Well, in the totally jam-packed schedule of ours, there do come times when we have so much free time that we’re bored! But, we’re millennial’s. And what trends among us millennial’s when we’re bored?? Sleep. Well, we present you 15 ideas to kill your time when you’re excessively bored of the monotony.

1.Read books

 What could be better than killing time by reading books? Books are truly one of the best things that could happen to us. From biopics to fantasies to fiction, books have the ability to be our escape from reality to a world where its all how we’ve wanted our worlds to be.

The world has had many great leaders, scientists, artists, rulers, etc., walk over its surface for millions of years. Reading takes us to worlds we can only imagine, a world where unicorns exist and the world’s a happy place.

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2.Cleaning your room

 Imagine returning from a hard day at work. You enter the room, hoping to collapse on the bed and not have a care in the world.

But, you are hit by a wave of disgust as soon as you enter the room, seeing all clothes strewn around. Now, you can change that. How?? Well, here’s an easy solution! Why not change our way of living a tab bit?? Every time you feel bored or want a tiny change from your monotonous work schedule, you can make a small makeover of your room. Jam and sway to your favorite bands and make your room just like how you’d want it!

Make it cosy filled with pillows or a Pinterest aesthete, not only will it relax you but also have a tremendously warm welcome about coming back to your place after an exhausting day at work or college.

3.Try a new recipe

 Bored on a Sunday?? Nothing to do, but you’re craving to be productive in a fun way? Well, get on the gram, swipe for some crazy good but new recipes and don your chef hat! Food is literally the solution to everything. Whipping up a fancy breakfast for yourself will certainly make your day!

And a boring Sunday afternoon can turn into an amazing bonding session with your loved one with you both trying out a new recipe!


Put on those shoes and get them moves grooving! An super boring evening can turn into a fun evening with a dancing session! Be it any particular style or just letting your heart out in the form of steps, you’re not only going to burn some calories but also making yourself happy!!

Even better, get your friends, put on some groovy music on those speakers and dance till you drop! This never gets old when you’re bored!

5.Try a new makeover

Makeovers are a blessing in disguise, hands down. Be it a room makeover or a wardrobe makeover or a self makeover, they’re always having our backs when we’re bored to death.

Room makeovers are so much fun! Changing the position of your furniture, arranging those things to make them look aesthetically appealing and obviously doing you proud!

Wardrobe makeovers are exciting beyond compare, especially when you’ve gone shopping for some new clothes! Make yourself feel a diva by colour coordinating your wardrobe or organise new outfits and accessories!

Self makeovers are an essence of self love. Life’s too short to wait. Go get that streaks you’ve always wanted, or those nose piercings or that haircut! Well, it’s your time to kill, make it worth!


Bored to death? And made resolutions on New year’s on keeping yourself fit?? Well, it’s served on a platter. Get up and get moving! Start with small, fun exercises with super, crazy music which who knows might turn into an intense dance session! Get those calories burnt, keep yourself fit and of course your resolution!

It’s a start towards self help and self love, taking care of oneself. Baby steps in getting that one guy you like to look at you! And not to forget a happy mind and a happy body!

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7.Try solving puzzles

 Let’s get back a bit to our childhood and get those colorful puzzles out! Or if you’re the intellectual kind, get those pull out those newspapers and get them Sudoku started! This can never fail you in killing time when you’re bored.

Not only will you enhance your great cells but also make your otherwise boring time useful! Afterall, life’s a puzzle to solve!

8.Organizing closet

 Come winter, summer or autumn; who doesn’t love a good shopping spree and giving themselves a color coordinated closet! Well, you’re bored and you got nothing to do., you might as well use this time and turn your closet into a wardrobe to die for!

Color coordinate them, make outfits, arrange accessories, keep aesthetes you have a plethora of things to keep that closet gram worthy!

9.Write a poem or article

 Missing your loved one or feeling moody?? And you’re bored?? Well, jot down a poem or write an article!

Writing your heart out for someone or scribble down your thoughts on papers.

Writing always helps anyone calm down, think from a different perspective.

10.Calling an old friend

It’s a rainy day and you’re sitting by the window with a hot cup of chocolate and definitely bored looking at the racing rain drops. You start walking down the memory lane and smile at the thought of that one friend you once had your best moments with.

Well, pick up that phone, punch in the number and ring up that one. Catch up on things, on all the years you’ve always wanted to call but somehow refrained yourself.

What could get better than reliving those memories, those to cherish for aeons.

11.Make a to-do list

Your life’s a mess just like your room and you want to get it all together? Well, here’s how you can start. By making a to-do list!

Simple. Just jot down everything you’ve wanted to do or have to do on a sheet of paper and stick it somewhere you can see. And voila! you might just get the motivation to start somewhere!

Maybe getting that wardrobe cleaned or finishing your assignment! The to-do list has got you covered!

12.Go out shopping

 No one needs a reason or an occasion to go shopping? You’re bored and not broke? Well, get up, get dressed and go on a shopping spree!

Get those trinkets, shoes, clothes, accessories, candles and the list will probably be endless!

You could go right from home decor to self decore, you’ll never love yourself more than now!

13.Take your pet to the park

 How could anyone ever get bored when you have a cute pet at home? Take them for a walk, play with them and they’ll shower you with all kisses and all the love in the world!!

Take them to the park and you may make new friends or get that cute guy talk to you!

14.Washing your car

Why waste money on someone else to wash your car when you might as well do it?? Not only will it kill your time but also give you a sense of satisfaction. Blare put loud music and was away your car, having a mini party by yourself!

15.Do laundry

 You’ve been piling up laundry for a week and now you almost have no clothes to wear. And you have all the time in the world because you’re super bored. Well, get your laundry done! You’ll kill your time and get some clean, sparkly clothes for your hustle next week!

So, being lazy and bored at the same time can be extremely unlikely. You can do these simple yet empowering things to zing up any boring day and calling it yours!

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