Top 8 benefits of using creatine supplements

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In today’s blog, we will discuss in-depth about Creatine Supplements.

Before we begin, Let’s find out what Creatine is?

Creatine is a natural substance that translates to creatine phosphate once it has been absorbed by the body. Creatine phosphate, in turn, helps produce ATP, also known as adenosine triphosphate, which provides energy for muscular contractions.

Here’s a little fun chemistry fact about Creatine for you chemists:

Chemical Formula: C4H9N3O2

Molar Mass: 131.13 g/mol

IUPAC ID: 2-[Carbamimidoyl(methyl)amino]acetic acid

Melting point: 255°C

Appearance: White crystals

Creatine is produced by the body. It is also present in high-protein foods such as meat or fish.

Creatine Supplement is used by athletes and body-builders to enhance their performance. It helps build a substantial amount of strength and also boosts muscle mass.

Creatine Supplements are available in the form of powder, tablets, energy bars, drink mixes, etc., and do not require a doctor’s prescription. Hence, they are a popular choice for most bodybuilders and gym-goers.

Here is an interesting fact about the history of Creatine:

In the 1970s scientists discovered that creatine supplements can help enhance physical performance. Very soon athletes started consuming them and they became a popular sports supplement.

As mentioned previously, Creatine is a natural supplement that is effective in enhancing physical performance by boosting strength and building muscles. It has various other benefits too.

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The top 8 benefits of using creatine supplements are:

1. It helps boost your energy level

As stated above, Creatine helps produce ATP. This is broken down to produce energy.

The rate of ATP our body produces as opposed to what we spend is quite low. This affects the intensity of your workouts. You tend to get tired real quick.

Creatine Supplements help increase these creatine phosphate stores, producing more ATP. This in turn helps fuel your body with more energy for a tireless workout.

2. It supports muscle functionality

Creatine Supplement helps build muscle mass.

It raises the levels of Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a hormone that plays an important role in improving growth.

Additionally, there are researches that indicate creatine decreases the levels of myostatin. A decrease in myostatin can help muscles grow faster, which also improves the recovery rate.

3. It provides for a high-intensity workout session

Creatine’s mechanism in improving ATP production implies that it is able to provide a high-intensity performance.

It offers performance irrespective of your fitness level.

4. It helps boost muscle growth

Creatine Supplements are very popular and effective in boosting muscle mass.

Research shows that consuming this supplement for as few as 7 – 10 days, shows a significant improvement in body weight and size.

5. It helps with neurological disorders

A decrease in creatine phosphate levels in the brain is one of the main reasons for several neurological disorders.

Consumption of Creatine Supplements helps improve creatine phosphate levels. Hence, this can help slow or reduce the progression of the disease.

Research is going on to check the positive effects of Creatine Supplements on people with Alzheimer’s Disease.

6. It also helps improve Brain Functionality

Increasing the creatine phosphate level in your body, ultimately also increases the production rate of ATP. This helps improve your overall brain functionality.

Creatine also aids brain functionality by increasing dopamine levels and mitochondrial function.

This also boosts your memory power.

7. It helps reduce fatigue and prolongs energetic performance

Creatine supplements help improve ATP production, which provides an energy boost, lasting you for a while longer during your workout, hence boosting your performance.

Research also dictates that the use of Creatine Supplements also keeps you buzzing with energy.

8. It is safe and easy to use

Apart from being cheaper than the others, Creatine Supplements are also relatively safer to consume.

How Safe is Creatine?

Side Effects of Consuming Creatine Supplements

As mentioned previously, Creatine is a natural chemical produced by the body. However, just because it is natural and relatively safer, does not necessarily mean that consuming creatine supplements cannot harm your body.

Supplements should be taken in small dosages with the advice of a doctor, or a health practitioner.

Although most of them don’t face any problems with creatine supplements, there have been rare cases with adverse side effects. It was observed that these cases were those who consumed the supplements in excess amounts.

Side effects noticed are:

  • Weight Gain
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Headaches

It is also observed that a combination of Creatine supplements with other medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen can lead to adverse side-effects.

It should also be noted that taking creatine supplements with caffeine can also increase the risk of side-effects.

Creatine Supplements is not suitable for children under the age of 18 and pregnant women.

It also best to avoid taking creatine supplements if you are on any medication that affects the blood sugar of your body.

However, to make the right decision, do check out our detailed article on SIDE EFFECTS OF CREATINE SUPPLEMENTS before you go order one!


Creatine Supplements energize you for a long and intense workout session, and also promotes muscle growth. However, you can get dehydrated easily, so make sure you drink enough water throughout the day to prevent it.

Creatine Supplements are safer compared to the other protein supplements. However, it is always safe to check with your healthcare worker to be absolutely sure about the quantity of creatine supplement you can consume, depending on your health statistics.

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