Sneakers. Who doesn’t like them? We all would rather wear sneakers than wear loafers or heels. They are THE definition of comfort. The rubber sole makes walking, running, jumping or any form of physical exercise easy. They are also flexible and give a strong foot grip. Also, Sneakers for men are now a fashion statement, all the more reason to add one (or more) to your wardrobe!

Every man owns a Sneaker. And if you don’t, well we will tell you why you need them. And if you can’t decide which one to buy, we are here to help! Read on to know more about the top 5 sneakers for men in 2019.

There are 5 types of sneakers for men depending on the cut:

– High-tops, that cover the ankles

– Low-tops, similar to oxfords

– Mid-cut sneakers

– Sneaker boots

– Slip-ons (similar to low-tops, except they come without the laces)

“Never underestimate the power of a shoe.”- Famous words by Giuseppe Zanotti, a well-known Italian Shoe Designer. 

FUN FACT: Sneakers (or sport shoes) were primarily designed for athletes. Now, they are widely used as casuals. Shoe designers and manufacturers have created various designs to support the wearer to their fullest. For example, the spiked shoes for football.

The Fit, Quality, Material and Sole are the main things to consider when buying a sneaker. It differs according to your use. Whatever the use may be, make sure you never compromise on the quality of the shoe. But, there are so many brands to choose from. While they all are good enough, these 5 sneakers for men listed below are what we recommend.

1. Stan Smith White Sneakers by Adidas

These sneakers, which are manufactured and designed by Adidas, are named after Stan Smith (also known as Stanley Roger Smith), former world No. 1 American Tennis player and a two-time Gram Slam singles champion.

Stan Smith Sneakers were primarily manufactured for tennis players. Over the years, they advanced to being a fashion icon. They are worn by models on fashion runways, inspiring new looks to all.

They are known for their iconic design and elegant features. 

The key features are:

  • Perforated 3-Stripes representing the signature 3-stripes Adidas style.
  • Full-grain Leather Upper for durability
  • Rubber outsole to deliver superior traction

Stan Smiths provide excellent comfort with a classy look. Hence, they are suitable for everyday activities. On the plus side, they are very affordable, light-weighted andeasy to clean too.

Although they are available in various colors, we suggest you stick to white. White gives your outfit an overall classy look.

They are best worn with jeans and trousers. A white sneaker is a must footwear that every man should own. Here is a list of TOP 5 FOOTWEAR FOR MEN that is abso-wait-for-it-lutely mandatory!

Don’t own one yet? What are you waiting for? Go grab one now!

2. Vans Old Skool (Suede and Leather)

Vans Old Skool are primarily a classic skating shoes. They are the first ones to bare the iconic side stripes. These sneakers have been in the style since 1977.

Vans Old Skool sneakers comes with upgraded features like:

  • The padded tongue
  • A soft sock liner

They are known for providing comfort while also balancing a retro look. With their classic low-top upper, lace up front and a rubber outsole, they steal the show.

They are available in 2 different materials – Suede and Leather.

The upper made of a combination of suede and canvas, provides a longer durability.

The upper made of leather is easy to clean. But it tends to form creases.

They are available in various colors and patterns. Find the style that suits you best!

3. Nike Air Max 97 Series

Designed with the Max Air technology, these pair of sneakers by Nike are built for you runners!

The key features of this Sneakers are:

  • Water ripple lines
  • Reflective piping
  • Full-length Max Air cushioning with a foam sole
  • Rubber outsole

The upper of these sneakers are made up of leather, synthetic or textile materials depending on the design.

These sneakers are light-weight, comfortable and the Air sole cushioning makes an amazing shock absorbent.

They are best worn with casual outfits. Also, if you are a gym goer, this sneaker will come handy!

FUN FACT: The first revolutionary Air Sole unit by Nike was in the late 1970s. In the late 1980s, they released a model which had visible air soles.

4. PUMA Suede Classic Natural Warmth

Puma Suede Classic Natural warmth sneakers are inspired from Basketball. 

They are made from an exceptional quality.

The key features are:

  • A water-resistant Suede upper
  • A Low-top
  • A gum rubber outsole
  • Light-Padded tongue
  • Perforations along the Puma form strip on the sides

Also, the midsole is textured with a ribbed toe to increase durability. The gum rubber outsole provides flexibility and traction.

They are stylish and give your outfit a classic sporty look. Also, these sneakers can be bought at a very affordable price. Which makes them even sweeter!

It is best to stick to natural warm colors while buying these sneakers.

They are best worn with shorts, jeans and trousers. Or if you are trying out a casual look with Capris, these complete your outfit too!

If you are a sportive guy, this shoe is for you!

5. Adidas Continental 80

The Continental 80 by Adidas resembles the look of indoor sneakers for men from the 1980s.

The upper of these sneakers are made from full grain leather material for durability.

It features a two-tone stripe and a rubber cupsole with a French terry lining that is made for comfort.

The key features are:                                                                                                                                

  • Sock-liner
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • rubber cupsole with French terry lining
  • Light-weight

These sneakers are budget-friendly. Excellent product for its price.

The retro look is a major appeal to all. It is simple and stylish. Perfect for everyday wear.

This is a perfect summer shoe.

When selecting the color of this shoe, we suggest you stick to solid colors.

They match with every outfit. Obviously not formals though.

These are best worn with jeans and trousers, with T-shirts. Casual in its sense. 


Sneakers are made so you can have fun, while staying comfortable. They are stylish, iconic and flexible and are perfect for everyday activities. They are also available for sportswear – athletic sneakers.

They are available in all styles! Wear them with casual outfits, and you can never go wrong. Make sure you buy the right fit and size. Also, since most of them are unisex products, you can go twinning with your partner!

Have fun and Stay fit!

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