stove. Tighten screws if you don’t have a flathead screwdriver.

This is something I do often, because I don’t have the common sense to wear slippers when I go out. I go out barefoot, get a thorn or splinter stuck on my foot, then come hobbling back to get the tweezers and carefully remove it.

See? A multi-use tool which truly belongs in the list of grooming products for men.

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10.Nail clippers

This is obviously another essential in the grooming products for men kit. I mean, imagine you’re going out, and you have long nails, with dirt trapped underneath it.

Would anyone even want to hold your hand? Yuck, no.

So use the damn nail cutters and keep your nails short and neat and clean. Better would be one of those fancy ones which has a nail file, a can opener, a blade. Sort of like a Swiss Knife and a nail clipper had a baby (not a very beautiful one at that).

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11.Hair dryer

Now, I know that you will be thinking that you can just your towel to dry your hair, and why would you need a hair dryer to dry your hair.

Drying your hair when it is wet with a towel can break your hair and cause hair loss. But that is not there with a hair dryer. A hair dryer on low heat can help dry your hair and you can comb it at the same time to give your hair a shiny and glossy look.

Also, hair drying and combing it at the same time sets your hair in place. This ensures that you have to use lesser product than before, saving your hair as well as your money.

But remember to blot dry your hair before blow drying, as wet hair can just as easily be damaged by blow drying as towel drying can.

Now, a hair dryer that I would recommend is the Philips HP 8100/46. It has an ergonomic handle and the heat settings are good enough to be gentle on the hair and not damage it. This thereby cements its place in the list of grooming products for men.

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12.Hair spray

You must have heard that waxes, gels and clays are what are usually used for men’s hair. But not anymore. Hair spray is the next best thing when you want to reduce the amount of chemicals that you are pouring on your head.

A hair spray is a spray that contains industrial polymers that can be used to hold your hair in place, and set it in a certain way. It tames frizzy hair, sets it down, makes it look more voluminous, and just helps you look your best.

Keep in mind that it contains formaldehyde, which can cause a mild headache, and it might also cause drying out of your hair, so use it sparingly if you are extra sensitive to formaldehyde.

Again, there are different types of hair sprays for different kinds of hair. You can just Google it and you’ll get a hundred different hits and sites that you can research from and choose what hair spray best suits your hair.

Not an absolute necessity, but it is one of the good grooming products for men.

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13.Lip balm

This is an absolute essential for those whose lip decides to look more like a dried out lake, with cracks and hard skin, as compared to the smooth and soft skin that it should be covered with.

Like yours truly, you should identify which season affects your lips really badly, and do not forget to get out of your house without it.

And please don’t use a woman’s lip balm, unless you want to taste fruit over everything that you put between your lips. I quite frankly have no idea how they manage to not get it into their mouths every time something touches their lips.

So use an unscented one, something from Nivea is ideal. Another lip balm from Soujas is also pretty effective for me.

For me, at least, this is one of the most essential grooming products for men out there, and I probably cannot survive without it.

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14.Beard oil

Now, you must be thinking that why is beard oil such an important product that you should have in your repertoire of grooming products for men.

Beard oil helps your beard to grow smoothly, gives it a shine, helps you style it easily, and helps to keep it in place.

It nourishes your facial skin as well as your beard, and basically is the difference between looking like a homeless person to looking like Gandalf or Albus Dumbledore.

For more information, read up our article about 13 EFFECTIVE HACKS TO GROW A BEARD.

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This is another essential in the grooming products for men list, as it basically makes or breaks your entire personality.

A comb was an essential part of what our fathers and grandfathers would include in their everyday wardrobe, keeping a small one in their back pocket of their pants.

Why? Because you never know when the situation will arise that you need to use the comb and set your hair in its place again. I mean, hair is a very fickle thing, and won’t sit in its right place unless it is disciplined and kept in its place.

That’s where a comb comes in. A good hair style that is combed neatly sets you apart from the people who have a messy head of hair. I’m not telling you to keep one in your back pocket.

But at least comb your hair in the morning before setting out, in any style you want, and watch how your personality will change and how much more neater you will look.

Hence, this is also an absolute essential for me in the list of grooming products for men.

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So there we have it! The top 15 grooming products for men that are handy in some way or the other. What are you waiting for now? Go! Buy them. Be prepared.

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