You’ve gone to the gym, got your six pack abs. Then you happen to see a model, and can’t help but notice that he has furrows on either side of his abs. You know what I’m talking about. It’s like an arrow pointing towards your groin. Those muscles. This article is about the top 5 exercises to get v-cut abs to get your own personal groin pointer.

Fun fact, that furrow is also called the Adonis belt. Adonis also means “a beautiful young man”.

A little information before getting to the exercises themselves. What is this muscle? It’s formed by three anatomical structures, the transversus abdominis and internal oblique muscles and the inguinal ligament. So, you have to mainly exercise your core.

1.Leg raises

Crunches are perfect for revealing your abs, but they’re not good for the lower ab muscles. They are good for the upper ones.

So what can you do instead? Leg raises! They exercise your lower core and define your abdominal muscles. They’re excellent for those with lower back pain as well.

Lie flat on your back, tighten your core, hands by your sides and palms facing down. Then lift your legs making sure to keep them straight. You should feel the muscles of your core straining.

Do 3 sets of 10 reps each. If you feel it is difficult, then bend your knees slightly while lifting, but straighten them out towards the peak of the movement.

You can vary it with by doing single leg raises or double leg raises.

2.Flutter kicks for v-cut abs

You must have swam or seen somebody swimming in your life. Ever observed the leg movement? They kick the water with shallow kicks to propel themselves forward. That’s why swimmers have such lean and muscular lower bodies.

You can do the same thing on dry land, and reap the rewards. Flutter kicks work on your glutes, core and lower abdominal muscles. Hence, they are perfect to get the V shape.

Lie flat on your back, tighten your core, hands by your sides and palms facing down. Keeping your legs straight, lift one leg a foot into the air, lower it and lift your other leg at the same time. It should be a continuous cycle.

Do 3 sets of 10 reps each.

One variation is lifting both the legs together. Read more about 5 EXERCISES TO GET RID OF LOVE HANDLES in our article.


This is pretty much a staple exercise that your gym trainer must be making you do. I mean, it is super effective in strengthening your core. And the best part? There are variations!

The muscles that are used mainly here are the abs, the back stabilizers, glutes and the lateral abdominal muscles.

The most common one is the normal forearm plank. Start with supporting yourself on your forearms and knees. Then lift your body onto your forearms and balls of your feet. Stay like that however long you can.

Another variation is the side plank. Turn your body by 90 degrees, stack one ankle on another and balance yourself on the side of one foot and forearm. Remember to keep your shoulder directly over your elbow. Drop your hip down and bring it back to the starting position.

Another variation is the plank hip drops. Come to the normal plank position, slowly drop your hip towards the right, then come back again to the starting position, then drop your hip towards the left and come back to the starting position.

Do 3 sets of 10 reps of each of the planks. Then move on to balancing yourself on your hand instead of your forearm.


This might have you scratching your head in confusion, but I’ll make it easy to understand. It is an amazing exercise for your core, and will give results.

Plus, it is a super cool looking exercise and will sure impress anyone looking in the vicinity.

How to do it? It’s pretty simple. Lie flat on your back. Then raise your legs, keeping them straight and lift your torso as well, so that your buttock is acting like a fulcrum. You’ll feel this exercise in your core.

Your torso and your legs should form a 90 degrees angle and you should try and not oscillate. Stay in one constant position.

Stay in this position for however long you can. You should do this exercise typically at the end of the workout, when your abdominal muscles are tired.

Do 3 repetitions of this exercise. Hold the position for 15-30 seconds each time. It might seem easy, but it is in reality a challenging exercise.

If you are not able to do easily, if it is too difficult, then a variation is there where you place your palms below your buttocks to stabilize yourself. This helps you to balance yourself and also gives you the benefits of the exercise.

5.Bicycle crunches

Well, you must have known that this exercise will probably end up in this article. And that the writers of Brooklyn 99 are correct and do their research while writing the script.

And no this does not mean doing ab crunches while sitting on a cycle/cycling machine. Although it does sound cool and challenging, that is not what this exercise is.

So what is this exercise? It targets the abdominal muscles and the obliques. This exercise is proven to give you the Adonis belt.

How do you do it? It is fairly simple. Lie flat on your back with your hand interlaced behind your head. Next lift your head and upper chest up, taking support from your hands. Bend one knee and lift it to bring it to your chest, and move the opposite elbow towards it at the same time. For example, lift your left knee and try touching it with your right elbow.

This exercise works out your core, hip flexors, quads and the neck vertebrae stabilizers.

Do 3 sets of 15 reps each and take a 10 second break between each set.

Remember to do it slowly, otherwise you might crash your knee into your nose and you might break your nose too. Slow and steady wins the race.

Bottom line

So here we have the top 5 exercises that you must do to get the model worthy v-cut abs that you keep drooling after. And to all the ladies reading this, there is a very high possibility that you might not be able to get the furrow, as the inguinal ligament is something that is present only in men. But you can always do these exercises and ensure that you get the prominent abs that you’ve always wanted and coveted.

One last thing. Remember to breathe. Breathe out while you’re flexing and breathe out while you’re going back into the starting position. This reduces the chances of cramps coming on. So stay fit and stay healthy!

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