I’m a guy. And so it is with great trepidation and hesitation that I write this article. I mean, it is the top 7 body parts that women love in men, and not the other way around. But I will try to write this from a woman’s perspective.

Women are complex creatures. They find men attractive who have a compound collection of attractive qualities. They look for physical as well as mental attributes. You need to be interesting as well as physically attractive to attract a woman’s attention. But I digress. A woman cannot judge your mental prowess from across the bar or the dance floor. But what they do notice is how you look physically. Hit the gyms, guys. A lasting first impression is always better than a pathetic one. I’m not saying get ripped and jacked or whatever term is the fad nowadays. Just don’t be that fat and obese guy who cries that nobody finds him attractive, but still doesn’t do anything about it.


It’s very easy for guys on what they find attractive in women. It can be their smile, their eyes, their hair, and so on. And no, I’m not going to be crude and say what most of you might be thinking. But, for women, they look much deeper than that. They pay attention to detail. They notice small things. Like how big your arms are, or the color of your eyes, or how tight your pants must be (and no, I’m not gay. I’m going to be saying that a lot throughout this article, I can feel it). And a woman observes these things at a number of places. She could be your colleague, a woman at your gym, somebody who served you once before or just a stranger on the street. Read our article on 10 THINGS THAT MEN DO THAT TURNS WOMEN ON

Now, I’m not saying that all women look at these things and judge a guy’s attractiveness. This is just a generalized list of what could be the things that a woman finds attractive in a man. So, without further ado, let’s see the top seven body part that women love in men (cringing at the title itself).

1.Side neck area

Yes, it is not the best descriptive term available for this area, but I cannot describe it in medical terms, now can I? (But if you are curious, like I’m sure my girlfriend who’s reading this definitely will be, it is also called the lateral cervical area [yes, the neck is also called cervix or collum].

It is the area that most women will look at after looking at a guy’s face, cause it’s the closest to his face. A strong neck, with a good amount of length is a real turn on for women. Also, the way your muscles come into prominence while turning or while swallowing, is a real attention grabber to women. It’s also the one area that women love to kiss and be kissed on. So take my advice, guys. A good neck with a strong jawline goes a long way to looking good in the books of women. Add some stubble into the mix and they will love it.


Women love men who show their forearms off. Rolling up your sleeves, meaning business. Big biceps are usually associated with guys working out, but big forearms are usually associated with useful work, like construction, or working on a car, or even cooking. And women love a guy who knows what he’s doing. Ask around your women colleagues, and they’ll definitely tell you that a guy’s forearms are always sexy to them.

So go ahead and roll up those shirt sleeves, men! Pump some iron at the gym and get those drool-worthy forearms which women will not be able to resist.


Guys, read books. Read books which have a little bit of romance in them. Authors have a vague idea of what women like, and they describe it all to varying degrees. A man who can hold eye contact is sexy in a woman’s eyes. And especially eyes with long and thick lashes is a special treat for women. Hold the contact, and add a bit of a smile. It will work wonders. But not a creepy smile, a casual one.

The eyes are the windows into the soul, so be honest in your intentions, whatever they are. Women can work out your intentions quite early on. And don’t ogle. Women hate being treated like sex objects. A gaze that is strong and can look into their eyes for an extended length of time (without straying anywhere else, if you know what I mean) is especially sexy to women. When you look at someone you find attractive/love, your pupil dilates. Women tend to subconsciously observe this and feel attracted to you if they subconsciously see your pupil dilating.

Also, take care of those eyebrows. A uni brow is your way of telling the world that you do not care if you looked like you stepped straight out of the Paleolithic era. Yes, I’m calling you a caveman. Yes, go to a parlor/salon and get that fixed immediately.


I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this article, you must have read other articles similar to this like What A Girl Does If She’s Into You. And I’m pretty sure that there would have been a point which says that if a girl likes you, she will touch your arm.Read our article on TOP 6 BICEPS EXERCISES FOR MUSCLE GROWTH for those big guns.

That’s because women like big, strong arms. Arms that can hold them and make them feel comforted as well as hold off any imaginary bad guys who might try and steal them away. A bulging bicep with veiny forearms are a treat to a woman’s eyes. So go the gym (or wherever you work out; could be the Batcave too) and pump some iron. Build those arms from the skinny toothpicks to the canon show that they can be.


I remember this movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. It’s a movie about how Ryan Gosling goes into bars and gets women back into his apartment for a night of passionate love-making, and how he finally falls in love with Emma Stone. Now, the first night they’re together, Emma Stone looks at Ryan Gosling’s abs and practically drools all over. If I remember correctly, the exact words were “Are those Photo shopped?!”

See, that reaction is exactly why women love abs. The broad shoulders, tapering down to a narrow waist, with 6 (or 8) Pav bread buns on their stomach. It shows women that you care for yourself and you invest time in yourself, even if it not wholly for only your benefit. Washboard abs have been and probably always be a benchmark for the beauty standards of men. And with good reason. If a person is fit enough to have his abs showing, then he is handsome/beautiful/whatever-adjective-you-want-to-use.

6.Luscious lips

Well, this might be common to both women and men. Everybody looks for someone with full lips, all the better to kiss with. That’s not to say that people with thinner lips kiss bad, but it is just sexier when you have full lips.

Full lips with a great set of teeth, white and straight, go a long way in making you appear attractive to women. So brush twice, guys, and take care of your bad breath, if you have any. Take care of your lip health as well. Dry and chapped lips do not look pretty, and the fissures might bleed, which just hurts and is not worth it. Yes, you might feel like Chandler when he listens to that hypnotism tape and starts behaving like a woman, but it’s important that you take care of yourself! So bend your pride and use that chapstick like a man.

7.Broad shoulders

Everybody has seen Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, right? Ever see his shoulders? They’re massive. You think he looks good? If you do, it’s obvious that women find him attractive too! And one of the main reasons is his physique.

Broad shoulders have always been attributed to strength, and women gravitate towards powerful people. It’s a primitive though reflex, something that women don’t really control, but they do think it. So use it to your advantage!! Studies have shown that women find men with broad shoulders and a narrow waist attractive.

It shows an overall fitness level that is appealing to women and they think that this man is fit to be their mate. Again, a primitive thought, but present nonetheless.


You now know what the top 7 body parts are that women find attractive in men. I’m pretty sure that there are more, but I can already feel your attention slipping away, so I’ll keep this nice and short.

Physical attractiveness isn’t everything. You need to have something of value in the top floor of your head too (PS: if you didn’t get that, I’m afraid you’re going to have to marry young, while you still have your good looks going for you. And don’t forget to marry rich). Physical attractiveness is well and good for fleeting relationships, which is all too common in this generation.

If you want something valuable and worthwhile, you need to bring more to the table than just looks. So go! Get beautiful! Inside and out!


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