Shirts make you look professional and smart. They have the ability to raise your attractive quotient. However, there is a big BUT. The ‘BUT’ is that you need to wear it right and choose the right shirts. Your shirt can make or break your look.

Wearing bright orange or pink colored shirts ( Yes, it’s okay in the Movie industry or ‘reel’ life, but not in ‘real’ life. ) is a big NO. That being said, there are a few celebrities or your colleagues who can pull it off. But they don’t suit all of us.

Given below is a list of 5 shirts for men that everyone should own. Cross verify it with your wardrobe. Do you own them? Is it the right fit? What to look for when you are shopping for new shirts? Read on to know more.

“A shirt’s not just a shirt. It’s the experience of what goes into that shirt.”

Micheal Bastain, American Fashion Designer.

If you are a college student forced to wear shirts or a working professional, your wardrobe has at least 5 shirts that every man should own. Take a look at these shirts. When you are wearing them, check the fit. Let your shirt speak for you.

The three main things to take into consideration when buying your shirt is the Quality, Design, and Fit of it.

Shirts can you make look flattering if the fit is right. If it doesn’t fit like a glove, it can reduce your attractive quotient. Pay attention to the collar, shoulder, sleeves, chest, and length.

A finger width of space when fully fastened is how you can detect the right collar fit. Full-sleeves or half, choose what you are most comfortable in. A well-fitted shirt can create the illusion of a built frame.

The shoulder frame of the shirt should your body frame. Your shirt should fit perfectly around the chest. But not so tight that the buttons are close to popping. There should be enough space for flexibility


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The Classy, Simple and Timeless White Dress Shirt matches with everything you own. You can wear it with any bottoms. Blue or Navy Jeans, Black or Grey Trousers, Brown or Beige Shorts, anything! They are a MUST in every man’s wardrobe. They can be worn both as Casuals and Formals.

Stick to cotton material or a combination of it for daily/casual wear. For a more dressy look, you could opt for the silk material.

You could wear sneakers for a casual look. For a more professional and formal look, stick to oxfords or penny loafers. Complete your outfit with accessories. A tie, A watch or cufflinks.

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The Denim Shirt adds a casual edge to your structured outfit. It highlights your character. You can wear them with contrasting or same colored jeans. It is best to not match them with Formal trousers.

The material used is Denim, which can keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. Overall, its a comfortable material that everybody loves. So why not?

Match it with sneakers or loafers and add a few accessories to complete your outfit.


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The other classy shirt is the Oxford button-down shirt. They can be easily styled as they match with any bottoms. Blue Jeans, Black Chinos, Grey Trousers… Anything!

The shirt is made from woven fabrics hence it is thicker compared to the usual light-weight shirts. It’s best to stick to Black and Navy Blue colors while buying this shirt.

This Shirt is a must as it is accepted by all ‘dress codes’. This oxford button down shirt is the most versatile clothing you can own.

Match it with sneakers or loafers to complete your outfit. Choose the footwear and bottom wear depending on the occasion.

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One of the most fashionable pieces of clothing during winter!

The Flannel Shirt is made up of woven wool that is soft, warm and comfortable. It is excellent for layering and is perfect for all casual occasions.

A flannel shirt can be worn underneath a jacket or over a sweatshirt. Match the colors to compliment your flannel shirt.

Most flannel shirts go really well dark blue/ navy jeans, but it’s up to you to mix and match. Textured Fabrics are the current fashion.

Experiment all you like – You can never go wrong with flannels.

Flannels don’t require many accessories. Complete your look with sneakers or boots!


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The Short sleeve shirt is the perfect wear during summer. It is versatile and practical.

Choose lightweight material like Cotton or a combination of it, while buying this shirt. Silk is good too if you are wearing this with a lungi or mundu or dhoti.

The Short sleeve Shirt is available in tropical colors, solid colors, graphic prints etc. It matches best with shorts. You could also wear it with light colored jeans and chinos, depending on the design of the short sleeved shirt.

The Short sleeve shirt is a casual wear. The length of this shirt should reach the top of your thighs. You may tuck it in if you want to. The collar button can be left open or closed. Make sure the fit is perfect, especially at the arms.


Shirts are stapled wear for all men. The top 5 shirts that every man should own as listed above are the most basic and trendy shirts. They have you covered from casual to dressy, formal to informal.

The factors to consider while buying a new shirt is the design, fit, and quality of the shirt. Stick to what is comfortable but don’t be too afraid to experiment with new shades and mix them up with your bottom wear.

Stay fit and Stay Healthy.

Happy Shopping!

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