Why am I single? Am I single? Well, depends on what one means by single I guess. In the romantic sense of the word, I am single.

Why is that? Well, because I don’t have a love interest or rather, a love interest doesn’t have me. But singledom never means you are worthless. Anyway, the 20 reasons why you might be single are:

1.You are too self-obsessed

If you think too much about yourself, you are likely to set your standard absurdly high making it impossible to find someone compatible. Self -confidence is always ‘sexy’ but self-obsession is like a disease.

2.You haven’t got over someone

Getting over your ex sometimes can be very difficult but if you don’t step out and move on, you are gonna miss a lot of beautiful things in life. Healing takes time but eventually, it will happen if you open up to someone. Do not let the people who are no more in your life bug you or control you, take control yourself.

3.You are too picky

This is one of the possibility you might be still single. Having a certain preference is good but being too picky about every quality certainly won’t take you anywhere rather than a lonely life because if no one in this world is a perfect human being.

Everyone will have flaws and if you wish to devote for someone you should accept how they are.

4.You are not social

Not every time people will come to you and approach you. Sometimes, you have to make a move. You have to confess your feelings on right time before it gets too late. Begin to learn the art of communication because everything starts with just small talk.

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5. You have lots of insecurities

This is a narcissistic generation and uses of technology and social media has given us an inflated sense of self but there is an underlying emotion that makes us think that we are not great at a certain thing and shape our self-images and influences our behavior; insecurity.

If you have any sort of insecurity then first let me tell you, everyone has flaws but if you are not able to overcome your insecurities then start working on it.

6.You are waiting for the ‘Perfect one’

You are waiting for a perfect relationship to substitute all other imperfection of your life. You have a mental picture of your perfect partner which becomes and stays as an illusion. But remember, perfect one just doesn’t appear as an angel from the sky. Life is more about choices, compromises, sacrifices, and learning to live within the limitation and falling in love.

7.You are scared of losing people

You have already lost the dear ones and now you are scared to love someone and lose them again. This makes you commitment-phobic.

8.You are not willing to compromise

Life is full of compromises. You have to mold yourself according to the time and situation but that doesn’t mean only you should compromise on everything. A stable relationship builds when both the parties compromise not just a single one.

You have to lose something to gain something. It all depends on who and what you prioritize first. Intimacy and romance are determined by people who have comparable and complementary imperfection to one another.

9.You are determined to be single

Maybe a relationship is not just your cup of tea and you choose to be single.

10.Independence is too important for you

You are too damn independent and want to spread your wings and fly and keep flying. You don’t like being dependent on others and you feel like being in a relationship means being dependent on someone.

11.You just like to chase

You just like to play games and don’t want to be serious about it. You just like the chasing part and it just doesn’t interest you anymore once the chase is over and a relationship starts to stabilize.

12.You are too busy

You are just too busy working or studying or discovering and learning new things in life. You are ambitious and a relationship just doesn’t interest you.

13.You keep looking for wrong people

You might be looking for some impossible and wrong people like some celebrities or married person with looks.

14.You are way too shy

Sometimes a bit of spiciness is needed to start it i.e. flirting and maybe you don’t know how to flirt. You are way too shy flirt or even talk. Make eye-contact whilst speaking and approach at the right time.

15.You may be emotionally distant

You just don’t get emotionally attached and you give too less to your partner giving them a very cold vibe. This makes your partner get rid of yourself and not wanting a relationship with you.

16.You are not willing to take risks

Life is full of risks and so is a relationship and to inhale a relationship, you should look forward to taking risks also. If you are determined then nothing will stop.

17. Your defenses are too high

You maybe brutally hurt in the past and now you just don’t want anyone to let in. But do not let that come on the way of happiness. Let not your past decide over your future. Learn from your past but let it never rule your future.

18.You did not try hard

Nothing in life is gained easily. Everything needs a bit of effort and consistency. If you are among those who just give up fast then you might never get what you want. This doesn’t just imply a relationship, rather in everything in life. So, try harder at approaching and impressing.

19.You may be too needy

You may act too needy and wanting too much out of your partner, literally robbing off their personal space. This with time starts to bug your partner making them get rid of you. Give them their personal space without getting desperate.

20.You have a too narrow choice

You may have a very specific and narrow choice for your life partner. Like, you are looking for a partner from the same religion, caste, creed and same village. This might take a very long time.

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