Every once in a while, a special film comes on and whether you like it or hate it, it makes you ponder, stirs in your every conversation and stays with you long after viewing. Here is the list of some 20 movies to watch before you die.

1.Shawshank Redemption


The Oscar-nominated dark drama starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman is a must-watch movie.

The script on a jailbreaker brilliantly combines realism and allegory, something we can rarely find. It has made an undeniable connection with the audience.

They have conveyed the message of Adapting and acceptance. It very well explains “HOPE” than any modern dictionaries. This is one of the powerful movies to watch.

2.Schindler’s List


Based on a novel, ‘Schindler’s Ark’ by an Australian novelist Thomas Keneally is an epic historical drama that cast Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler, a Sudetan German businessman who was rich and saved many lives of Jews during World War 2. Before the world war, he was a hard drinker and a very rich businessman and after the war, he failed in both his marriage and business.

And during the Holocaust, a mysterious grace fells upon him and he becomes concerned for the Jews and decides to save as many as them.

He saves from the corrupt German officials by ‘buying’ them under the guise of procuring cheap labor for his enamelware factory.

The real lesson and the beauty of the story lie in the seamless transition of this man from a money-minded businessman to a big supporter of the Jews and finally into a sensitive man who actively saves the Jews from the Germans.

3.The Godfather trilogy


One of the highest-grossing film of 1972 is a crime film based on a novel ‘The Godfather’ by an American author Mario Puzo.

It casts the story of a fictional Mafia family in New York City who fights a mob war with other four Mafia families in New York after World War 2.

This movie taps into both the gangster myth as well as the immigrant myth.

The Mario Puzo as Franci Coppola is a portrait of a family with lots of sibling love and rivalries and also a portrait of America as a nation of immigrants fighting for power and legitimacy.

4.Pulp fiction


An American crime movie that tells several criminal stories around the world. It portrays the relationship of Los Angeles based criminal gang boss called Marsellus Wallace and two of his enforcers called Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega.

Everything happens in the movie is related to all the three characters Marcellus, Jules, Vincent.

The film as a whole is a story about the trinity of all three characters, and their effects upon the world and people around them, and the world’s reaction upon them in return.

The story ends with Jules deciding to become ‘the Shepherd” by leaving trinity and after that Karma hits by own way of butches to the remaining part of a trinity.

5.Batman Dark Knight


A superhero movie based on the DC Comics character Batman is a sequel to Batman begins starring Christian Bale.

This movie won’t make you bored even for a single time. It hooks you up from the beginning to the end and doesn’t ever disappoint you in the end. It is not a simplistic tale of good and evil.

You will be stunned by the performance by the late Heath Ledger as the joker. If people thought, Batman Begins is something new then, they quickly forgot in the initial 20 minutes of the movie.

The Dark Knight consistently interconnects various diverse activity motion picture sub-kinds; thrillers, crime films, detective stories, etc and still figured to regard them all and take their central plot seriously and above all less, its primary character was Batman.

6.Cinema Paradiso


An Italian drama story is directed, Giuseppe Tornatore. This is a really beautiful movie to watch.

The audience connects with this movie at a personal level, as if the director casts us, the viewers, as the protagonist. So we experience the movie first-hand. It touches our soul and we do not want to let it go.

We desperately try to cling on the temporary things. But alas, all things come to an end and this film, too, leaves us.

It aesthetically intertwines a cinejunkie’s passion with an unobtrusive and powerful explanation of brief present, classic romance and post-war scenes in a very glorious way.

7.Requiem for a dream


It is an American psychological drama movie which is based on the novel ‘Requiem for a dream’ by Hubert Selby Jr.

The film portrays four characters who are affected by drug addiction. The same addiction makes them go wild to fulfill their addiction.

This movie is well directed and characters are well connected.

8.A space Odyssey


Based on a science fiction novel, both are partially based on a short story “The Sentinel”. If you are a fiction freak then this is the best movie to watch.

It deals with lots of heavy concepts like human evolution, technology, existentialism, artificial intelligence, etc. It opens up the audience for their ideology to interpret the movie. It can be viewed as a four-part movie.

Part 1 – The Dawn of Man

Part 2 – The Space age

Part 3 – Jupiter Mission

Part 4 – Beyond the Infinite

There is very minimal use of dialogue. The visual effects shown in the movie are groundbreaking and all the technology shown in the movie is impressive. You would be blown away by all those awesome technologies.

9.A beautiful mind


A beautiful mind is an American drama based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics. The movie begins with John Nash’s graduation days at Princeton University and continues to his wanderings in his examination of certain intriguing areas.

As the movie proceeds, we can see the toil of John Nash with to achieve what he has always dreamt of and also at the same time fighting with the disease Schizophrenia.

It shows Love as an omnipotent weapon that can overcome and release one who is suffering from delusions and make them return to their senses.

10.Fight club


Fight club is a movie based on a novel by Chuck Palanhuik.

If you look at the movie through the surface then you will only find bare-chested men fighting with each other but when you see through the philosophical view of the movie then it is much more about men beating the crap out of each other.

This movie has managed to be philosophical and thrilling at the same time, It is all about how people have succumbed to the falsities of the world and even offered their soul to different enterprises of the world.

11.12 angry men


A courtroom drama concerning the jury of a homicide trial. This movie has been given many remakes, adaptations, and tributes.

This black and white movie is based on 12 different men who are not at all angry- all jury aspires from different parts of the city in a single courtroom debating over an 18-year-old boy from New York city sum who has been accused of his father homicide.

It is about how those 12 men who come with different perspectives and notions on this particular case.

The script is extremely strong and performance will just blow you away. This is an intellectually stimulating movie that is set on the claustrophobic setting from where the characters cannot escape.

This movie shows how most of the people take decision based on their instinct unless prodded to reason.



This Australian science-fiction thriller movie is based on the short story “All You Zombies” by Robert A. Heinlein. This movie is one of the Classic Time Travel paradoxes.

There are intricate chronological events where you could see the narrator or the main character gets trapped within a closed loop in time.

The paradox suggests that those people who travel back in time could have no way of changing a situation.

This movie tells that events are predestined to happen the same way over and over again.

The four main characters – Jane, John, the Barkeep, and the Fizzle Bomber. They are all the same person from different timelines. However, the same person. The main character John, he is the source of his birth, he is his own father-mother, and grandfather.

13.Saving Private Ryan


This is an American epic war film which was set during the Invasion of Normandy in world war2.

If you don’t know much about what world war 2 looked like then ‘Saving Private Ryan’ will give you a pretty good idea.

It is a movie that tells you a war story and in the battle scenes locking back on to a feeling of unforgiving reality with brutality and the passing of numerous warriors. The cinematography is outstanding.

It captures a war that is both dark and on account of D-day, unbelievable. Once in awhile do most movies capture a spirit of war that is frightening and also beautiful without extolling the war or its warrior.

14.The gold rush


The Gold Rush is an American comedy film directed by Charlie Chaplin and which also stars Chaplin.

The original was on silent version and later re-edited version has a soundtrack with Chaplin providing narration. If you want to crack up your mood and make it light then go for this movie to watch. It won’t disappoint you.

The movie has got two immortal scenes: the “roll dance” in which he engages some saloon girls with a couple of forks and two bits of bread and this bit of film history.

Stranded in the remote lodge of miner “Big Jim” Mckay, the Tramp evacuates one of his shoes and hurls it into a boiling pot. Chaplin expends by supper with dramatic prosper, whirling the bands in his fork like strands of spaghetti and dainty troubling the shoe nails as though they were the fragile bones of a plum game bird.

15.Once upon a time in the west


Once upon a time in the west is an epic western movie which stars Henry Fonda as the villain.

A mysterious stranger with a harmonica unites with a famous outlaw to shield a beautiful widow from a merciless professional killer working for the railroad in this long wilderness epic.

Puzzling pasts and the strength of loyalties are explored in the midst of exceptionally quick weapon fights and snazzy vistas.

With its stunning widescreen organization and epic running time, this movie genuinely wins points for length and width.



: Inception is a science fiction action movie which stars Leonardo Dicaprio as a professional thief who is skillfully prepared to steal thoughts out of your subconscious which is named as “extraction”. Going with him in his exceptionally strange undertakings are his loyal colleagues Arthur, Eames, Ariande, Yusuf, and Todash.

It is a movie about lucid dreaming. It is about a man trying to see his children again and to do so he takes a job to plant an idea in another man’s head.

17.City of God


City of God is a Brazilian crime movie which is based on a novel named ‘City of God’ by Paul Lins.

This movie is a precise depiction of conditions at the time. In the periods since the film was made, the city of Rio de Janeiro set out on a ‘conciliation’ battle which has gained significant ground in improving conditions in the favelas.

18.The shining


The shining is a horror movie which is based on the novel ‘The Shining’ by Stanley Kubrick. This movie is another chance to appreciate, most importantly, those heavenly interior sets.

Rather than the confined haziness and panicky quick editing of the standard-issue scary movie, Kubrik gives us the spooky, epic, splendidly lit space of the Overlook Hotel, shot with amplitude and calm.

It would seem that a relinquished city, or the staterooms supernaturally undamaged at the base of the sea.

There’s unadulterated motivation just in the scene in which young Danny rides his bicycle around the endless corridors, the wheels rotating on the wooden floor, at that point abruptly calm over the rugs. This movie is going to give you some goosebumps.

19.Life is Beautiful


This life-changing Italian drama is a perfect work in the history of cinema. It demonstrates love, family, creative mind overcome all. The story is about our everlasting penance of a dad.

It bargains about the lives of Jewish Gireling’s family, who were encompassed by Nazi death camps. Living in such a perilous environment, he needed to shield his young son from those feelings of trepidation of war.

So, he uses a lot of humor and imagination by telling this was a part of the game and whoever could conceal, they would get more points. The innocent kid felt that as a game and enjoyed it despite all the turmoils around him in the camp. At the end of the movie, the father passes on to save his son.

The rest of the movie shows how the child managed to get back to his mother again after the war.

The film was so funny and at the same time enthusiastic. The background score of the movie lifted the emotions in the scenes.

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