“The way you dress is an expression of your personality”

Alessandro Michele, An Italian Fashion Designer and Creative Director of Gucci

It’s probably your first date, and you are nervous about everything. It’s normal and very common to worry about how you come across. One of the best ways to boost your self-confidence is to dress well.

Though it may seem like men can easily pull off outfits compared to women, most of the time you may go wrong. As the saying goes, your dress and sense of style define your personality.

And the First Impression is definitely the last when it comes down to this. Even if it’s not your first date, you have to dress accordingly, because let me tell you guys, women love it when their men make an effort to groom and style themselves. Just like the women folk do it for you(and themselves!).

Apart from this, Dressing up makes you look smart and well-groomed. So whether you’re getting ready for your first, fourth or fortieth date, here is a list of top 5 date outfits that any man can pull off!The main deciding factor of your outfit should be your date location, outdoors or indoors.Outdoor outfits are casual or dressy, depending on your date location.


Casual Brunch or Lunch Date – DAY

Casual Brunch or Lunch Date – DAY.

So, you and your date have decided to go for a movie or some activity and then go for lunch or brunch.

Basically y’all have decided to do some outdoor activity together! And while that’s all fun, you need to be very picky in choosing your outfit.

Pick one that you are not only comfortable in but one that also makes you look stylish and trendy.

The best and safest choice is obvious – ‘JEANS’. You can never go wrong with them. Pair them with a Crew Neck T-shirt or a checkered shirt. Complete your outfit with a pair of sneakers.

Accessorize it with a watch. And you are ready to rock! You could also wear a jacket or a knitted sweater if it’s cold.
Read our article for a detailed guide on TOP 5 T SHIRTS THAT EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN.


Casual Evening Dinner Date – NIGHT

Casual Evening Dinner Date – NIGHT

If you are planning on taking your date for an evening walk or an evening movie, always remember to carry a jacket.

Jeans or any comfortable and stylish bottom wear, combined with a shirt is suggested. Read our article on TOP 5 BOTTOM WEAR THAT EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN to choose the bottom wear that you should rock in this outfit.

You don’t want to want to look too casual. A balance of dressy and casual is what you have to pull off.

Also, there are high chances you are meeting up after work. Not a problem guys, this outfit can make you look sophisticated and formal, and also, casual and clean. It’s all about striking the right balance, without breaking your dress code.

Rely on the classic combination of jeans or chinos with a white, or soft colored shirts.

You may want to leave the top button open on your date to have a more informal look. Complete your outfit with a pair of
loafers or sneakers, and a watch.Carry a jacket along, and you are bound to impress!


Dressy Brunch or Lunch Date – DAY

Dressy Brunch or Lunch Date – DAY

This outfit for men is a balance of formal and informal wear.Opt for this outfit if you are planning to take your date to some fancy place for lunch. Or if you are taking her to a seminar or a talk show.

To make sure you look classy, instead of office ready, choose light, and solid color shirts.

Combine it with chinos of a color of your choice. Choose penny loafers or oxfords for your footwear. Carry a blazer depending on the occasion. Accessorize your outfit with a tie, and finish your look with a dark pair of sunglasses.


Dressy Evening Dinner Date – NIGHT

Dressy Evening Dinner Date – NIGHT

Go all out and dress up! Take out that suit and put it on. Go all James Bond on your date and you are bound to create a lasting impression.
If you are treating your date to a fancy dinner, its time you get into a fancy outfit too! Men in Suit are attractive and irresistible. So keep that in mind, next time you call it a monkey suit.

Make sure your suit pants and shirt have no wrinkles on them. Pair it with a pair of formal but fancy chinos or oxfords. You could opt for a tie or leave the top button open. Remember to pull this off, you
need to be well-groomed.

Read about grooming guidelines in our article – SEVEN GROOMING MISTAKES THAT EVERY MAN DOES.


If you are planning to stay in and binge watch some movies and enjoy a home cooked meal with your date, then the perfect outfit for that would be anything you are comfortable in! It doesn’t require you to dress up. But this doesn’t mean you dress down.

Wear casual t-shirts with shorts or jogging pants. You could also pair them with a sleeveless vest or t-shirt if it’s too hot. A hoodie or sweater for when it’s cold. Match them to highlight your best parts!


When it comes down to donning your outfit, make sure the fit is right. A typical fit, not too tight or too baggy is recommended.

It should be comfortable and flexible. Pay attention to your outfit, add accessories if necessary. Read about accessories for men on our website to know TOP 10 ACCESSORIES THAT EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN.

The deciding factor of your outfit should be the location or place you are going to. When it comes to colors,choose darker shades as it will accentuate your looks.
Finally, here are a few tips to have a fun and impressive date!
● Make a plan. Sudden plans are always the best. But not when it comes to first dates.
● Don’t be late. Be on time or Early.
● Don’t be too quiet or too chatty. Strike a balance between both. Be a good and interactive listener.
● Don’t use your cell phone. This tends to put the other person off.

Have fun and Stay Safe!

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