What do you think? It is not just about ‘Jeans’, but pants or bottom-wear for men in general that govern the fashion sense of your outfit. T-Shirts and Jackets are always going to be on top (pun intended), but don’t ignore your bottoms. They equally contribute to the fashion statement of your outfit. The right pair can make your outfit complete, but the wrong one, on the other hand, can make your outfit look dull.

Most of us guys just choose jeans because they are easy to choose, comfortable and trendy. But so are the other bottom-wears. With all the new designs and trendy outfits, Men too have a wide bottom-wear collection to choose from. Not as wide as women’s collection, that we get lost (or bored) while choosing from but fun, appropriate and to-the-point like we like it.

“Jeans represent democracy in fashion.” – words by Giorgio Armani, an Italian Fashion Designer.

Here is a list of Top Five Bottom wear that we recommend you add to your wardrobe.

1.Jeans (Black and Blue)

Denims or Jeans are a typical casual wear owned by everyone. And the older they get, the better they are; Like Wine. They are comfortable, trendy and match with most of our tops (T-shirts, Shirts and Kurtas).

They can be worn in all seasons and are also recommended during Winter Season as the denim material can help in keeping us warm.

But there are so many styles. Follow these tips to find the right pair of jeans.


The Fit of your Jeans is a very important factor to consider while buying them. It should not be too tight that it makes you uncomfortable or too loose that it loses the form of your body. A slight shape is necessary to make your outfit look complete.

There are 5 Common Fits or Styles available for Men:

A.Skinny Jeans
The latest addition to the Jeans Family – Skinny Jeans are a tight fit and more suitable for ‘skinny’ guys in their 20s or younger. If worn right, they can be stylish and sexy, if not, they are not an attractive sight.

These are only recommended for skinny guys, as it will compliment their toned shape.

These are NOT recommended for Bulky or Not-Skinny guys as it will not only cut off your breathing space but also make you look unattractive.

They are not as tight as the Skinny Jeans but somewhere between Regular and Skinny Fit. If you think the regular fit is too loose, and the skinny too tight, this fit is made for you.

Regular Fit is suitable for guys with a regular body build.

Relaxed Fit is a loose fit, not hugging any part of your body, from the waist to the cut.

A loose fit is a baggy fit.
Stick to the fit(s) that bring out the best parts of you.


Apart from choosing the style or fit of your jeans, it is also important to consider the rise and size of your Jeans.The basic rises available for men are:

High Rise Jeans (also known as High Waist) are jeans where the waistband is above the belly button.

Medium Jeans (also known as Mid Rise) are jeans where the waistband skims the belly button. Best for guys who like to tuck their shirts in.

Low Rise (also known as Low waist) is a casual fit where the waistband is below the belly button.
Low Crotch (also known as Drop Crotch) are jeans that have a low crotch.

Chose the right waist size and rise, depending on your waist size and how you wear your shirts (tucked or untucked).


Chinos are a sophisticated pair of bottom-wear made from Cotton or Chino Cloth. They are similar to Khakis and can be worn by men of all generations. It has a narrow cut with tapering bottoms.

The fit is comfortable, neither too loose nor too tight. They can be easily maintained and are not too prone to wrinkles, which makes them the best alternative to jeans.

The style of Chinos leans more on the formal side. But they can also be styled as Casuals.

Chinos are available in all colors. Stick to shades of Brown, Blue, and black as they match with most of your tops. Although, if you want to experiment and buy a solid color, go for it!

They are best worn with light shades of shirts, matched with loafers, for formal wear.
They are easy to style and don’t require much effort. Don’t own one yet? Grab one now!

3.Formal Trousers (Navy Blue, Grey and Black)

Formal Trousers also are known as dress pants or pleated pants are a must-have for all men. Whether it is an interview or a Black-Tie event, formals are the dress code.

Formals are usually made from Woven wool or woolen blends; the material is comfortable and durable. It can be used in all seasons. It keeps you warm in the winter and cools in the summer.

When choosing the trouser, make the fit is right near the waist and crotch areas. It must be a perfect fit.

The length of the pants matters too. If it is too long, it will make you look shabby instead of classy. So, if the length doesn’t fit, make sure you get them altered.

The dress pant comes without pleats, having a narrow, slim cut. Whereas, the pleated pants come with ironed pleats, giving a snugger fit.

When it comes to choosing the color stick to dark shades of Navy Blue, Grey and Black.

When wearing the trousers, make sure you tuck your light-weight shirt in. Match it with a pair of Oxfords.

4.Track Pants

Almost everyone is a gym rat these days. Track pants will give you gym goers, the comfort yet flattering look, to go around pre or post workout.
While choosing the pants, here is a list of factors to keep in my mind.

A flexible waistband, with drawstrings.

Tapered ankles

Side Zip Pockets

Breathing room

Material (Depends on use – Nylon/Cotton Blends)


When choosing the color, it is best to stick to dark shades. You can match with any T-Shirt.

5.Training Shorts

A must-have for all you gym goers or joggers. Athletic shorts are saviors during a heavy work-out session.

Training Shorts are loose-fitted shorts made from looser cotton blends to provide comfort during workout sessions.
While choosing the shorts, here is a list of factors to consider.

Length: Stick to knee length, so it doesn’t interfere during your training session.

Material: It is available in spandex, polyester, lycra and cotton. Choose the material based on your use.

Quality: Make sure it is flexible and comfortable.


First Impression says it all! And since bottomwear are a deciding quotient of your outfit style, make sure you get the right ones! Stick to what is comfortable, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Happy Shopping!

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