Top 7 Summer season hairstyles for men

Now that summer is here and we struggle to get through the day without waging an internal war with the gods of the weather, there are some things we can do to keep our cool. Grooming ourselves, looking presentable and feeling confident in our skins can come a long way in helping us go about our day with some cheer.

The trick with summer hairstyles is to find the balance between style and comfort. Your hair must accentuate your looks while keeping you cool. Here you can find styles ranging from classics such as a buzzcut to fashion statements such as

Trying a new hairstyle can be daunting to anyone. The hairstyle of a person has the potential to completely change one’s outlook and how the world views them. Here are our top 7 summer hairstyles for the season to help you beat the heat and look dashing while doing so.


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The word summer hairstyles call to mind the most classic and practical hairstyle – The buzzcut. It is probably the most comfortable hairstyle to carry during summer as there is lesser hair leading to lesser sweat. Your hair doesn’t weigh you down when you are going about your busy day.

A buzzcut can make a man look sharp and neat.Read our article on TOP 10 HAIRSTYLES WOMEN LIVE IN MEN IN 2019 to kick start your year with these hairstyles  Another major benefit of a buzzcut is its low maintenance. You can wake up, take a shower and you are ready for the day. You can look well put-together with least effort.

It is good to remember that the buzzcut may not suit every man and it is known to not be the best option for men with round faces.

2.The undercut

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If you are a person who prefers stylish in-trend summer hairstyle, the undercut is the way to go. It is simple yet versatile and makes you look youthful. It is a great option for all types of hair whether its straight, curly or wavy. It is also fit for summer as it allows airflow over the nape of the neck which keeps you cool and trendy at the same time.

The undercut can be used to build many different styles to suit your structure and personality. The dramatic difference between the sides and the top offers many styling options

3.Pomp skin fade

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A skin fade is another fitting summer hairstyle where the thickness of hair fades towards the neck. The hair is cut at decreasing lengths offering a dynamic look.

A pompadour and a skin fade together make a unique combination. The pomp allows this hairstyle to be suited for men preferring long hair as they can retain the long hair on the top. The pomp can be styled in several ways – textured and silky or slick and shiny.

4.Short slick back

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Slicked back hair is a classic hairstyle for men that has returned to the trends in modern times. It is one of the most popular hairstyles this summer that has re-emerged from the past. A stylish slick back hair can be achieved by combining slick back with an undercut or fade on the sides and short or long hair at the top. To make the slick back summer appropriate, short hair at the top is the best choice.

Short slick back style is having close to shaved hair at the sides, very short hair at the back and just enough long hair in the front to slick back. The short hair is low maintenance and allows your scalp to breathe and get some airflow during hot and sweaty days. The short slicked back hair is a classic yet trendy option for this summer. It is an easy look to achieve that is versatile, stylish and low maintenance.

5.Short Crop

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The short crop is a style that has an undercut or a fade with short hair on top as well. The bangs in the front are styled forward (not slicked back or side parted). The bangs are cut straight across the forehead.

It is a good way to keep cool while having the least amount of work to style it every morning. You will need a small amount of hair gel or wax to make it look perfect or depending on your preference and hair type you may do way with styling altogether.

It is a great option for professional men with little time to groom themselves to look sharp and dapper.

Short crop is also a good option for men with receding and thin hair to disguise it as French fashion. It is one of the summer hairstyles that would suit most men and therefore is universally flattering.

6.Faded cut

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The faded haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles this summer. It is a fresh and extremely versatile hairstyle as you can build it further in numerous different ways based on your preference.

The fade can be low, medium or high depending on where you wish to start tapering your hair. Similarly, the hair on the top can be kept short, long or at a medium length.

The hair above can be styled however you desire. It can be worn in a quiff or pomp, side-swept fringe or even slicked back. The opportunities are endless.

To begin with, the faded cut can alter your appearance drastically, but it does not end there. The fade at the sides and back is a canvas where you can experiment with different hair designs through which you can bring out your bolder and playful side this summer.

Thus, through faded cut alone you can make yourself look polished and upscale or trendy and modern or even funky and playful.

7.Side pomp+undercut

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If you are a man who loves his long hair and do not want to let it go and yet wants to keep cool this summer, undercut with side pompadour is the way to go.

Pompadour is a hairstyle with long hair in the front and top and short hair at the sides and back. The long hair in the front is styled into a ‘pomp’ and is a great way to show off the colour and textures in your hair.

The undercut pomp is a style that is cut very short with no fade at the sides and the hair at the top is kept long offering dramatic contrast. This particular style suits those with a rounder face.

The side pomp undercut hairstyle requires some amount of care and maintenance. Start out by showering as damp hair works best for styling it into any shape you want. Take some of your favourite hair product and work it into your hair evenly. Gradually sweep the long hair at the top into a side pompadour. When you achieve the desired look blow dry the hair into its place.

Although it seems like a high maintenance option, the extra effort you put in will most definitely be translated into your looks. The side pomp and the undercut is an extremely stylish and urbane look that will make you look like a man of another league.

The bottom line

Summer is here and the heat is a real struggle. However, do not fret. It is the time to experiment and have fun with your hairstyles to find the best look that keeps you cool. Also, it is always a good time to groom yourself and show a little self-love. Choose any of these fun and fitting summer hairstyles and win the world!

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