Winter is here! And it’s time for you kick your wardrobe up a notch. It’s time to dress cool while staying warm. From Leather Jackets and Chelsea boots to Cashmere Sweaters and Flannel Pants, we know exactly what you need.

1.. Leather Jacket

Yes, the venerable leather jacket is the last of all the layers. No list is complete without them.

Key Leather Jacket Styles:

Biker Jacket

The acclaimed “Bad Boy” of the Outwear world is the Biker Jacket. It has a very youthful, edgy style to it. So, it’s best worn with slim jeans or denims. Also, match your outfit with dark shades, and voila! You are ready to rock the world!

Field Jacket

This is built to keep you warm. It has a very rugged style to it and is perfect for casual wear. It is best worn with fitted jeans or even trousers. You could also match it with a classic pair of Chelsea Boots.

Bomber Jacket

One of the most versatile jackets a man can own and favored on-screen by everyone. Wear it and pull off your own Wolverine look! Best worn with jeans and trousers.

Puffer Jacket

This is an absolute wear for those bone-chilling days. When all the winter wear you own can’t fight the cold off, it is time to turn to the Puffer Jacket-a life saver that will definitely keep you warm.

For decades, this has been a no-no for fashionistas. But now, men’s style is getting wilder and designers have given it a very fresh and un-boring feel.

It best goes with a retro/vintage styled beanie.

2.Chelsea Boots

While they’ve been around for a long time, Chelsea boots became popular during the 1960s, thanks to celebrities such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones and others.

It is available in Suede and Leather materials. Though “suede” has a very luxurious look to it, it is high maintenance. Leather, on the other hand is perfect for winter wear, and any other weather for that matter.

Black is the traditional color of Chelsea boots. Also, black boots go with any outfit. But a swanky looking dark brown or even blue boots are good to go too!

There are so many different styles of Chelsea Boots to choose from. While they all are very iconic in their own form, pick one that suits your style the best.

Read on to know more about the TOP 5 SNEAKERS FOR MEN.


One of the most fashionable pieces of clothing during winter!

Flannel is woven wool that is soft, warm and comfy. As a pattern, flannel is a perfect statement to help you look good in fall and winter. Excellent for layering, looks flattering and is perfect for all occasions.

A flannel shirt can be worn underneath a jacket or over a sweatshirt. Match the colors to compliment your flannel shirt.

Flannels are must in the TOP 5 SHIRTS THAT EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN.

Most flannel shirts go really well dark blue/ navy jeans, but it’s up to you to mix and match.

Flannel Pants can be worn as both formal and informal depending on the occasion. Textured Fabrics are the current fashion.

Flannel Pants/ Trousers are usually found in grey. Meaning, anything you own matches the bottom.

For Formal Wear, It is best worn with a classic shirt and tie combination, with or without the blazer.

For Informal Wear, You can wear it with any well-fitted T-shirt, a collar shirt or a polo shirt.

Experiment all you like – You can never go wrong with flannels.


Sweater is a very essential layer to stay warm. There are so many styles and materials to choose from.

Although most of us go for Woolen sweaters during this season, there are others we can consider.

Cotton Sweaters are good when you are wearing layers. They are not warm enough true, but can be worn underneath a jacket. One advantage is it won’t make you look bulky.

Cashmere Sweaters are warm and comfortable but ridiculously expensive. They can be damaged very easy.

You can have them all, but the best and safest bet is the Woolen Sweater.The two major styles of this season are Crewnecks and V-necks.

Crewnecks are favorable because of the round neck. They can be worn for any informal occasion, depending on the look and design of it.

You can go all out and experiment – mix and match; and still pull off an amazing look.

V-necks are the classy mofo of the sweater world. They are more suited for a formal gathering. It adds a touch of dressy formality to your outfit.

V-Necks can be worn under suits, blazers, overcoats, leather jackets and peacoats. What you should not wear them over are tshirts and polo shirts. Ever.


Hoodies are a fashion for all seasons. They offer Comfort, Comfort and some more Comfort. And there is no better time to wear them than in winter.

With an oversized hood and soft cotton, it is the perfect cozy wear for this weather.

Recommended fabric material for this season is Heavy Fleece and Wool Blended Hoodies.

They can be worn only for Casual Outings. And also when you are at home, sipping warm coffee and reading a book.

A few different types of hoodies to look at before buying one are Half Zip, Full Zip, and No Zip. Choose what suits your needs the best.

Also to all you pet lovers, hoodies with a front pocket gives you the added advantage of carrying your pets (small ones) around!

If you are all layered up and still need something to cover your head, Beanies are the obvious option. They are also a fashion statement and provide ample warmth.

6.Denim Jackets

Though Denim jackets may not seem like a regular choice of fashion during winter, if you style it the right way, you can stay warm and look fabulous in it.

Agreed it doesn’t provide enough warmth like a sweater or a jacket. Here are a few tricks you can keep in mind while you wear them on!

  • Wear it over a hoodie
  • Wear it over a sweater – cotton
  • Wear it over funky t-shirts
  • Wear it with whites, for a winter look!
  • Match it with a pair of boots and a fluffy scarf
    It’s all about color coordination while wearing your denim jacket.


A scarf is more of an accessory that also provides warmth and completes your outfit. It also keeps your neck warm and gives you a very classic vibe. If you don’t own a scarf yet, now is the time to grab one!

Some pointers to ponder on while wearing them are:

  • Bulkier scarves should be worn with sturdier jackets. Wear silk and cotton scarves with lighter ones.
  • A casual loop dresses your outfit down a bit, while a wrap-and-tuck loop gives it a preppy, collegiate twist.
  • If you are wearing a turtle-neck sweater/ t-shirt, you may not need a scarf at all. That being said, you can still wear a dainty scarf, and add some panache to your outfit!

The key is to keep it simple. Simplicity is elegant. Try your hand at color-blocking. And remember to share the warmth!

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