Whether it’s an office party or casual wear, comfort and style must go hand-in-hand. Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma because you do not have the right shoes for an occasion? Or maybe you do not know which shoe goes with your outfit. All of us have been there ( Unless you were born with a fashion stylist ). Here is a list of top 5 footwear for men that is abso-wait-for-it-lutely mandatory!

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally”

Famous lines by Christian Louboutin, a French fashion designer.

Shoes are one of the things that a person first notices about you. And we all want to make a lasting impression, so choosing the right pair and flaunting it is necessary.

1.Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers are lace-less shoes that have a sole and heel attached to the bottom, with a moccasin style upper and a diamond cut out in the center. It has a strip of leather – the saddle – stitched horizontally across the instep.

They are often referred to as the “penny slip-on” and “penny”.
Fun Fact: During the 1950s, it became fashionable to hide pennies in the diamond shaped cut out in the center. This became trendy and that’s how Penny Loafers got its name.

There are different styles of Penny Loafers:

Blind Penny

A Blind Penny is the same as a Penny loafer, without the diamond cut-out in the center, which is usually filled in or non-existent. Apart from this small difference, a blind penny is the same as a penny loafer. It can be paired with Jeans, Suits and Casual Trousers.

Beefroll Penny

This is one of the classic styles of penny loafers. The leather stitches on the front are exaggeratingly large, a casual detail that makes it look classy and stylish. It can be paired with Jeans, Suits and Casual Trousers.

Penny Slip-on

Yes, Penny loafers and Penny Slip-ons are the same. Sort of. The difference lies in the way they are constructed. While loafers are lace-less shoes with a moccasin style upper, a slip-on is not constructed in a Moccasin style. These are preferred by businessmen. Best worn with Suits, but can also be paired with Trousers.

Penny Moccasin

A Penny Moccasin is a loafer without the heels. It is a more casual pair of loafers. Best worn with Jeans and trousers.

Penny Loafers are available in all colors and materials, and can be worn in all seasons!

In short, Penny loafers are versatile and classic. It goes with every outfit you own( and I can guarantee you this without looking at your wardrobe. It goes with lungis too!). If you don’t own a Penny loafer yet, go get one right now. No waiting.

2.White Sneakers

My personal favorite! Not very practical but if you don’t mind dirtying your sneakers, then you can try these. That is if you haven’t already.Obviously, these are Summer and Winter wears. Wear it, and make a fashion statement! Whatever the occasion, these white sneakers pass the dress code.

It goes perfectly well with jeans, dark-trousers, and shorts. They are essential because they provide comfort and are very stylish at the same time!There are so many styles to choose from. Buy one that suits your style the best.Read our article on TOP 5 SNEAKERS EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN to rock the sneaker season.

Here’s a tip: Wear them without socks and rolled up jeans, and you are good to go!

3.Boots(Chelsea Boots)

Chelsea boots gained popularity during the 1960s, because of celebrities such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones and others.They are available in Suede and Leather materials. Although “suede” has a very luxurious look to it, it is believed to be high maintenance. Leather, on the other hand, is perfect for Winter wear, and any other weather.

Black is the traditional color of Chelsea boots. Also, black boots go with any outfit. But a swanky looking dark brown or even blue boots are good too!
There are so many different styles of Chelsea Boots to pick from. While they all are very iconic, Pick one that suits your style the best.

4.Brown Leather Brogue/Black Leather Oxford

A pair of dressy shoes is a must in every man’s and woman’s closet. A pair of Oxfords or Brogues are cut out for it. With their elegance and closed lacing, Oxfords and Brogues add a classic and refined touch to your formal outfit. They can also be worn with casual outfits, giving you a polished look.

There are so many different styles. Anyone you choose complements your outfit, as these are versatile and perfect for all occasions. You just can’t go wrong with them.

Depending on the area and amount of decoration, Brogues are classified into four different types.

  • Quarter Brogues
  • Half Brogues
  • Full Brogues
  • Long Wing

The most important point to be noted while shopping for Oxfords or Brogues, is to choose the right shaped toe. It is the most aesthetic part of a shoe. The different styles are:

  • Budapester Toe
  • Classic Round
  • Almond Toe
  • Pointy Toe
  • Soft Square
  • Square Toe
  • Elongated

Oxfords and Brogues are available in different styles and designs. Although they are available in all colors, choose dark colors like Black, Dark-Brown. Experiment with your outfits, but make sure you stay practical. Buy a shoe that matches your wardrobe style. And if you are going for a whole different look, try white colored oxfords/brogues like Jimmy Fallon. [ Get those tight pants on! ]

5.Running Shoes

As said by Adidas, Running is more than just a run. It is a mindset, a way of thinking. It clears your mind and gives you clarity on whatever is bothering you. And also makes you fit!

Whether you are headed to the gym or just taking a few laps around the park, a pair of running shoes is very essential. More than style, comfort and fit are what matters. If the shoe is a size too big, or even small, you end up with blisters. There is also a possibility of injuring your ankle.

Hence, when it comes to choosing your running shoes, it is very important to choose the right fit. Take into consideration the quality, material, and sole.

The advantage of owning a pair of running shoes is that they not only function as your gym or running shoes, but also can be used as casual wear.
It is best to stick to colors that highlight your outfit like the usual black, grey, white etcetera. Neon colors will only draw attention away. They are best worn with t-shirt and jeans or trousers – basically very casual outfits.
But if you are solely using them for running or at the gym, then a little neon in your shoes is okay with your gym or running outfit.


Fit, Quality, Material, and sole. These are the main things you must take into consideration while buying any shoes. Comfort comes first. But that should not compromise your style. So all you need to do is to find the shoe with a balance of both. Happy shopping!

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