“I’ve always thought of the t-shirt as the alpha and omega of the fashion alphabet” – famous words by Giorgio Armani, an Italian Fashion Designer.

And we completely agree. Do you?  T-shirts dominate most of our wardrobes (well, at least those of whom we know).

T-shirts are a favorite to all. They are a legendary and classic wear for both men and women. T-shirts are stylish, trendy, comfortable and light. They are available in all colors, patterns and designs. They are available in all materials too! Cotton, Polyester, Linen, Lycra, Polyester, Rayon… You name it, you’ve got it! They are also available in a combination of two or three materials. They can be worn in all seasons, with any bottoms (as long as you match it right…).

FUN FACT: T-Shirts were originally produced as inner-wear, something to wear below your clothing. And after the Second World War, they became popular as casuals.

Here is a list of Top five T-Shirts necessary for you to own! And we will tell you why…

1. Crew Neck (Solids)


Casual and Comfortable, this is the definition of all T-shirts. But Crew Necks take the prize. A Crew Neck tee has a round neckline, without a collar. It is often worn as an undershirt.

They were first developed in 1932 to absorb sweat and prevent chafing of shoulder pads for the American Football team.

Whether you want to wear them as an undershirt, or just as a casual wear, these fit the bill either way!

They are a perfect fit. So make sure you get the right size!

Cotton material for Crew Neck Tees are mostly preferred.

Crew Neck T-Shirts are available in Full sleeves and Half Sleeves. When picking the color, stick to solid colors like the Classic White (mostly preferred), Gray, Black (a must-have), Navy Blue… etcetera. They are best worn with jeans and trousers.

They are available in patterns – graphic tees too.

Crew Necks are best for you if you are built, have a long or a narrow face, or have round shoulders. They accentuate your features and make you look fabulous!

Wear them more often if you own them, and if you don’t, well you know what to buy the next time you go shopping!

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A Henley is a collarless t-shirt with buttons anywhere from one to five near the neckline ( Also known as the buttoning placket) in the front.

FUN FACT: They are called Henley because this style was the traditional uniform of rowers for a town in England called Henley – on – Thames.

Henleys can be full sleeved or short sleeved. While the short sleeved looks similar to a Polo T-shirt without the collar, a full sleeved Henley tee, looks similar to a V-Neck sweater.

They are both comfortable and trendy in their own way.

When it comes to color and patterns, stick to plain solid colors and classic patterns like stripes.

They are best worn with dark jeans and trousers. Match them according to the color – dark tee on a light colored bottoms. They are available in all materials. Or you could go dark with dark, and give off bad boy vibes.

Wear one and pull off a Ryan Gosling!

3. V-Neck ( Solids )

A V-Neck t-shirt is a more casual wear compared to the Crew Neck t-shirts.

It is best suited for men of a shorter stature as it makes one look less box shaped, making them appear taller.

Also, it is more suited to men with a rounder face or a wide face, as it complements their features.

While wearing a Crew Neck t-shirt with a shirt on top, leaving a button or two open made the undershirt visible to all. Hence, V- Neck t-shirts were introduced. And now they have become a fashion statement!

V-Neck T-shirts are available in all colours and materials. Stick to solid colours, ones that suit you best! They are best worn with jeans and trousers.

Don’t own one yet? Get one and for sure it will be your new favorite t-shirt!

4.Training T-shirt

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Almost everybody is a gym rat these days. If not in gym, one is exercising at home or in a fitness park.

And at the end of every session, you end up in a sweaty mess!

Cotton Tees are soft and comfy, but on the off-side they absorb sweat really fast, and you end up soaked within minutes.

Hence, Introducing the Training T-shirt or a dry fit t-shirt that, as the name suggests, keeps you dry and comfy through-out your workout!

Training T-shirts or Dry Fit T-shirts are made up of Microfiber Polyester which is layered to enhance moisture wicking.

They are light-weight, and remain as is, even after absorbing sweat.

It is one of the must-haves when it is comes to gym essentials.

 5. Tank tops

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When the sun is out, so are tank tops! 

Tank tops (also known as Singlets and Vests) are a sleeveless, collarless and low neck t-shirts with wide shoulder straps.

They are most commonly worn as undershirts.

Although, if you want to wear them when you take your dog for a walk, or just at the beach, here are a few guidelines you may want to have a look at before you go :

1. The Fit

Nobody rocks the Tank top as much as The Rock.

You don’t have to look like him to wear it. But make sure you are a fit. It’s all about the fit.

2. The Style

Ryan Gosling, The Rock, Kanye West, … they have all pulled off a Tank top.

Be sure to know what suits your stature and style best! Pick one that you are comfortable in.

Match your outfit with accessories – bracelets, watch, necklace…

3. The Hair

Make sure you trim those pits. And too much chest hair = not cool. So get that trimmed or waxed. Whatever you prefer.

4. The NO-NO

Tank tops are bottom level casuals. Never wear them if you are going for a party that is not on the beach-side.

Buy Tank Tops that are your size. If the neck is too low, it is a definite no.

5. The Pattern

Solid colors and classic patterns are a go-to when it comes to Tank tops. If you can find the right balance between graphic and a good-fit, go for it!

Here is a list of different styles of Tank Tops you have to know about before you buy one!

  • Slim Fit

This is fitted tank top which is best worn with linen cotton trousers. Pick fabrics that are more thick, like the ribbed cotton. Wear them with casual loafers and walk out in confidence!

These also make a really good undershirt and also keeps you warm and comfy!

  • Relaxed Fit

This is a go-to summer tank top. Choose a patterned or solid colored Tank.

These are best worn with tailored shorts (slightly above the knee or just below). Finish your look with some sandals.    

  •   Longline

Only for the brave. And, no. This is not a challenge.

As the name suggests, Tank tops of this style have a very low neck. They are worn under jackets or cardigans. Best for layering.

In conclusion, T-Shirts are all about fun. Make sure you buy the right fit to stay comfortable and hippy while going all out. Add a few graphic or statement t-shirts to your wardrobe if you don’t have them yet. Stay fit and Stay healthy!

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