EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE suffers from dry skin. And it’s not like everyone gets it at the same time. You might get it during winter, I might get it during summer; it varies from person to person.And let me tell you that the cosmetic companies cash in on this majorly. And what do you apply? A
moisturizer! And that’s what this article is about.The top six moisturizers for men available in India.

There are different moisturizers for oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and sensitive skin.There are two types of bases used in moisturizers, i.e. water-based and oil-based. Those with dry skin that requires intensive moisturizing need to use an oil based moisturizer. Those with oily or
normal skin can use the water based moisturizer.

Those with sensitive skin need to use a moisturizer that is unscented and has as few chemicals as possible to prevent an allergic reaction.Now coming to why you should moisturize your skin.

It reduces the chances of you getting wrinkles,reduces the chances of skin problems like acne popping up and reduces scars and blemishes.

How do moisturizers work? What do they do? They lock in the water on the outermost layer of the skin. This prevents the skin from drying out and so keeps the skin healthy.It also acts as a physical barrier between the skin and the outer environment. It prevent the essential oils from being lost and the outside chemicals and pollutants will not harm the skin and cause it to become dry.

What does all this do? It just gives us more material to work on, extra creams and lotions that we can just remove from the list. I like striking things off a list.

1.Garnier Men Power White Fairness Moisturizer

This moisturizer is from Garnier, and it is surprisingly good!It is a water based moisturizer, so it is good for normal, sensitive and oily skin, but not fordry skin.

It also contain SPF 15, so it provides protection against the sun too.It also has activated lemon extract, that scrubs the dead skin cells off the surface and let’s new cells take their place.It contain Long Dan, which helps in preventing tanning of the skin by suppressing the melanin pigment in the skin.

But one thing I didn’t like is that they have a fairness meter, with the fairer skin tones having higher scores than darker skin tones. Is the meter really even necessary?

2.L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Anti-Dullness Moisturizer

So this one is a bit on the pricey side, north of a thousand rupees (roughly 15 dollars). But I would say that it is bang on its buck, cause it is worth it.

It contains vitamin C, caffeine and other essential nutrients, it acts as a perfect moisturizer.This reduces scars and blemishes, and gives your skin a healthy glow.

It is oil based, so it is perfect for normal and dry skin. It locks in the moisture and doesn’t let the skin become dry too fast. It also lasts long, so you can apply it twice a day.

It is also hypoallergenic, so people with sensitive skin can apply it too.Dullness, dryness, dark circles, uneven skin tones and wrinkles are all reduced on using this moisturizer.The only con is the price, with 1250 proving a bit too expensive for a majority of the people
to spend on a moisturizer.

3.Nivea Men Sensitive Moisturizer

This is one of the cheaper ones on moisturizers for men and accomplishes everything that you expect from a moisturizer.It is again water based, it doesn’t leave behind any greasiness, and it gets absorbed very easily into the skin.

It is doesn’t contain any alcohol or fragrance whatsoever, so it is perfect for sensitive skin. It also includes chamomile extract, which also soothes the skin.

It is available in small bottles, so it is perfect to keep when you are going out.The only minus point is that it doesn’t contain any SPF, but that might be because it is for the sensitive skin type, and making it SPF would mean adding chemicals. It also doesn’t last that long either.

4.Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturizer

This is one of those moisturizers for men which incorporates water into the gel form, and trust me, it is a delight to apply on the face.It relieves your skin immediately on applying it and it doesn’t leave behind any greasiness

It also contains hyaluronic acid, which traps the moisture inside and it keeps the skin healthy for a long time. Almost 24 hours is what is advertised by Neutrogena, but I found it to be a little less.

And it is perfect for oily skin as it doesn’t add any greasiness whatsoever to already greasy skin, and it keeps the skin healthy and moisturized for a long time.The only con that I can find is the price, again. Roughly 1400 for a moisturizer is not something that everybody is comfortable with shelling out.

5.Bull Dog Original Moisturizer

Yeah, the name is weird, I know. Yes, it is a cosmetic company, not any dog treats company.Yes, the product is for human and not for animals. Glad we got that out of the way.This is also one of the more expensive moisturizers for men that is available in India, but trust me, it is bang for buck.

This moisturizer is also water based, and it is an all skin types moisturizer, keeping in mind that it doesn’t cover the extreme ends of the spectrum.
Your skin should be not too dry and not too oily as well; if it lies between this spectrum, it is perfect for you.

It is non-greasy and gets absorbed very easily. And the scent is subtle and not too overpowering, so it doesn’t clash with your deodorant or perfume.

It is a British company, so it will be on the pricey side. 1700 for a moisturizer must be unheard of for most of you reading this article, but trust me on this one when I say that it is worth every penny that you spend.

6.Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer with SPF 15

Looking at how the article goes, the more expensive ones are towards the end. And this doesn’t fail that expectation. For almost 2000, it is the most expensive moisturizer on this list.This is the only one on this list that is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to protect against the harmful effects of the sun.

It is water based and is perfect for oily to normal skin types, although it can also be used for borderline dry skin types.The SPF 15 formula is non-greasy and non-sticky, and it gets absorbed very fast into the skin.

It contains vitamin B3, E and C and antioxidants, which all help in keeping your skin healthy,wealthy and wise.The only con for me is the price. 2000 is ridiculously expensive for a moisturizer.


So there we have the 6 best moisturizers available for men in India at the moment. You can of course choose ones from outside this list, but it will be hard to find their equivalents or betters.

So what are you waiting for? Why should girls have all the fun? Go ahead and take care of your skin!
You’ll thank me 10 years later.

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